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A new era in mechanical engineering is experimenting with CAD or Computer Aided Designs which will transform the industry's entire systems. Since it uses this program has made work much simpler and taught its students different concepts. In this article, there are a couple of CAD mechanical projects listed that will be stepping stone for those who want to build a career in this area. Almost every mechanical engineering design is based on CAD software. The following CAD projects have been selected by experts for students to understand different concepts and grasp different ideas for creating a new technique.

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What is CAD and its benefits?

CAD has changed the working of designs in not only mechanical engineering but other fields as well. The vastness of this platform has allowed the students to gain an upper hand for a career that is soaring. It is useful for producing 2D and 3D designs with minute measurements. Industries leverage this program to the fullest. Engineering, construction, industrial design, and product design are major ones. To know more about how the CAD can help you read the advantages below-

  1. Enhances Productivity- CAD is not time-consuming and does even not cost much. Revealing the final product has contributed to increasing the productivity of designers. In the initial stage, designers can also change it if there are any shortcomings therein.
  2. Better Quality Product- With precision CAD has created a clear design of the product. The various tools in the software help reduce the possibility of any error. Therefore, better designs are produced using this software.
  3. Makes Design Easier- the compatibility of creating a 3D model of a product helps in getting a clear view of all of its sides. CAD helps in creating such 3D models. The over exhausting 2D models have ended and now you can create better models with much easier tools like in CAD software.
  4. Documenting the Design- The product is supposed to be documented as well for creating a draft of it. The documentation helps in creating a draft of the geometries of the designs, subassemblies of the components, material specification of the components, etc.
  5. Easy Sharing- Working in a big team need coordination and CAD has helped in creating tools that can share files with your co-members. Every member will know the process of the product and can work on it. One can send the design across the globe as well and a user with the CAD software and an internet connection can access it. This has made work much easy in the industry.

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Uses of CAD Software

The CAD software is used by engineers, architects, illustrators, artists or others related to the industry who want to create a 3D model of a design. The usage of CAD has helped in creating precise designs, 3D models, improve communication and creating a draft for manufacturing the product. CAD can create both 2D and 3D models for a better understanding of the product. CAD is used in every process of engineering from the interior to exterior models.

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Best CAD Software for Mechanical Engineers

In the field of Mechanical Engineering CAD projects have helped a lot in creating better products with much easier understanding and ultimately providing better careers for the students. Following are some major CAD software for mechanical engineering students that can be applied to modules they would want to curate-

  • Autodesk Inventor- You will be able to create products with better design and just a few data inputs.
  • CATIA- This software has specialized tools that help a virtual project build a clear image. It is one of the most well recognized mechanical engineering applications.
  • TinkerCAD- This CAD software is a design process primarily for beginners to understand. It helps by a few basic shapes in a quick compilation of product design. This is very easy to learn software that has just entered the field of CAD.
  • Creo- this software is very useful for additive manufacturing as it creates designs with peculiar characteristics. It helps in creating products of different dimensions, hence giving a perfect model.

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CAD Based Mechanical Projects for Beginners

Following are the CAD projects for beginners, through which you will learn the basic tools used to design a component and the procedure to do it. If you are very much interested in Mechanical CAD projects, you can enroll in our CAD based online courses for beginners where you will learn all the concepts from basics.

1. Gear Train Design

A very important project for mechanical engineers, this mechanical project is based on CAD software. This shall give you students a practical outlook on the world of mechanical engineering. You will be learning to create a Gear Train system which will ultimately make you understand the concept of the following

  • Gear Shafts
  • Spur Gears
  • Bearing Housing
  • Bearings
  • Assembly of Gear Train

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2. Differential Gear using Autodesk

Another CAD project for mechanical engineer students, this will be made using Autodesk Inventor software. In this project, you will be designing a differential gear that will allow the power to reach each wheel equally. A major task of it is performed by applying constraints and perform the dynamic simulation. You will learn the following concepts while building the module-

  • Various Parts
  • Gear Assemblies
  • Key Designs
  • Joints

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3. Wind Power Generation

A module builds on a higher altitude this project will help in creating power for areas on a higher mountain. The basic idea is to use the most from renewable energy. This is a CAD-based model that will understand the wind power in higher mountains and will generate power. A flying wheel on the top of the tower helps string the power collected and supplying it during times needed.

4. Defrost Techniques on Air Source Heat Pumps

This CAD mechanical project will help in easy defrosting of heat pumps with a model of the PCM heat exchanger. PCM thermal storage with the melting point of 28-degree Celcius will be checked for possible results. This has helped in the consumption of more energy and defrosting at a rapid rate.

5. Hoverwing Aircraft

This Mechanical CAD project is based on building an aircraft that works with the aerodynamic interaction between the wings and the surface. This aircraft has changed the dimension of marine transportation and in the future can be used for transporting at a higher speed.

6. Estimating of Work Hardening on Metal

A CAD module project on work hardening is done by analytical calculation done by geometrical parameters. This calculation is then transferred to test simulation which proved that this idea can be taken up for the fast process of hardening metals.

Hope you got some good CAD based mechanical projects from this article.

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All About CAD (Projects Included)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-18

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