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Bulk SMS and Mail Sender project

We all are familiar with Emails and SMS. We use them for our day to day communication purposes. Generally, we use Gmail or Hotmail for the mail sending and receiving and many SMS applications for chatting or any office work. Today you get in touch with a large number of people on his mobile within seconds using Bulk SMS. Enterprises always touch with their own customers and staff via Bulk SMS. Skyfi Labs will provide basic guidelines for this project. So stay connected with us.

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Project Description

Bulk Mail & SMS portal gives you an integration of Mail sending and SMS sending without any cost. It is easy to handle, the three main mantras for the system portal are Simplicity, Security, and reliability. So this system is totally new and very useful nowadays. According to the name, the portal is very useful for business purposes and it is actually made for business purposes so that we can send the SMS or Mail bulky to the respective team or respective group. Other portals provide only one facility i.e. only sending emails or sending SMS. But this BMS portal gives you the best integration of both Mail and SMS sending portals. Both SMS gateway and Mail servers are used in one system so it will give tough competition to the competitors.

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Technologies Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JSP
  • PHP
  • SMS gateway and Gmail server
  • Apache Tomcat Server
  • SQL

Implementation Guidelines

  1. Create a web dynamic project in any IDE like an eclipse or net beans.
  2. The front end of the whole system is designed by using HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap. Bootstrap shows the main role in styling and some extra additional improving features such as slider, cards, background images, and many more.
  3. CSS required to allocate the design of the Header, Footer as well as Footer. All the pages are performed using Java Server Page (JSP).
  4. You have to create sign-up and login pages.
  5. Use Java Database Connectivity to storage and authenticate the login details. Use MySQL Workbench to execute the queries for the database.
  6. There are simple steps for database connection as follows- Driver Registration, Get connection, Create Statement, Execute a query, and finally close connection.
  7. The back end of the system is designed by using JavaScript. The database used is SQL Database and you can use Apache Tomcat Server.
  8. There are two different parts of this system, the first one is Mail sending.
  9. As it is a minor project, so you can use the Gmail server for the bulk mail sending purpose.
  10. The connection is done with SMTP connections with former port no. 587.
  11. It creates different sessions with different user mail id and user password.
  12. The next part is the SMS sending. You can use SMS gateways like Text-local which are open source or affordable to the customer.
  13. The message will send in Unicode format with the customers API key.

So here are some guidelines for the project. You can search more on our website for more information.

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Bulk SMS and Mail Sender project
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-05-11

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