Restaurant Billing management system

Restaurant billing management system was designed to treat customers in a very sophisticated way. This system ensures automation to the customers by placing their respective orders and also generate ids related to the transactions. Thereby, raising employees effectiveness and dropping client complaints. It depends solely on the customer what they want to eat and what they want at the time. Customers can pick for their choice of payment. This system has the proficiency of computing the bill according to the total item numbers ordered and respective taxes are also sum up therefore bill can be shown to the customer in a slip.

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Technology Used in this System

HTML: For designing the front end

CSS: For styling front end

JAVA: For doing source code

JavaScript: For writing code for server pages

MYSQL: For storing data in the backend

APACHE TOMCAT: To link the server

Modules of the system


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Admin is the person who handles each and every minute details. Admin firstly needs to login into the system by entering his id and password.

Access Profiles: Admin has rights to access his profile as well profile of staff members and registered customers to check out details.

Upload menu cards: Admin can upload menu card by adding newly introduced items in the customer and staff module of the restaurant and delete the less liked items from the menu.

Payment Evaluation: Admin can evaluate the payment made by the customer before leaving the restaurant.

Add new staff: to add new staff members.

Add couple coupon offers: Periodically add discounts on special days like Diwali, Valentine and display that in customer ids to avail the benefits.

Customer module

Login: Customer can login after staff member registers them on their portal by adding unique id and password.

View menu: Customer can view menu and order items accordingly.

Select item: select items according to their choice by applying various filters like food category and desserts.

Place order: After selecting items Customer can place order of their need.

Bill: Bill will be given to the user after inclusion of tax in it so that he/she would be able to pay for that.

Payment mode: Payment will be done by the customer in any mode like he /she can pay in cash or by card.

View receipt: At last customer can check receipt of his bill.

Staff module

Registration: Firstly new staff member can register himself/herself on the restaurant management system portal by adding his /her id and password.

Login: After registration, he/she can login to avail the facilities. In case if the password is forgotten by the staff members, then, in that case, he/she can click on the forgot password option and enter a new password by clicking on the link that is available in his /her gmail after clicking on forget password button.

Add customers: Staff members have the privilege to add customers by putting their unique id as the phone number.

Show menucard and price: Staff can show menucard to the customers so that they can select the item of their choice.

Feedback: Staff can take feedback from the customer regarding different items.

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Restaurant Billing management system
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