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How to create a website with HTML and CSS

You must have seen many people talk about web development these days. It is high in demand in the IT industry where major IT solutions and businesses require a website and therefore website developers. Hence, you can start by learning HTML and CSS to learn how to create stylish and creative websites. This article contains a detailed project overview of the header part of the website. Go through it!

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Knowledge required: HTML and CSS language.

Tools required: A text editor or an IDE.

This is how you will proceed with the coding. The header part of the website will contain a website header, website’s logo, a navigation bar, title, buttons, background image, and some special effects such as overlay and hover effect. 

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  1. Make a new folder for your project and make two files with HTML and CSS extensions. Make sure you choose a logo for your website and download it. Add the logo in this file. If you have also chosen a background image then add it in this file too.
  2. Open your HTML file in your text editor and start coding for the HTML part. First, give a title to the website. Then most importantly use a link tag to link your CSS file to your HTML file.
  3. Now, make a header tag. Add a div tag inside it and then add a ul tag to create a navigation bar. Make a list tag and add an anchor tag in it. This is to add links to the navigation bar.
  4. You can add links to your navigation bar which will redirect the user to other pages created by you like contact, about, services provided, and pictures. 
  5. Next, you can style and space whatever you’ve coded till now in CSS. Set the font, margin, and padding for the page. Add a background image to the header tag. Set the height of the image and also its size and position. Also, style the ul tag. 
  6. Use inline-block on li tag so that links are placed in a single line side-by-side. Style the text of the navigation bar with CSS by setting the padding, color as well as the border. Make a hover effect so that every time your cursor hover over the navigation bar, the effect highlights it.
  7. Now, make another div in the header tag for adding the logo to your website. Add the image source in your HTML file. Style it in your CSS file by adjusting width, height as well as a float of the logo.
  8. Create one more div tag for adding title as well as buttons to the webpage. Make an overlay effect so that the navigation bar, the logo, the title, and the buttons are visible. 
  9. Create buttons to the header part of your website such as login/register button or watch video button. 
  10. Style those buttons in your CSS file and adjust the position, border, padding, and color. Remember to add the hover effect here too.

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How to create a website with HTML and CSS
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