LPG Booking System


This is an online gas booking system for clients that permits them to arrange gas cylinders at whatever point required. Users can now legitimately arrange gas cylinder and can likewise make instalment as opposed to utilizing an ordinary methodology of requesting through the telephone. The regular system sets aside a long effort for handling request and users have no other alternative yet to pause. This task wipes out every one of these disadvantages. There will be client login and an administrator login. The administrator has control of the considerable number of users' record and their details. There will be 9 cylinders at first designated to all client accounts alongside their cost that is substantial just for one year. What's more, if clients have used all the distributed cylinders inside a year and would require progressively, at that point he needs to fill a structured web-based requesting an additional one that will go to administrator's record. The administrator has the control of either favouring or opposing the request as indicated by the standards and guidelines. There is likewise a component of setting up warnings by the administrator which will be noticeable to all the clients.

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This online system is created on the .net stage and upheld by a SQL database to store user-explicit details.

User and Admin Account: It has two login accounts, part login and an administrator login. The administrator can check and confirm a different part and their details. He can support or oppose additional chamber booking requests.

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User enlistment: Users should initially enrol for on the system.

User instalment choice: User needs to keep up a base balance in his record by paying on the web by means of charge card. The cash gets deducted as needs be for each transaction from this balance.

Cylinder Booking: User can request next chamber when one recharges.

Email notice: Users will get an email expressing their record balance data and an affirmation email for each transaction happened.


  • User isn't limited to simply booking through the telephone.
  • User can order whenever during a day on the web.
  • It frequently occurs in a telephone system that the line gets occupied and the user needs to sit tight and continue going after for booking.
  • There is no requirement for users and office to keep up gas records physically. They can see the details through the account.
  • It is advantageous for users to utilize the site and book the cylinders as per their requirements.
  • Instalment should likewise be possible online in this way giving an increasingly adaptable methodology.
  • The system can be altered by various standards and guidelines by an administrator as required.
  • He may likewise educate clients about the adjustments in rules by setting up warnings in the system.
  • Thus, the system spares time, endeavours and cost.


  • There is no human interaction.
  • User cannot book more than specified cylinders. He has to request for an extra one by filling up a form that can only be granted with admin’s approval.
  • There can be fraud and security problems.

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LPG Booking System
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