Meal Ordering system

Food is one of the essential for our earning. People are not only just earning to buy a house or to fulfil their dreams but also to provide their families with enough food to sustain. But in the corporate field due to the huge amount of work pressure, people hardly get the time to do lunch or go outside the office and grab something. It’s ironic that for the food we are working to our fullest but in the process, we become so worked up that we don’t have the time to grab something to eat. And it’d not only in the field of working even in the household when the whole family went out for fun and then on return no one likes to cook due to being tired. So, the developers came in action with the meal ordering project developed with the help of python where people can order food whatever they like online.

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Project Description:

It is the approach to provide relief to the household cooking solution and lunch problem in an office. This project was developed keeping in mind that people can get the food they like by sitting inside their house. It brings the restaurant menu to your door. Like many other shopping sites, these sites also allow the users to search their restaurants and their menu for ordering. It’s like getting an idea of what restaurants are providing what menu on that day without actually going there. And every item ordered by the user is stored by the system in the user database and the user is also provided with an invoice along with the restaurant bill which is delivered by the delivery boy/girl.

This python project dwells upon three modules. They are admin, restaurant and user. The admin module revolves around all the administrative work of the website. It plays a role in adding features, removing any restaurant list and the bill reports and so on. The restaurant module deals with the registration of the restaurants that want to list their food items on the website. All the restaurants create their profile here and list all the food items they want to sell along with the prices. And when the user gives an order they get a notification about that and they start preparing the food. The last one is the user module which means the people who are ordering the food. The users have to create an account in order to order and pay. And all the information will be safely stored in the database.

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  • To give normal people relief from their daily course routine of cooking.
  • Now people can eat whatever they want in wherever they want it’s not like old times when if we crave for something we have to make it then eat now we can just order.
  • Even when it’s raining or snowing outside people can still enjoy their favourite restaurant food just by sitting inside their homes without getting drenched.
  • To increase the economy. The website opened up a vast earning space for the not so famous restaurant also as people are now ordering from there also due to less price.
  • As it is an online field so there is no timing issue. People could order whenever they want to.


People have become less worried about cooking than before. Earlier, when guest used to visit people hardly had time to talk due to meal preparation but now with changing times, people can now spend more time in relaxing and enjoying with near and dear ones and can order food. People can access much more restaurants and much more food variety than before. The business for the restaurant owners has proved to be in terms of sky-touching profits.

Software Requirement:

  • Python: Coding Language.
  • MySQL: Database work.
  • Django: This project had been developed by Django2.
  • MySQL Connector: For making the connection from MySQL and python

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Meal Ordering system
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2020-10-10

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