How to perform a Multibody dynamics analysis with ADAMS?


One of the biggest issues when it comes to creating, designing and manufacturing a product is understanding how it can perform. Most engineers go about the manufacturing process expecting certain results. Yet, once you finalise a design, speed tracking the manufacturing is important. To do that, the designers need to be sure about how the product will function in an external environment. Since most products have various subsystems, they are tested separately. For instance, mechanical, electrical, coding and other subsystems are checked individually. But, we need to do a full-body analysis to ensure everything runs well together. That is where multibody dynamics analysis comes into picture. This is a very integral part of engineering, and hence, is a skill that all young engineers must-have. So, what are the best multibody dynamics online courses? Here’s a look at some of the best multibody dynamics software and how to work on the ADAMS software.

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What is Multibody Dynamic Analysis?

A full-system testing which brings together all the different subsystems and makes them work together is very vital. If such an analysis is not performed, the design might need major changes later. This is where multibody dynamics software, like ADAMS software, comes into the picture. Multibody dynamics analysis requires the engineer to go through all the subsystems and figure out how they integrate. It tests how the device works as a single device, rather than checking the validity of each component in the device. The ADAMS software is the world’s most widely used Multibody Dynamics software. Running the multibody dynamics analysis helps engineers improve their design efficiency. It also helps in reducing the total development cost. Engineers also get an opportunity to check the interactions between the different disciplines. Multibody dynamics software analyses the working of different mechanisms in the system. They also predict how these systems will move under the action of forces.

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Why is Motion Analysis Important?

Motion analysis is essential for testing any system as it helps understand how the product holds under the action of forces. It also helps us see how the various parts interact with each other and the environment around them. Everything from complicated aircraft to simple remote control systems requires such testing. Essentially, any device that is made up of various moving sub-parts must undergo a multibody dynamics analysis. Whenever a body moves, it creates some load or must overcome some force. So, engineers need to understand how these various forces affect the device to create something efficient. Complex mechanical devices have a lot of design challenges. These may be overcome by using motion and multibody dynamic analysis.

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What can be done using MSC ADAMS software?

MSC Adams software can run the following types of motion analysis;

  1. Rigid multibody analysis
  2. Flexible multibody systems
  3. Sensitivity analysis
  4. Vibration testing
  5. Vehicle testing
  6. Coupled control analysis
  7. Mechanical system analysis
  8. Kinematics of designs
  9. Kinetics of motion
  10. Friction analysis
  11. Loads and displacement
  12. Life-cycle analysis
  13. Fatigue and fracture
  14. Dissipative energy distribution
  15. Control system analysis

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What are the Industry Applications of Multibody dynamics Software?

  • Industrial Uses: Manufacturing companies, Prototyping, Design review, conveyor belts, packaging equipment, gears
  • Aerospace: Engines, space vehicles, space modules, spacecraft mechanism
  • Defence: Landing gears, fuselages, weapon systems, armaments, ejection seats, flight simulators
  • Automotive Industry: Suspensions, brakes, engines, steering systems, control systems, transmissions, the structure of chassis
  • Heavy Equipment: excavators, agricultural equipment, hydraulic systems, vehicles, forklifts
  • Medical: Orthopaedics, locomotion, biodynamics, dynamometry, ergonomics, robotic limbs.
  • Consumer Products: Sporting goods, bicycles, tools, printers, TVs, computers
  • Energy: Wind turbines, solar panels, offshore structures, drilling rigs, centralizers.

What Input Data does the ADAMS Software Require?

Input data required for the multi-body dynamic analysis include:

  1. Rigid bodies
  2. Constraints such as prescribed motion
  3. All the forces acting on the body
  4. External forces and internal forces
  5. Initial conditions
  6. Velocity, angular velocity, position and primary orientation
  7. Integration parameters like tolerance, time for simulation

The input data is coded in as an input file. The analysis application reads the input file and executes the multibody dynamics analysis. Once this is run, the output data, consisting of motion and forces are written into output files.

Why Use ADAMS Software?

  • Helps engineers study the dynamics of moving parts
  • See the distribution of loads and forces throughout the mechanical system
  • Manage complex interactions between subsystems
  • Has extensive analysis capabilities
  • Integrate various mechanical components, such as pneumatics, hydraulics, and control systems
  • Makes it easy to create accurate mechanical models
  • Introduces bi-directional integration with MSC software
  • Easily incorporates control systems into models
  • Account for the component’s flexibility
  • Makes vibration analysis easy
  • Durability analysis helps improve the product’s quality
  • Improved Productivity

How to perform a Multibody dynamics analysis with ADAMS?

Following are some of the online courses that teach to perform a Multibody dynamics analysis in MSC ADAMS software:

1. Multi-Body Dynamics with ADAMS

ADAMS is a leading tool used for multibody dynamics testing. This multi-body dynamics online course will help you use the same industry standards as Lockheed Martin and Mahindra. By the end of this tutorial, you will learn how to use ADAMS to design and improve products. The course starts with teaching you how to build, simulate and test mechanisms.

You will become well-versed in creating motions, plotting graphs and optimizing mechanisms. The different mechanisms you will be building and analysing include; Four-bar mechanism, Valvetrain Mechanism, suspension systems, gyroscopes and aircraft control surfaces.

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2. Vehicle Dynamics with ADAMS

Top Formula 1 companies and automotive manufacturers rely on the ADAMS software to test their designs. If you are a young engineer with a passion for vehicles, then this multibody dynamics online course is for you. You will learn how to build, test and simulate various subsystems and Vehicle mechanisms in ADAMS. Students also get an opportunity to learn how to optimize the ABS System, wiper mechanism and suspension of the vehicle. Here’s a look at some of the systems you will analyse;

  1. Link Design
  2. ABS System
  3. Windshield Wiper
  4. Suspension System
  5. HumVee Durability
  6. FSAE Model

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As you can see multibody dynamics analysis is an important skill that engineers need and the best multibody dynamics software out there is the ADAMS software. Make use of our online tutorials to gain an understanding of how this software works. Move into the future world of design and testing by learning how to leverage the right technology. Embark on this journey with us to prepare yourself for the future in a better way.

How to perform a Multibody dynamics analysis with ADAMS?
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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