Best ADAMS online tutorial for mechanical engineering students


Hey there everybody, I hope you all are doing well. So, if you are reading this article then, most probably you are an engineer and most probably a mechanical engineer who is aspiring to be an expert in the analysis of structures and assemblies.

Well, as this world is increasingly moving towards more of a technological aspect of viewing things, we as engineers also need to set our sights high and try to expertise in the exact field we want to. And this article is going to deal with one such software ADAMS and online tutorials to learn ADAMS.

Well, as a mechanical engineer, you learn about different machinery, the way the machinery works and slowly, side by side, you also start developing the art of designing those same machines and trying to figure out to find a mechanism which can work for your design, because, believe me, that how you are going to develop your knowledge and skillset.

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So, you first develop the art of CAD designing and then do you stop? Well, As I have discussed earlier, if at all you want to set your sights high and earn well in the future you won’t. And there is a perfect reason for me to say so. Well, designing a thing is, by all means, not a unique talent you can possess, as there are many people who know to design many products, right from a small earphone to a car. But, here comes the most important thing, when it comes to designing a car or a truck, as an engineer, you even need to know how to analyse various systems working in it and things like maximum force it can withstand before it gets crushed. Isn’t it?

So, ADAMS is one such software which helps us in analysing multi-body dynamics, motion analysis of our system and also helps us know various other important things which we will be discussing later.

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What is MSC Adams used for?

So, as we go ahead, it is important for us to know what exactly this software is all about and what it is used for.

As we discussed, MSC ADAMS is a software that helps engineers to study the dynamics of moving parts, and how loads and forces are distributed throughout mechanical systems. And this is, by all means, one of the most important steps that are quite advanced as well. It should be done in order for your design to make sense and be worth it.

So, if at all you can possess the knowledge to design automobiles like a car or truck and then analyse all the systems and forces distributed to your design, then you know what, you will be the most wanted person for any manufacturing company!

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What is Multibody dynamics simulation?

Well, so as we used the word, multi-body dynamics simulation, we need to know what it is to exactly know the main purpose of our software. So, let us get into it.

Firstly, a multibody dynamic system is the one that consists of solid bodies or links, that are connected to each other by joints that restrict their relative motion. The study of this system, as we have discussed above is the analysis of how different mechanical systems are connected with each other and how do they interact with each other when a force is acted upon on them and also to know how a load of forces is distributed among the systems. Such a study is called a forward dynamics or multibody dynamics simulation.

Also, if at all we study it the other way round, meaning we find out what all forces are required to make up a system to move in a specific manner, we call it as inverse dynamics.

So, the analysis of multibody dynamics is important for the following reasons:

Because it is important for us to know how each part in the product interact with each other and the environment as the forces that may act on it may be sudden and large and so it is necessary for us to analyse every small detail of our product in that case.

Motion analysis helps us in quickly evaluating and improving designs for important characteristics like performance, safety and comfort.

It helps us consider various complicated phenomena like vibration, friction and noise.

In-fact, ADAMS is one of the leading tools used by Formula-1, aircraft control system design and many more!

And there are companies like Mahindra and Lockheed Martin which use it on a regular basis. So, now I hope you understood how good this software is!

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Best ADAMS online tutorial for mechanical engineering students

So, with all the information needed to know and more than sufficient reasons to convince yourself why do you need to learn the ADAMS software, the time has come for you to even know the sources to learn from. Right? So here we go!

SKYFI LABS is providing some amazing online tutorials on ADAMS software, here are a few of their online courses which include the usage of ADAMS software:

1. Multi-body dynamic analysis using ADAMS: In this ADAMS online course, you will be designing, testing and experimenting with various simulation mechanisms in ADAMS. It involves some exciting concepts like Introduction to ADAMS, Link Design, Four-Bar Mechanisms, Gyroscope analysis and aircraft control system analysis among many more! I personally recommend you’ll to check this course out!

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2. Vehicle dynamics with ADAMS: As the name says, in this ADAMS online course, you will be designing a vehicle and simulate and analyse its various mechanisms and also learn about quite a few mechanisms involved in a vehicle like, the suspension and brake system. It also involves topics like windshield wiper mechanism analysis, ABS system analysis, Link designing apart from ADAMS, analysing suspension system, etc.

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Top simulations to perform in MSC ADAMS software

Theoretical knowledge alone will not help you to master all the concepts always you need to implement your theoretical knowledge practically to understand the concepts easily. Following are some of the best simulations that you can perform using ADAMS software:

  1. All-Terrain Vehicle Simulation using MSC ADAMS
  2. Car learn spring simulation using ADAMS
  3. Suspension test in ADAMS
  4. Pick and Place robotics simulation in MSC ADAMS
  5. Single-cylinder IC engine simulation in MSC ADAMS
  6. Fidget spinner animation in ADAMS
  7. Reverted Gear train design using ADAMS
  8. Excavator simulation using ADAMS
  9. Multibody dynamics simulation for landing gear using ADAMS
  10. ADAMS: Car braking system simulation
  11. MSC ADAMS planetary gear simulation

So, as you’ll have seen, these courses are just like drops in a mighty ocean, to get more information about such courses, kindly refer to the link below:

Explore all MSC ADAMS online courses

Thank you and best of luck!

Best ADAMS online tutorial for mechanical engineering students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-05

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