Online Grievance redressal management system

Online Grievance Redressal Management is a Web-based project created in PHP/MySQL which used to deal with Customer' gripe Online. The client can log in, and Create complaint or grievance, view grievance subtleties and track its status. It has one Admin module where Admin can log in and view all objections, allot the complaint to explicit Engineer to work and also check the status of Assigned Complaint.

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The engineer can check all grievances doled out to him/her, solve it and Update the status of the issue. When Completed, Engineer can Close the complaint, and the Customer can view the status of his/her grievance and the engineer's remarks.

Technology Requirements

Languages: Front End: HTML, Java, JSP

Contents: JavaScript

Server-side Script: Java Server Pages.

Database: My SQL

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Web Browsers: Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8, OPERA, MySql

Software: XAMPP Server

Project Implementation

The proposed system will have 3 modules

Admin, for the supervisor to allot and check the status of the complaints and grievances assigned to an engineer

Users, Where the clients can submit and track their complaints.

Employee /Engineers, for them to check and work on their allotted complaints

The exhibited project will make the framework concentrated to speed up the correspondence between each part of the administration this will make the grievance simple for the residents contrast with existing frameworks. Presently the individuals can check the status of their grievance and raise the issue from the framework.

The framework will be accessible for every individual just they need one Id which will be their aadhar ID. While the data will be put away in the framework which can be utilized by entering the aadhar ID and a secret key hence it will give protection from the duplication of any record.  Recovering any data for the cross-check will be simple as they have to simply enter some data about required reports in the framework.    


By verification in the Grievance Handling System, the admin can view the complaints sent by the category and can also oversee it. The admin will disperse the tasks at hand to the respective departments so the work progresses with speed.

Employee / Office

In the office module, each branch will get the work as per the office and will work on the grievance sent by the admin. The individuals working in the division will likewise require a User ID and secret key to get to the framework.


Through this module, an individual can send the grievance to the particular office and can check the status of the equivalent. After the fulfilment of the issue raised by the client, he/she can give input and   client can likewise view the insights about his/her complaint

The basic sign up and entry pages can be designed using HTML, CSS and PHP linking to the backend server(Xampp)

The database will be a simple MySql database connected to the front-end for dynamic functionality.

The source code for the project can be easily obtained using various social platforms and can further be modelled on the above-proposed system.

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Online Grievance redressal management system
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2020-10-10

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