Blood Donation management system

Project Objective

The Blood Donation Management System venture is customized so as to support people or patients who are looking for blood at a specific area. This .Net venture is planned so that it keeps point by point data just as independent data of the considerable number of areas where the blood is available and what sort of blood is available and in how much amount.

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The Blood Donation Management System doesn't store blood however it stores the data about the blood or all the more accurately we can say it store the data or database of the blood available in the specific area. Since sometime in the past certain necessities blood in urgent, at that point this product end up being his closest companion and help the individual finding the spot close by him rapidly.

The framework is essentially an E-data framework for getting the database for the blood accessibility in a specific field.

Existing System

In existing Blood Donation Management System, not all clients can get access to the data as a result of the low working of the application or can't get to any site. Some of the time the data isn't refreshed or available for a specific spot. In the current framework the security is less and the latest updates and transfers are not frequent.

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Proposed System

In the proposed Blood Donation Management System, right now, the clock is being arranged, it set up refreshes and transfers naturally and needn't bother with anybody to do as such. Likewise, it is effectively available because of its speed and programming part and using it is a simple task and well as because of its speed and data which will be available by a couple of snaps in a couple of seconds only.


Admin: They reserve the option to add all the subtleties to the framework, for example, blood groups availability, the amount where they are available, areas close by and nation and everything about the telephone number of the area office too.

Donor: A donor is a person who gives the blood. The data of the considerable number of givers is being kept up. So that if there should be an occurrence of crisis when the blood isn't available at that point asking legitimately to the contributor to give concealed blood will help the individuals a great deal.

Association: All the associations alongside the spot where they are found can be included in this module.

Clients: The person who needs blood can give their phone and can take the blood by demonstrating the reports to them. Reports must comprise the data about the criticalness of requiring the blood by the individual.

Reports: The reports that are created in the wake of giving the measure of blood to the patient or the individual who needs it, a report is produced demonstrating that how much blood is being offered and to whom it is given and insights regarding the individual.

Technologies used

  • Visual
  • net
  • Ms SQL Server

Software Requirements

  • DBMS Software
  • Visual
  • Windows XP

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB.
  • RAM – 1 GB.
  • Processor – Dual Core or Above.

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Blood Donation management system
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