Best CAD based mechanical engineering mini projects


Mechanical Engineering has been in existence ever since the very first man started to make tools. Indeed, it is one of the most diverse and broadest fields in engineering that exists. It totally relies on using physics and material science to design, manufacture, analyze and maintain the mechanical systems. Also, a profound knowledge has to be acquired in the core concepts like thermodynamics, structural analysis, electricity, material science and mechanics. A good mechanical engineer has to be familiar with different tools like industrial machinery, equipment, cooling systems, robotics, aircraft, watercraft, medical devices and mostly importantly computer-aided design. With the emphasis on the last part, Computer-aided Design (CAD) is the most sought-after skill a mechanical engineer should possess. Read further to know more about CAD software, it's uses and some of the best CAD based mechanical engineering mini-projects.

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What is CAD?

CAD is the short form for Computer-Aided Design. It’s a computer software to document or design the process of a product's design. It is entirely used to design, develop and the optimization of the products. CAD is not only used in designing the required equipment and tools in the process of manufacturing but also in the construction domain. Design engineers mostly use this to develop a layout and further work on the computer screen and save the document for future use. This is used to accomplish design details and calculations, preliminary designs and layouts, creating and releasing drawings, creating 3D models alongside interfacing with marketing, analysis, end-user personnel and manufacturing.

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Benefits of CAD:

  1. Work Swiftly: Manual drawing is no longer needed in the designing field. CAD software provides all the tools, measurements and rulers required for the blueprint that you are working on. The errors could also be mended faster than pencil and paper or than any other software. Particularly, this is very useful for reusing a template that was created as a basis to every other similar template. This improves productivity and saves a lot of time.
  2. Simple and Complex Tools: This is completely user-friendly where your preferences and your proficiency matter to opt whether a complex tool or a simple one. For example, to create a realistic 3D renderings and models, 3D Max or Maya is used while architects and engineers use AutoCAD software for technical blueprints. Your skills can always be upgraded by online courses like Skyfi Labs offers CAD based projects to learn which ensures you to use even complex CAD software.
  3. Viewing: The professionals could use this software to provide a realistic view of the design to their customer and work efficiently. For example, a mechanical engineer could design the part of the automobile and could get the approval of the client before starting the project.
  4. Easy Sharing and Storage: The blueprints can be saved in a pen drive or in the cloud or on your computer. This gives you to make a quick search and share your designs to the business partners regardless of their location.
  5. Coz its Popular (Duh..): Not only in engineering, CAD is also used in several other fields like cartography, fashion, automotive, design and architecture. Since the CAD has more advantages, to reap more benefits, you can very well invest in CAD software.

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What are the Softwares used for CAD?

CAD tools are predominantly used by drafters, architects, engineers and others to create precision drawings and technical illustrations. However, there are more softwares used for different purposes. Let us have an overview of a few major CAD software.

  • Autodesk AutoCAD: This software is widely used in building designing, construction, product designing, manufacturing planning and civil infrastructure as a 3D CAD software. It is not only used in making 2D drawings, documents and drafts but also in making the 3D models and visualizations. You can get a realistic appearance by adding materials and lighting to the created 3D models.
  • CorelCAD: This CAD software, supported by both Mac and Windows, provides 3D design tools and high-quality 2D drafting. For easy sharing and collaboration, you get industry-standard file compatibility with, PDF, .AND, .CDR, .DWG, and .STL. Further, customization and automation features are also provided in this platform.
  • MATLAB: This is very much useful for creating models, analyzing data and developing algorithms. The toolboxes in MATLAB are rigorously tested, fully documented and developed professionally. With minor code changes, you can very well scale your analyses to run on GPUs, clusters and on clouds.

Best CAD based mechanical engineering mini projects

1. Gear Train Design:


This is an online project-based course which is used in utmost all the mechanical devices. If you are a noob in the mechanical engineering field then, this is the best course to get you hands-on experience to use CAD software to develop a gear design. Using Autodesk Inventor software, you will learn to develop a Gear train design assembly. In the due course of this CAD mini project, you will also learn to design Bearings, Spur Gears, Gear Shafts, Assembly of gear train and Bearing Housing.

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2. Differential Gear using Autodesk:


If you are more into automobiles and automobile engineering then this is the right course for you to sharpen your skills more. The aspiring Automobile engineers always prefer and use the Autodesk Inventor tool. By developing this mechanical mini project using Autodesk Inventor, you will also learn to design Gear Assemblies, Key designs, Joints and Various Parts.

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There are even more ideas on CAD based mechanical engineering projects, which can really carve your skills in this particular field. The CAD software is particularly very much useful for mechanical professionals to design the parts of their automotive. If you are one among the aspiring mechanical engineers who strive to get some expertise in the field, construct more CAD based mechanical engineering projects to get more experience. We, at Skyfi Labs, provide you with a few effective as well as useful CAD based mechanical engineering mini projects to help you get better in the field. If you need any suggestions or queries regarding CAD or CAD based projects, please comment down below and our experts will get back to you very soon.

Best CAD based mechanical engineering mini projects
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-04-19

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