The following projects are based on java. This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using java.

1. Android App development using Android Studio

Android App development using Android Studio

As most companies and products are going mobile first, the demand for android app developers is very high. This is only expected to increase as more advanced mobile phones come into the market and as people spend more and more time on mobiles. So learning how to build Android apps will keep you in a very good position from career perspective.

You can build this project at home. You can build the project using online tutorials developed by experts. 1-1 support in case of any doubts. 100% output guaranteed. Get certificate on completing.

2. Front End Web Development with React JS

Front End Web Development with React JS

The best part of Frontend development is you don't have to worry that it's going extinct any time soon, Since its a booming era for web page development. Also when it comes to numbers the market is expected to grow by 27% by 2025. So, start developing the required skills to become a front end developer.

You can build this project at home. You can build the project using online tutorials developed by experts. 1-1 support in case of any doubts. 100% output guaranteed. Get certificate on completing.

3. Back End Web Development with Node JS

Back End Web Development with Node JS

Back-end Developers are usually responsible for server-side web application logic as well as the integration of the front-end part. backend developers deal with databases and make sure everything works well behind the scenes. So, learning a tech that is the backbone of webpage development will help you place yourself well in the coming future.

You can build this project at home. You can build the project using online tutorials developed by experts. 1-1 support in case of any doubts. 100% output guaranteed. Get certificate on completing.

4. GUI Based Application with JAVA

GUI Based Application with JAVA

JAVA, a very popular language is one of the software that has touched all the aspects of Software development and is famous among developers. Developers prefer java, since its the most secure language with advanced authentication and access control functionality. With JAVA, you can - design an application, game programming, deal with Database, and whatnot. So, start today to learn and build your projects with JAVA.

You can build this project at home. You can build the project using online tutorials developed by experts. 1-1 support in case of any doubts. 100% output guaranteed. Get certificate on completing.

5. Core JAVA for Engineers

Core JAVA for Engineers

JAVA, a very popular language is one of the software that has touched all the aspects of Software development and is famous among developers. Developers prefer java, since its the most secure language with advanced authentication and access control functionality. With JAVA, you can - design an application, game programming, deal with Database, and whatnot. So, start today to learn and build your projects with JAVA.

You can build this project at home. You can build the project using online tutorials developed by experts. 1-1 support in case of any doubts. 100% output guaranteed. Get certificate on completing.

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6. Advanced JAVA for Engineers

Advanced JAVA for Engineers

Java is the most popular programming language present today. It is used everywhere - websites, apps, mobile phones, and many other places. Learning Java puts you in a great position as you will build strong foundations of programming and software development. This course on advanced Java helps explore how Java is used in developing various applications like the web. This will help you become industry-ready for advanced java applications.

You can build this project at home. You can build the project using online tutorials developed by experts. 1-1 support in case of any doubts. 100% output guaranteed. Get certificate on completing.

7. Host Static Website on AWS

Host Static Website on AWS

Static web pages deliver HTML, JavaScript, images, videos to your webpage visitors. Ideal for infrequent changes in content. The first step to learning Clouding Computing

You can build this project at home. You can build the project using online tutorials developed by experts. 1-1 support in case of any doubts. 100% output guaranteed. Get certificate on completing.

8. Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Are you interested in robotics and mechatronics? If you are an engineer with a passion for mechatronics, then you should invest in projects to gain more insight into your chosen field.

9. Optical Character Recognition(OCR)

Optical Character Recognition(OCR)

There is so much data in the world around us since humans started using computers and other digital media in an unprecedented way. This leads to a large volume of digital information which must be processed in the right way to be read and interpreted by machines.

10. Image Enhancement using JAVA

Image Enhancement using JAVA

Are you an engineer looking for some inspiring projects? If so, then you came to the right place! Projects not only help you explore concepts you have studied earlier but allow students to really gain hands-on experience working with real-life problems. The most exceptional skill an engineer can have is the skill to analyze issues and find practical solutions.

11. Mobile Quiz using Android

Mobile Quiz using Android

This is a very simple, attention-grabbing and fun application to use. It tends to be utilized to create questions and generate choices to be answered. This app can be used for academics as well as for fun purposes. Android is an operating system developed by Google. Android is one of the best working framework created by Google. It is utilized in a few contraptions like cell phones, tablets, and even on TV. Android is an open-source to designers who have an enthusiasm for creating versatile applications. It additionally gives a versatile structure that enables the engineer to create applications in a less difficult manner. Android is open-source with the goal that engineers think that its simple to create and extend new highlights. 

12. Simple Pedometer Android application

Simple Pedometer Android application

In this Android project, we will perceive how to make a simple pedometer application that will count the steps when we walk or run and these days everybody is sharp and specific with regards to wellbeing and wellbeing is legitimately corresponding to your eating routine and exercise. So we present to you a framework that deals with your wellbeing by observing your activities step counter. A decent method to get familiar with another dialect i.e. kotlin and how to make a straightforward application in Kotlin on Android Studio.

13. Sound Recorder using Android

Sound Recorder using Android

Sound Recorder is one of the most essential highlights of any cell phone and it has been there since and before cell phones appeared. It is a significant basic utility that empowers users to record their voice or some other sound so far as that is concerned and the account gets put away locally and can be tuned in to whenever later on according to the necessity. In this article, we are going to explore how to implement Sound Recorder an android cell phone. I hope you’re eager to see and learn the process of making the app. So, without any further delay, how about we begin with it?

14. Voting system for the employee using Android

Voting system for the employee using Android

This application will provide the facility to vote from their mobile phones securely. The android voting system is an application developed for android devices to deploy an easy and flexible way of casting votes anytime and from anywhere the application is uniquely created for associations to get workers votes in favor of any new strategy guideline or issues. The issues or contentions are nourished into the framework by the administrator. Representatives would then be able to give their vote a role as yes or no. One voter can just post one decision in favor of a contention. Every single vote cast is put away in the database for the particular contention. Toward the finish of the voting process, the system counts the total votes and generates a brief report of it to the admin. Along these lines, the application causes the organization to get legitimate input from the workers.

15. Airline reservation system using JAVA

Airline reservation system using JAVA

It is a processing environment where the passenger can book their airline seats. It works on the TCP/IP network and the communications are done based on its protocols. The system is very useful in giving the passengers an alternative way to book seats while at their comfort places. The addition of the new systems to the open architecture of the java system is provided by the VRS Suite. The suite consists of four parts which are reservations, flight inventory, fares, and ticketing ticket-less module. All the parts work together with each other to facilitate the service of booking the tickets.

16. Attendance management system android project

Attendance management system android project

In this article, I will present an android application for teachers. Android is the perfect stage for growing such an application because of the wide assortment of gadgets it underpins. The mobile attendance system has been worked to dispense with the time and exertion squandered in gauging participation in schools and universities. It likewise extraordinarily lessens the number of paper assets required in the participation of information the executives. It's worked to be utilized for school/college staff so they may take understudy participation on their telephones. This Android app for teachers supports basic functionalities, for example, adding a student to each class/department/division, spare notes, make plans for classes, and so forth. It likewise gives a CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) mini-computer that fundamentally ascertains grade-point normal from the given evaluation focuses.

17. Bug tracking system java project

Bug tracking system java project

The project is aimed to find the bugs in the development of different software. The Bug tracking system will help us to find bugs and viruses in the development of any software. The software is being built with the help of the java platforms. The system will help the organization to catch any bug that lurks within the system without the knowledge of the administrator.

18. Career Information Management System using JAVA

Career Information Management System using JAVA

Career Information Management System is meant for National Engineering Corporation. The target of this project is to save time while reading the resumes of all the employees. The number of employees is quite large so, the java project facilitates the organization to save time while collecting their resumes. This JAVA project is very helpful to manage the large data of the candidates.

19. Smart city traveler Android app project

Smart city traveler Android app project

This android project looks similar to tourist guide but it has totally various highlights, the purpose of or building up this android application is to make a timetable for the voyagers/traveler making a trip to the city and needed to explore the city by specifying the time in hours. The framework at that point insightfully dissects the poll and makes a timetable for an explorer dependent on the gave time. Above all else, the voyager/traveler needs to enroll himself by topping off the subtleties utilizing an android application. After successful registration, user can sign in now utilizing login credentials which then proceeds with a questionnaire where application ask the user about their liking and habits. Based on the questionnaire, the application astutely dissects for the spot dependent on the user indicated time. The application is sufficiently proficient to look through the spot naturally dependent on FourSquare API. The development is done in Java for Android Application for User/Traveler. This application likewise encourages you to discover puts close by you or around the globe. In the wake of looking for a spot, the guide will show the subtleties, for example, name, zone, area, telephone no. and kilometers from the present area of the user.

20. Tourist Guide Android App

Tourist Guide Android App

In this Tourist Guide Project framework, the guide of the city is given to the individuals on their cellphone which they get them by means of introducing this application into their android cellphone. The guide will assist voyagers/traveler by finding their ideal area. The side piece likewise comprises of the subtleties other than area, for example, in what manner will they reach there and in what manner will they make the most of their, etc. This Tourist Guide Project applications are really intended for individuals who want to travel and numerous a great deal of times they are distant from everyone else ones who travel. The voyaging/traveling guide application is an Android Project. It empowers the customer to explore with the city and furthermore realize some essential zones to wander around. 

21. Data visualization using JAVA

Data visualization using JAVA

The presentation of the creation and visual portrayal of the data is known as data visualization. The JAVA project will help one to gain knowledge about the layout of data. The source code for the java project can be downloaded from the internet and for free. Let’s have a look at what is data visualization and how it can be built with the help of java programming.

22. Currency Converter using JAVA

Currency Converter using JAVA

Around the world, the currency of different worlds needs to be converted into their respective units. For trade and many purposes, the money needs to be converted and it is a tiresome work as all the countries have their unique units. The java application Currency Converter will do most of the work and help in changing the different units. The java project provides a web-based interface for the exchange of currencies.

23. Course Management System using JAVA

Course Management System using JAVA

The JAVA project is developed for the students to manage their assignments, results, projects, etc. This application is very useful in schools and colleges where the administration finds it difficult to manage a large amount of data of its students. As the college courses impose the curriculum of practical education for the students, there is a need for a lot of assignments and projects.

24. Digital Steganography

Digital Steganography

In the modern era, the cyber world is suffering from the threat of hackers who tend to steal data from various locations. The data is very important for any organization and the programmers build everything possible to protect the data from the invaders. Cryptography is the art of disguising data in different forms to protect it from being accessed.

25. E-Health Care Management System

E-Health Care Management System

This web-based java project is also known as the “Corporate Medicare Management” and it is used to provide a better way for the management of the data of staff and hospitals. This java project uses data mining technology and it proves a better application meant for modern hospitals and clinics. While developing this project, one can download the source code for free and the project reports are also available for free on the internet.

26. Electricity Billing System

Electricity Billing System

This java project is a software-based application that helps the electricity department in building the computerized bills of the consumers. The project mainly focuses on the calculation of electricity units consumed by the consumers. The system should be very efficient so as to do the calculations very fast and avoid data redundancy.

27. E-mail Client Software using JAVA

E-mail Client Software using JAVA

This java project is similar to the email system which is used to send and receive messages. The project is developed through java APIs. The project will need standard sockets and other networking in addition to the Java mail API. This java project uses email protocols such as SMTP and POP3. The project is available on the internet for free and also its reports, resources, database design, documentation, ppt., etc.

28. Android location-based Garbage Management System for Smart City app

Android location-based Garbage Management System for Smart City app

To start with, we know that the “Smart City” topic is on-trend, so here I represent an app regarding this topic. All Smart cities incorporate numerous portable or web answers to manufacture an agreeable & comfortable human residence. One of these arrangements is to give an ecologically well disposed of, proficient and compelling trash the board framework. Now the current scenario for trash/wastage is not compatible if we discuss, the present trash assortment system incorporates routine dump trucks doing adjusts day by day or week by week, which doesn't cover each zone of the city yet is a totally wasteful utilization of government assets.

29. Women Safety & Security System using android

Women Safety & Security System using android

Security for women has become a significant issue in today’s era, as the number of crimes over women and girls increased over a period of time. Women’s safety matters a great deal whether at home, outside the home or working spot. A large portion of the ladies of different ages, right up 'til today are being exposed to brutality, rape, etc.

To determine this issue, we know in this day and age, people using smartphones have expanded quickly and consequently, and hence, a smartphone can be used efficiently for personal security or different other assurance purposes. Here we present an easy to use application that can be accessed by anyone who has installed it in their smartphones. Our motive is to provide you with the quickest and most straightforward approach to contact your closest assistance.

30. Online staff leave management system (JAVA)

Online staff leave management system (JAVA)

Today everybody in the world is busy in their workplaces and they need some break to enjoy their lives. But earlier a few years back taking leave by asking the HR was so typical and difficult. The traditional system has now completely changed. The traditional system was difficult to operate. Now we have come up with the solution to this problem by making an online system that is able to track staff member leaves on the basis of HR approval. It can easily automate leave applications. The HR basically performs a major function in the online leave management system. He is the one who approves leaves. This idea mainly eliminates the need for tabulation work and automate the leaves in a very efficient way.

31. Food Wastage Reduction using android

Food Wastage Reduction using android

In this article, we will perceive how to make the Food Wastage Reduction app using android. This app will help to reduce the food wastage for sure if the public uses this application wisely. We know that wasting food is a typical issue these days and to resolve this kind of issue we can invest in-app like this. In order to resolve the food wastage problem, We have recognized the utilization of mobile and web technology to reduce food waste management and built an android mobile application that allows restaurants and even the general public to donate and share their foods and leftovers with people in need. This app will enable users to register, login, view items, add items, add items to cart, remove an item from the cart, log out and many more. A Food Wastage Reduction is an app any user in need can see all the food items donated by different users and add them to his or her cart to deliver them to the needy person. This app uses the firebase database as storage and real-time database, which makes this app more efficient and easy to use. 

32. Local Services Finder App using android

Local Services Finder App using android

As we probably know and aware that it is too difficult to even think about finding great assistance/service for home these days, utilizing the application, the public can find good service near their home a per need. At the same time as worker selection, he/she can view the ability and skillset, references given by those who have taken their service in the past area i.e worker location and accessibility of a specific worker's system sends SMS to a chosen worker with respect to work and user/public subtleties. Workers affirm either through telephone or this framework and either fixed up a meeting or working beginning date. In our App users can rate worker skills, charges, propensities, about timing, commitment, behavior, etc. and so on through this app. Users can put their requests in regards to specific ability/skilled workers along with project location, and details. Also, users can give feedback to the workers. This process is exceptionally helpful for users who want to give the work to the workers. Simultaneously workers likewise uncover their multi-skills to get the work and gain the money with ease.

33. College Feedback System JAVA project

College Feedback System JAVA project

College feedback system is a web application which gives a simple method to know data about a college. Right now, the data of the college is included by the administrator only. Students can discover all the subtleties of college and can give feedback which will be useful to fresher's who are looking for the college data.

34. PG Finder App using android

PG Finder App using android

Millions of students and employees migrate to another city for studies or for work purposes, with the help of this application they can easily find perfect PG according to their needs and accommodation. This android project will provide PG’s information/data with respect to the area, offices, facilities, maps, budget, transportation office, food, and wellbeing measures. Because of an absence of data like cost, accurate area, safety efforts, an audit of PG and dealer tantrum, the user can’t locate their preferred best PG. Also regularly the user/customer may be misguided regarding the PG information. This application will allow users to easily access relevant & useful information and make important decisions with respect to PG's selection. Users can have a look at different aspects of PG's selection of the information provided like the exact location on the map, food, budget, transportation facility, and even security measures and can select their preferred best PG with ease and comfort.

35. LPG Booking System

LPG Booking System


This is an online gas booking system for clients that permits them to arrange gas cylinders at whatever point required. Users can now legitimately arrange gas cylinder and can likewise make instalment as opposed to utilizing an ordinary methodology of requesting through the telephone. The regular system sets aside a long effort for handling request and users have no other alternative yet to pause. This task wipes out every one of these disadvantages. There will be client login and an administrator login. The administrator has control of the considerable number of users' record and their details. There will be 9 cylinders at first designated to all client accounts alongside their cost that is substantial just for one year. What's more, if clients have used all the distributed cylinders inside a year and would require progressively, at that point he needs to fill a structured web-based requesting an additional one that will go to administrator's record. The administrator has the control of either favouring or opposing the request as indicated by the standards and guidelines. There is likewise a component of setting up warnings by the administrator which will be noticeable to all the clients.

36. Blood Donation management system

Blood Donation management system

Project Objective

The Blood Donation Management System venture is customized so as to support people or patients who are looking for blood at a specific area. This .Net venture is planned so that it keeps point by point data just as independent data of the considerable number of areas where the blood is available and what sort of blood is available and in how much amount.

37. E-Auction JAVA Project

E-Auction JAVA Project


E-Auction is a web application created in java. E-Auction gives a commercial center which encourages purchasing items, for example, gadgets, furniture, household goods, bicycles, and vehicles and so on. This application empowers clients to purchase the merchandise by making quick and simple for anybody to post all the details of the item on the application.

38. Appointment Management system using JAVA

Appointment Management system using JAVA


Online Clinic Appointment System is the appointment system created utilizing PHP and MySQL. The task title is given a 24X7 Clinic system where patients can take an appointment through online and track their records through it. 24X7 Clinic system is an online application which covers all parts of management and tasks of facilities. This site covers Doctors profile, Patients profile, Online appointments, Patient treatment reports, Prescription report, billings, Clinical tests, and so forth.

39. Stock Management system using JAVA

Stock Management system using JAVA


Stock Management System is an online application created utilizing Java programming language. The principle goal of this undertaking is to oversee stock for an organization or association and deal with deals and acquisition of items. This task incorporates different modules and highlights to include, alter, see and erase stock-management-related things in the system database.

40. Store Management System using JAVA

Store Management System using JAVA

Management in every field is very much needed these days. Handling all the data manually by writing on the registers is a tough call. So here we have come up with store management system that not only makes good schedules but also work with regular updates of the store. This system is designed keeping the fact in mind that all dealers and manufacturers co-ordinate on time so that their profit will rise.

41. Gym management system using JAVA

Gym management system using JAVA

Everyone wants to live a healthy life. It is so trendy these days and different ages of boys, girls, ladies, and gents do various kind of activities to make them fit. Due to this urge of people, the ultimatum of gyms is increasing day by day. People love to spend a lot many hours to achieve their desired shape and size in a gym so as to improve or maintain their overall physique. Supervising this kind of data by hand can be a difficult and strenuous process. So there is a dire need of automating gym function by creating an application that is Gym management system.

42. Simple Music Application

Simple Music Application

Music player based on Android application is well known in the market at the present. The finishing advancement of Android working framework gives engineers a decent stage, using which they can gain proficiency with the mainstream PC innovations and can likewise develop basic versions of popular mainstream apps to further their technical knowledge and experience

43. Online Grievance redressal management system

Online Grievance redressal management system

Online Grievance Redressal Management is a Web-based project created in PHP/MySQL which used to deal with Customer' gripe Online. The client can log in, and Create complaint or grievance, view grievance subtleties and track its status. It has one Admin module where Admin can log in and view all objections, allot the complaint to explicit Engineer to work and also check the status of Assigned Complaint.

44. Online Networking site

Online Networking site

Question and Answer (Q&A) frameworks assume an essential job in our everyday life for data and information sharing. Clients post questions and pick inquiries to reply to the framework. Because of the quickly developing client populace and the number of inquiries, a client can't discover an inquiry by chance that (s)he can reply. Likewise, charitableness doesn't urge all clients to give short and precise answers. The essential target of this project is to improve the exhibition of Q&A frameworks by effectively sending inquiries to clients who are skilled and ready to respond to the inquiries. To this end, we have planned and actualized Social Q&A, an online interpersonal organization-based Q&A framework.

45. Voice based E-mail for the blind

Voice based E-mail for the blind

As the title proposes, the project is a web framework for visually challenged people, utilizing an IVR-Interactive voice system, empowering everybody to control their mails by utilizing just their voice and will also have the option to read and send emails. The framework will provoke the client with voice commands to work out a certain activity and the client will respond to the same. The primary advantage of this framework is that the utilization of the keyboard is disposed of, the client will only react through voice and mouse click.

46. Web based Blood donation system

Web based Blood donation system

The fundamental point is to give a blood donation administration system to the city. Blood donation centre Management System (BBMS) is a Web application that is intended to store, process, recover and investigate data worried about the regulatory and stock management inside a blood donation center.

47. Medical Shop Management

Medical Shop Management

Medical shop management project is done to do automation in the medical shop. Its main emphasis is on generating regularly bills to medicine buyers. This software maintains routine records of buyers along with their details. As by doing all this work manually incur the cost, checking the expiration date of medicine is quite a tricky task. With the help of this online system, all the details regarding medicines are easily checkout with just one click.

48. Prisoner Face Detection system

Prisoner Face Detection system

For ease down the tasks of police, prisoner face detection can be proven as a great tool in recognizing culprit’s face. Each minute detail of the criminal is stored in the database including his eye, ears, lips and nose, then these images are exposed to eye witness so that they could identify the criminal. Earlier there was not any proper method that ensures facial detection of the culprits, police team perform various measures in identifying criminal identification, this cannot generate good results. In the proposed system, firstly slicing of criminal images are performed and then that images have undergone instant visualization. Then the images which are sliced are linked to original images and appropriate details.

49. Restaurant Billing management system

Restaurant Billing management system

Restaurant billing management system was designed to treat customers in a very sophisticated way. This system ensures automation to the customers by placing their respective orders and also generate ids related to the transactions. Thereby, raising employees effectiveness and dropping client complaints. It depends solely on the customer what they want to eat and what they want at the time. Customers can pick for their choice of payment. This system has the proficiency of computing the bill according to the total item numbers ordered and respective taxes are also sum up therefore bill can be shown to the customer in a slip.

50. Retinal Disease detection

Retinal Disease detection

The Eye is the gift of God to us for visualizing the beauty of the world. Eyes need to have cared because it is easily affected by retinal disease. Retinal diseases can impact the vision of the eye to a great extent that can sometimes lead to blindness. Glaucoma is one of the major cause of blindness. It is serious diseases that do not show any symptoms in the early stage.

51. Health Care Improvement using JAVA

Health Care Improvement using JAVA

Health is the key factor nowadays. In modern times people are becoming extremely cautious of their health compared to the older times. Now people visit the doctor for just a regular check-up which was almost unthinkable in the early times. Even inside the hospital, any unhealthy atmosphere is avoidable. With this respect, the developers came live with this Improve Health Care project with the help of ‘Java’ coding language to improvise the system. It is basically a data storing site of all the details of patients and hospital details. It is an open platform for the patients and doctor to communicate with each other.

52. Online Rental House Web Portal

Online Rental House Web Portal

Home is a place where people can return. Home means a place of comfort, pleasure and desired atmosphere. It’s the only place where people don’t want to compromise any piece of comfort. The long breath a person takes after he/she comes back after the whole day of tiring work describes the comfort level mentioned here. But the question is how many of us can actually build a home for us like that or how many of us have the time or fund to make a roof of comforting atmosphere for us. We have become so busy in our modern world that we hardly have time to breathe so building a home with every little detail is near to impossible for us by taking out time from our daily course. Keeping that in mind and with the help of Java language, the developers have coded this website called “Online Rental House” where people can choose their home by renting.

53. Virtual Office Management

Virtual Office Management

A Comforting environment is very needy for a person to work. This time the developers came with a JAVA project that deals with the office management system using JSP and javascript. An employee in an office requires an atmosphere where he/she can work efficiently. So, to create that kind of atmosphere by maintaining office decorum and also incorporating activities like a bulletin board, training required for staff and meeting holding responsibilities the developers introduced this system in the market. This is basically a way to increase the efficiency and productivity of the business system of the organization. This system made it all online. Every official works record are being updated and maintained by this system.

54. Women safety Android application

Women safety Android application

Nowadays, people using Smartphones have increased tremendously and hence, a smartphone may be used effectively for safety purposes. Violence against women is increasing rapidly like sex offence, rape, and domestic violence. It's often unreported because of social norms, sensitive issues, etc. during this present time, the main issues are women security. So, this project proposes the event of an Android application called “She brave app” that ensures the varied safety features to forestall from various victims, the main aim of this app is to avoid wasting women in unwanted situations. It doesn't require internet connections except for many features. The contacts are registered through network providers. just in case of emergency this application is employed to trace the placement of the user and also the contacts of the nearby police stations using GPRS, video and audio may be recorded for 15 seconds so forwarded to registered contacts.

55. Placement system using Android

Placement system using Android

Today, it's seen that Training and Placement Cell is a vital part of every educational institution, during which most of the work is done manually. The Last year is incredibly crucial for college students of any college additionally as for his or her colleges. Because it's the time when the businesses are available at. And for each student and company need one another to figure it out and hence this method comes in picture. The training and placement officer needs to inform thousands of scholars about every single training and placement related activity. So, to form the placement process convenient and effective, an android based placement system is utilized by the placement cell. Placement System because the name states it's purely used for helping the businesses to induce the most effective candidate and directives are available in contact with the scholar, within the same way student get to understand about the roles and also the companies directly. This App is going to be helpful in faster management of the position related activities within the college campus.

56. Employee tracker android application

Employee tracker android application

Smartphones are a great innovation for mankind. The demand for this new technology is increasing day by day and it is a very effective tool for our daily life communication and security along with search and rescue. Nowadays, to trace the employees and to monitor their activities in the company and enhancing the productivity of the company by securing company data is becoming necessary. To use the traditional method for the management of employees is very critical and complex. Through this app HR or admin can get all the information about the worker phone like their Locations, Data usage, and Unauthorized Call History details can be tracked. The only condition is that Employees should have Android phones. Thus, the unnecessary usage of the company’s valuable time and money are avoided and it helps to keep trade secrets and avoid legal liability.

57. House Rental Management application using Android

House Rental Management application using Android

As we all know it is difficult to manage time for your daily needs in this fast-moving world. With this case there is a need for change in a technological field, there's an urgent must embrace and appreciate the power of innovative technology. So there is a vital situation to manage one in all the essential need that's a shelter or home for survival. If you are not known to an individual in some cities and want to rent a house than it's difficult to hunt out suitable aim time. Hence, there's a requirement to develop a House Rental management App that will simplify the work for the rental managers and tenants so all their works are often done efficiently and effectively. It's also difficult to hunt out the renter on time, for the owner and property managers. This App will provide the whole knowledge about houses which is accessible for Rent. It will make easy to hunt out the position of Houses, need of rooms and other facts by the renter. Using this app the Landlords even have provision to post or update their property details whenever they want.

58. Banking system JAVA project

Banking system JAVA project

The web is by and large broadly utilized as a method for communication and alluded to as the window to the world. Individuals currently depend on the web to scan for data, to buy stock and to be educated regarding various administrations gave by an association.

59. Battery Optimization for Android

Battery Optimization for Android

The Android working framework offers highlights of connectivity such as Bluetooth for data transmission, Wi-Fi and other highlights, for example, GPS. Every one of these procedures expends the battery of the gadget. Different elements that influence battery are the continually running background administrations, screen brightness, continually refreshing gadgets on the home screen, NFC staying ON in any event, even when not utilized.

60. Bus booking system mini project

Bus booking system mini project

Transport Booking System is a web-based application that is associated with a database. The database incorporates data about transports or buses, no. of seats accessible, inhabitance, accessibility, days and time of activity, no. of transports from point 'A' to point 'B', Price ranges, automatically generated reports and bills and so on.

61. Online Crime Reporting system

Online Crime Reporting system

The Objective of the Crime Reporting System is to build up a web-based program to report the crimes that happen in the city. It gives the platform of transferring pictures or recordings of wrongdoing scenes to guarantee that police may make a move right away. It additionally supplies the exhortation of missing people and security tips for the awareness of individuals.

62. Online Examination system

Online Examination system

Today Online Examination System is becoming a quickly developing assessment technique due to its speed and precision.

63. Online Restaurant Locator

Online Restaurant Locator

Café Finder offers a casual method to find the best nourishment arrangements and eateries close to you. In the event that you permit it, the application can find the nearest cafés just by utilizing your location. The android gadget goes about as a customer and PC goes about as a server. The locations information is put away on the server and cell phone is utilized to get to it so as to show to the client.

64. Online Shopping project using JAVA

Online Shopping project using JAVA

The primary point of "Internet SHOPPING" is to improve the administrations of Customers and sellers. It keeps up the subtleties of client instalments, item receipts, expansion of new clients, items and furthermore refreshing, cancellation for the same. It additionally stores the details of invoices created by clients and instalments made by them with all Payment methods like Visa.

65. Plagiarism remover mini project

Plagiarism remover mini project

Plagiarism is characterized as to take or rob some work and present it as one's own work. This language structure and plagiarism checker framework are utilized to break down the plagiarism information. Plagiarism influences the training nature of the understudies and consequently decreases the financial status of the nation. Plagiarism is accomplished by reworded works and the similitudes among watchwords and verbatim covers, change of sentences from one structure to another structure, which could be recognized utilizing WordNet and so on. This plagiarism identifier gauges the comparative content that matches and recognizes plagiarism.

66. Spam SMS detection system

Spam SMS detection system

The popularity of cell phones has heightened in the recent decades prompting another territory for junk advancements from disreputable advertisers. Individuals guiltlessly give out their cell phone numbers every day and are then subsequently overflowed with spam messages.

67. Employee Management System

Employee Management System

In a multi-national organization there exist a huge mass of employees with varied posts, achievements and qualifications so it is very much necessary to keep track of them. Employees are the key source in an organization as they perform all the activities of an organization so keeping them in track and maintaining their welfare is very important as if they screw up the whole business of the organization will suffer a downfall. By this source the developers have created an online field where every detail of an employee can be accessed, organized and maintained securely. This project had been developed using python.

68. Meal Ordering system

Meal Ordering system

Food is one of the essential for our earning. People are not only just earning to buy a house or to fulfil their dreams but also to provide their families with enough food to sustain. But in the corporate field due to the huge amount of work pressure, people hardly get the time to do lunch or go outside the office and grab something. It’s ironic that for the food we are working to our fullest but in the process, we become so worked up that we don’t have the time to grab something to eat. And it’d not only in the field of working even in the household when the whole family went out for fun and then on return no one likes to cook due to being tired. So, the developers came in action with the meal ordering project developed with the help of python where people can order food whatever they like online.

69. Baby Care - JAVA project

Baby Care - JAVA project

Parenting is definitely not an easy task, to begin with. Most of the people are totally clueless about this subject. They hardly have any idea of how to take proper care of a newly born baby. Most of them get scared and try to imitate other parents by hearing from them without knowing if it is really good or bad for the child. Due to the lack of information, this occurs. And even if we seek doctor help it’s impossible to ask a doctor so many questions within a limited span of time of appointment. So keeping this idea intact the developers had built this project using JSP, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, and JDBC which deals with everything needed for the welfare of a newborn child also including parental behaviour.

70. Health monitoring Android app

Health monitoring Android app

The fundamental point of building up this android project is to make a health application to screen a client's health. This is an android based application.

71. Drug addicts counselling system using Android app

Drug addicts counselling system using Android app

Many youngsters are addicted to chronic drug use, truth be told, numerous youngsters can't bear the cost of mental treatment, some of whom are reluctant to portray themselves as drug addicts in the public eye to find an answer so they don't get satisfactory treatment since they stay classified. It is prompting wrongdoing. There are such a large number of youngsters who can fathom medicates that so we have to make an open space for youngsters where they can talk, share experiences and options from companions who can explain chronic drug use and get them to converse with a therapist.

72. Movie Ticket Booking system using python

Movie Ticket Booking system using python

The basic role of making the online cinema ticket booking system is to make a programmed online-based system which will provide a simple and exchange approach to book a ticket for a film. The client should enter the data identified with the film after which the system will provide choices to book the ticket. Right now Ticket Booking System, the staff of the cinema hall won't need to do anything for the ticket booking as the procedure will be finished by the client through the web which will decrease the measure of staff required in the booking counter.

73. Android Mobile Application for Metro Rail

Android Mobile Application for Metro Rail

This project is a combination of sites and applications for Android, which the controller will use for Android, while administrators and guardians use web applications. The framework is essentially intended to monitor the underground railroad where the client goes to non-genuine clients to screen the driver and get data on working hours. A framework that permits the head to add clients to utilize the keyword is delivered by the framework which is then sent by means of SMS to his dad with the goal that his dad can get to the metro train schedule. Frameworks that permit schedulers add separation and metro trains to the database. Metro Train drivers must sign in to your record, where certifications are a telephone number and your administrator will give you a password You can get an application when you have your work.

74. Coronavirus/COVID-19 Tracker Android Application

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Tracker Android Application

Coronavirus created a huge impact by affecting not only the people but also the world economy. Since the first case, the disease had consumed thousands of lives in 4 months because of its viral spreading capacity.

Coronavirus spreads when you are getting contacted with the infected person or the droplets generated by them when they cough or sneeze. The major issue with this disease is the symptoms, you will get to know that you are infected after a period of one week. Until that point, you might have infected more than hundred’s.

The best way to control the disease is by isolating the patients from others. Isolating the infected person is very simple. But the people who got contacted with the infected ones will be roaming and spreading the disease. To solve this problem we need a perfect system to track the people who had contact with the infected person.

In this project, we will develop an Android application which can able to track the individuals who had contact with the infected ones.

75. Pet tracker android application

Pet tracker android application

Most of the people or farmers don't own any dedicated monitoring system for their pets or live stocks. Because of that the animals will get into danger or lost. Stolen and missing pet can harm people financially and emotionally. To induce rid from this problem, an application called Pet Tracker is developed. The Pet Tracker works with a GPS collar. These GPS collars are fixed to the animal’s neck. The function of the GPS collar is to update the place of the animal via GPS. GPS is one amongst the good technologies that are employed in a large number of applications today. This application keeps regular monitoring on them and may inform you of the placement and route travelled by animal, which information is observed from anywhere on your android devices.

76. Simple calculator Android app development using Android Studio

Simple calculator Android app development using Android Studio

Android studio is the official IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the android operating system developed by Google. It is built on Jetbrain’s IJ (IntelliJ IDEA) software. In this android studio project, you will create a simple calculator android application using Android Studio.

Before getting started let’s look into some basics:

77. Virtual classroom JAVA project

Virtual classroom JAVA project

Nowadays due to the advancement in technologies like smartphones, high-speed internet and the cost-efficient internet packs paved the way for greater innovation such as virtual classrooms, virtual office meetings, etc. In this JAVA project, you will learn to develop a virtual classroom project.

The virtual classroom is an innovative method of teaching used by the teachers to create an interactive platform to teach students remotely. Here the communication is performed in various ways like live video, text chat, live audio, screen sharing, etc. This method of teaching has lots of advantages than the traditional classroom method.

78. Fahrenheit to Celcius conversion application using JAVA

Fahrenheit to Celcius conversion application using JAVA

JAVA is one of the famous programming languages of all time and also it is the most effective programming language. Following are some of the advantages of JAVA: simple and user-friendly, object-oriented, and it can run on any machine without any special software.

In this JAVA project, we will develop an application to convert Fahrenheit into Celcius with the help of JAVA programming.

79. Virtual Private Network using JAVA

Virtual Private Network using JAVA

Virtual Private Network or VPN is used for various purposes to access the internet securely. VPN is legalised in most of the countries unless it is not used to access copyrighted material or to commit online fraud. In this JAVA project, we will learn to develop a VPN app in JAVA using Android Studio.

Let’s understand What is VPN?

VPN is abbreviated to Virtual Private Network. VPN creates a private network using a public network such as the internet to create a safe and encrypted connection. Here the user is part of the local network only, but with the help of tunnelling protocols, VPN creates a secure connection.

For example - Think of a situation where the corporate office of a bank is headquartered at Singapore, the computers in that office are connected to a local network. Another branch of the same bank is in Mumbai. Now if they want to connect both the network means, the usual method of creating a secure connection between the head office and branch office is by a leased line which is a costly method and not reliable.

80. Battery optimiser Android project

Battery optimiser Android project

In the developing universe of innovation, cell phones have immediately risen as one of the quickest advancing fields. They have expanded in both prevalence and unpredictability. Requiring further developed working systems and applications to fulfil the needs of the buyer. Android is a software stack intended to fulfil these needs in an open-source environment. The task is at present created and financed by the Open Handset Alliance, which incorporates organizations, for example, Google and T-Mobile

81. Weather tracing application using pure java script

Weather tracing application using pure java script

People travel to places and in a country like INDIA you never know what the weather is now at the place we are going to visit. We google about the place, search but it is mixed up with so much data and we are not metrologists or experts in survival techniques as seen in movies and frankly, this is not required skill for a normal person, we just need an app for this.

In this web development project, we will build our own web application to trace the weather of a place. The application will not only be used for metropolitan areas but any registered place/city. Any newbie to web development can do this project; all data is extracted from the internet using API keys.

82. Webpage including form

Webpage including form


When we create a webpage, we often are required to collect the data from the users. This can be done with the help of forms which act as a predefined template. The form consists of various options such as options, textboxes, checkboxes, etc. This helps the users to select the answers without writing a whole article about it. A form is very useful in taking surveys and collecting data from a large number of audiences. 

Forms can be made with the help of HTML language but it is made more attractive and responsive with the help of CSS. The code of creating forms in the HTML language is the <form> tag. The form tag has many attributes and various elements such as submit, radio buttons, checkboxes, text areas, etc. These elements will help you to create a responsive form.

83. Making a review section on a web page without AJAX

Making a review section on a web page without AJAX

Have you visited sites where you see the fancy review section, which is astonishing and attractive. This section adds a charm to the frontend development and creates a mark on the visitor of the page. So sites host both dynamic reviews and static. We will be learning a static way. 


You can have this section with many reviews in your own project websites too and since it is a local requirement, we need not have the knowledge of ajax work or HTTP requesting. Just the javascript file is enough. Since it is a beginner project for web development, three types of files is enough for this.

  • HTML ( skeleton / framework )
  • CSS ( decoration / styling )
  • JavaScript ( Brain / Backend / Logic )

84. Designing a Calculator with HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Designing a Calculator with HTML, CSS, JavaScript

We have all seen shopkeepers using manual and classic calculators for billing purposes. But here is an easy web development project to make such a calculator but web-based. It is much more helpful if the calculator is web-based because all the manual errors get emitted. This small guide to building a calculator with HTML, CSS, and JS is super easy and is best suitable for beginners.

85. Brick Breaker Game development project

Brick Breaker Game development project


Game Development is one of the fun ways to learn technology. It’s not that easy but if you want to develop a game then this information is for you. The article focuses on the basic implementation steps for the development of a simple game for beginners. It will help to accelerate your practical understanding. This game development project will give you java knowledge with integration and basic animation techniques. You can find this link for more game development courses and projects. We always help you for better understanding and knowledge.

86. Word Counter using HTML, CSS and Javascript

Word Counter using HTML, CSS and Javascript

A word counter application facilitates its user to get information about the number of words in a particular article. This application is extensively used in the field of the content department. The writer has to be sure about the number of words they are inputting in the article. In this web development project, we will look at how to make a word counter application using languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

We all have gone through a phase where we need to write articles within a limited word limit, but we often end up writing less or more than the word limit. This application can solve that problem by using simple tools and syntaxes. In the project, you will learn about all the essentials needed for the important topics of web development. A word counter application is used in various fields such as plagiarism checker, article rewriter, SEO tools, etc. 

87. Table tennis or Ping pong game using HTML, Java and JavaScript

Table tennis or Ping pong game using HTML, Java and JavaScript


Coding a game is more satisfying than casual coding. Moving parts on a screen gives more happiness to coding efforts. This practical knowledge gives more ideas about the implementation of concepts. There are many games like a snake game. Cricket etc. But do you have knowledge about game development? If No, then this game development project will definitely help you to develop a game like Table tennis or commonly known as Pong. 

88. Space War Shooting Game using JavaScript

Space War Shooting Game using JavaScript

Game development is one of the famous and interesting fields in today’s world. All of us like to play various games like racing, shooting, fighting, etc. But do you want to learn, How these games can be designed and developed? Let’s start this journey with basic game Space War Shooting which is commonly known as Space Invaders. 

89. Multi page Responsive Website

Multi page Responsive Website


Creating a website is one of the prior tasks to endorse one’s business. If you are about to open some business, then it is better to create a website and advertise on the internet. Advertising and reaching people with the help of the website is quite common and effective. Building a website is also very important when it comes to web page layout and their interconnections between them. Although there are many readymade templates where you can get various designs, creating your own will help in connecting with the audience.

90. Basic one page blog full stack web development project

Basic one page blog full stack web development project

Full-stack web development is the combination of both backend and frontend development. A full-stack web developer takes care of all the coding related works such as handling databases, servers and designing the web page. In this web development project, we will learn to develop a basic one-page blog. By working with this full-stack web development project, you will develop hands-on knowledge on HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and many other programming languages. 

What is full-stack development?

As previously mentioned full-stack web development involves the development of the frontend (front face of a website) and backend of a site or application. Mostly for any web development project a front end and back end developer is required but a full stack developer does both the works. 

91. Frogger game using JavaScript and HTML

Frogger game using JavaScript and HTML

Game is an interactive way of using leisure and even passing time. People love to play games irrespective of age. When doing web development, why not build your own game to interact with your computer. When building a project like this you do not require higher knowledge of web development, but a good hold on your basics and something more in javascript.

We require three files namely index.html, style.css, app.js as the HTML, CSS, JavaScript files and that is enough. We are not focusing on the UI/UX that much it is the game we will build to learn and progress. A simple, yet time taking project where you may need to amend each file in sync with each other and not one by one.

92. ATM Interface using JAVA

ATM Interface using JAVA


Web Development project ideas are popular in engineering students. As it is an only software-based project so no ope required additional hardware kits which are bit costly. Web applications are simple to understand but little difficult and complex to implement. But no need to worry, Skyfi Labs always help you to learn more and more technologies. We explain the tutorials step by step so beginner also can understand it very easily.

93. How to create a Custom Icon? - Web development project

How to create a Custom Icon? - Web development project

Every day on the internet we see a lot of icons representing different ideas or companies. An icon is literally the face of an organization and designing it can take a lot of effort. A graphical icon is very creative sometimes and it attracts users. Creating an icon is not that difficult, especially from the time when web development became popular. 

In this project, we will see how to create or edit an icon with the use of different elements of web development. For this project, we will use the UI/UX tools. There are some easy steps that you can follow to create a good icon or edit some of the popular icons. This project will obviously bring out the creativity in you and you will also learn about the different tools used to develop some graphical page.

94. Build a To-Do list with JavaScript

Build a To-Do list with JavaScript

The To-Do list has become quite a famous application as the people nowadays want to keep their day planned. In the to-do list, all the necessary items that are to be covered or attended on that particular day are listed. We can modify it by adding notifications to that list which will remind us what to do next. This can help us to save time and get our work done on time. 

The application will be built using the base concepts of HTML, CSS and apart from them we will use Javascript. Javascript makes the application more dynamic and it helps in computing the values through variables. You will obviously need some knowledge about javascript such as functions, variables, array, objects, etc. In this application, the user will be able to add tasks and delete them easily. When the task is completed then the user can strike through them, which indicates the task is completed. 

95. Bulk SMS and Mail Sender project

Bulk SMS and Mail Sender project

We all are familiar with Emails and SMS. We use them for our day to day communication purposes. Generally, we use Gmail or Hotmail for the mail sending and receiving and many SMS applications for chatting or any office work. Today you get in touch with a large number of people on his mobile within seconds using Bulk SMS. Enterprises always touch with their own customers and staff via Bulk SMS. Skyfi Labs will provide basic guidelines for this project. So stay connected with us.

96. MIS Portal for academics

MIS Portal for academics


Almost all academic institutes use the Management Information System portal which is commonly known as MIS to stay connected with the students. It consists of all the information of the students and institute which is easy to handle. In this web development project, we are trying to mention basic highlights and guidelines for developing such a portal. If you want to learn more technologies and projects then stay connected with Skyfi Labs.

97. Personal Portfolio Website Design using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Personal Portfolio Website Design using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


Creating a personal webpage can be something that can add plus points to your portfolio. Making a resume is very important if you are a fresher and looking for good jobs. If you want to impress the interviewer then you can represent yourself in the form of a personal website. A portfolio webpage looks like a resume that consists of your achievements and qualifications in an attractive manner. 

In this web development project, we will be creating a good portfolio webpage which will act as a resume for one. For this project, we will need to have some knowledge of HTML and CSS. HTML will be used to create the base of the webpage and CSS will be used to add effects to it.

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