Data visualization using JAVA

The presentation of the creation and visual portrayal of the data is known as data visualization. The JAVA project will help one to gain knowledge about the layout of data. The source code for the java project can be downloaded from the internet and for free. Let’s have a look at what is data visualization and how it can be built with the help of java programming.

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  • It is the graphic or pictorial representation of data.
  • It displays diagrams of the communication of the data with each other.
  • It can be made more descriptive with colors and text styles.
  • In short, it is both science and art.
  • Java programming provides a way to create a more attractive interface.

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In this JAVA project, the communication between data boxes will be displayed by nodes and tracking of data will be made easier. The main thing will be the interface that should not look boring and it should not be complicated. The project should portray the main idea easily to the user of the data structure. The project will also help in achieving the balance between the software and the forms.

  • It is a web application as it needs to be stay updated.
  • Patterns are used to show the correlation between the data blocks.
  • The keys used in the displaying of the data are sorting, merging and indexing.
  • The form of the java platform will help to create an attractive and understandable interface.
  • This project will help people to understand the arrangement of data.

It’s up to the developer on how he/she create the data visualization software. The pattern and pictograph although display the data but the developer should keep in mind about the allocation of the node having more than one connection. The developer will create the functions required for the traversal of the data. Data visualization has become one of the major factors for data keeping in big companies. Some of the major reasons are:

  • Management of a large amount of data with clear knowledge of the connection between them.
  • It should be easy to search for a particular type of data in a big heap of data.
  • It should clear the idea of data handling and its management.
  • The software should be able to add more data.
  • It should not show redundancy if the data is too big which is normally big in companies.


This project will require a good knowledge of java programming and using the platform of IDE. The IDE will help in creating an attractive interface for the project. This project is very feasible and user friendly. It can also work on the different types of collection of data. The developer will create the pictorial representation of the data and their correlation should be clear. The user will enter the data at their rate and the project will do the rest. The project should be checked on various parameters such as data inconsistency, duplication of data and minor errors. This project can be made for assignment purposes for the students.

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Data visualization using JAVA
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