Best JAVA online courses for beginners


Coding is the essential flavour of the tech world. New innovations take place in the world every day. A career in the IT industry is thus considered to be one of the best options. With the increasing demand for software developers, the salaries are also on the rise. To step in into this technical world, the first step is to learn a programming language. There are multiple programming languages available for different purposes. 

JAVA is widely used in the industry for over 20 years. It has applications in App Development, Game Development, and many more programming fields. There is a vast spectrum of opportunities in JAVA. Learning to code in JAVA is the correct choice if you want to begin your programming journey. In this article, we will discuss the applications of JAVA and some best online java courses for beginners.

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What are the applications of JAVA?

JAVA is a popular programming language and offers a high salary. It is very efficient in developing popular frameworks for web applications. The high demand for JAVA developers in the field of Android App development is proof of its effectiveness. 

Multiple applications are developed with the help of coding in JAVA. Gaming applications, Business Applications, Desktop GUI Applications, Web-based Applications are some great examples. Apart from this, JAVA also has its applications in Big Data technologies and Scientific Applications. Now, that we know enough about the applications, let us know some of the projects that JAVA offers for beginners.

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How to learn JAVA?

Learning a programming language requires a lot of patience and hard work. It is not difficult to code in JAVA, but one has to have a deep and clear knowledge of the basic concepts. A large number of sources are available online to teach you the basics of JAVA. 

Why do we need a special course in JAVA? Online Courses help you maintain a flow. The learning takes place step by step. Thus, gathering information and applying it becomes much more easy and convenient. Below are some best java online courses that explain you with all the JAVA concepts from basics. 

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Best JAVA Courses for Beginners

Below are some of the best courses on JAVA programming. These are specially designed for beginners and have the important concepts covered.

1. Core JAVA for Engineers:

This is the best JAVA programming online course for beginners available on the internet. It focuses on building the basic knowledge in programming concepts and further applying them too. This also develops knowledge of deep thinking and development. It offers live classes with one on one interaction with experts. This certification course will help individuals to develop the relevant JAVA knowledge.

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2. Advanced JAVA for Engineers:

If you have a piece of basic knowledge in any programming language, this is the course for you. Apart from just providing you with basic knowledge, this java online course will also introduce you to various JAVA frameworks. Through online classes and guided projects, this course will definitely enhance your programming skills. 

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We now know enough about the scope of JAVA programming. So, this is the current time to start programming in JAVA. Learn, Build, and Innovate through coding in JAVA. 

Projects for beginners in JAVA

Projects are an interesting way to learn a programming language. They apply all the theoretical knowledge in a practical manner. This gives birth to Innovation and Invention. Below are some projects in JAVA that beginners can do to enhance their programming skills.

1. Attendance Management Application:

Managing attendance is difficult for both the teacher and the students these days. While we digitalize everything, digitalizing the tracking system of attendance would be great! This JAVA project, save a lot of time for both the teacher and the student. Such an application would be of immense benefit to the education industry.

2. Electricity Bill System:

This JAVA application would be of great benefit to the general public. This will digitalize and store the entire data in the application. This proves that it will also be a really authentic way. Paying bills will also be easier. This can help people since there is no need to stand in long queues to pay just a bill.

3. Simple Games:

Although game development is a vast field, we can develop simple games with the basic knowledge of JAVA. Games like Tik-Tak-Toe, Sudoku, etc are really common and easy to make with JAVA coding.

4. Bug Tracking System:

Scanning bugs and viruses in software become really difficult at times. This project with JAVA is an easy and effective solution to fix all the bugs. This helps us to find the errors that hinder the working of a program. Thus, debugging the program becomes easier. 

5. Tourist guide Application:

Exploring new cities is adventurous and pleasing. But it can sometimes get very chaotic too. Through this JAVA project, we can develop an application that guides people across the cities. This can include information about places, restaurants, hotels and more!

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Best JAVA online courses for beginners
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