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When we create a webpage, we often are required to collect the data from the users. This can be done with the help of forms which act as a predefined template. The form consists of various options such as options, textboxes, checkboxes, etc. This helps the users to select the answers without writing a whole article about it. A form is very useful in taking surveys and collecting data from a large number of audiences. 

Forms can be made with the help of HTML language but it is made more attractive and responsive with the help of CSS. The code of creating forms in the HTML language is the <form> tag. The form tag has many attributes and various elements such as submit, radio buttons, checkboxes, text areas, etc. These elements will help you to create a responsive form.

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  • Do the coding in HTML, CSS and Javascript to build a good Form Webpage. 
  • Save the file in proper extension such as .html to make it an executable file.
  • Open the file with the help of a web browser, the browser will automatically present the form. 
  • Then connect the code with PHP which is a back end code that works on the data servers. 
  • The data entered through the form will be transferred to the server which then gets processed. 

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You can get the code easily from the Internet; you have to learn all the languages to create a customized form. A customize form will have a greater impact on the audience. For that, you must learn about HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. These languages are quite easy to implement and learn. You just have to learn about tags and elements, so that you can create a webpage form.

These languages are well-designed to build webpages and the form page helps in a lot of ways in growing the website. This topic comes in the category of web development and there are a number of parts of this vast field. You may have come across many forms which collect data from the users; these data are used to correct the respective website. Anyone who is starting their own website, the form will help a lot in reaching the audience and make changes accordingly. 

Html is used to create web pages, CSS is used to style the sheets and javascript is used to make the webpage more dynamic. These three together form a web page which is both responsive and attractive. Javascript gives some facility of usage of variables within HTML tags that helps in managing the data with ease. At the back end, PHP is used to study the data and compare it with the saved one.


Creating a form is quite easy but you should have some knowledge of web development. These languages such as HTML and CSS are very easy to learn and implement. Through this course, you can get more knowledge about an important aspect of web development.

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Webpage including form
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