Career Information Management System using JAVA

Career Information Management System is meant for National Engineering Corporation. The target of this project is to save time while reading the resumes of all the employees. The number of employees is quite large so, the java project facilitates the organization to save time while collecting their resumes. This JAVA project is very helpful to manage the large data of the candidates.

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  • At the time of recruitment, the data of candidates is huge.
  • The project will save and sort the data easily.
  • The system will compare the requirements with the qualifications of the candidates.
  • This will save time and manual work.
  • The results will be displayed in no time and also with accuracy.

Project description

The source code, project file, and the documentation can be downloaded from the internet easily. There are some software requirements for the setup to run efficiently on the computer. The developer will need some specifications from both Server-side and Client-Side hardware. The requirements for the Server-Side hardware are as follows:-

  • Pentium III 500 MHz, Dual Processor
  • 17 GB Hard Disk
  • 32 Bit Ether NET

These are some minimum criteria for the server-side as it will do all the storing and searching, the processor should be fast. The portal will be used by many job seekers at a time so; the processor will help to deal with all efficiently. The data entry will be at the Client-side and the requirements for the project are as follows:-

  • Pentium II 500 MHz
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 8 GB Hard Disk
  • 32 bit Ethernet Cable

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The project will also need other software too. A Windows NT Server at the Server-side and a Windows NT Work station at the Client-Side. The coding language which is very efficient for the development of this project is the Java language. The Java language is mainly based on the object so the project can be implemented easily.

Features of the project

The system is used to sort a large amount of data for job seekers. This java project will be helpful in selecting the skilled person for the job. The system will be required to be supportive for multiple users. At a time many users tend to entry and get the results in no time. The project will be carried out with the help of communication protocols among the company.

  • The time will be saved and the work of searching will be done automatically.
  • The system will expand and can work for the same if the data is increased.
  • The placement cell takes care of hired job seekers.
  • You can maintain another object for hired professionals in the programming.
  • The java project is easy to maintain.


Taking the test online in the Career information management system can reduce all the tiresome work of searching and sorting the data thoroughly. The project will automatically reflect the right position for the job seeker according to his/her qualifications. The resumes posted should be short and clear in order to make the comparison precisely.   

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Career Information Management System using JAVA
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