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SEO friendly website (web development project)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the major thing that helps a business to grow quickly and creates more awareness about the business and by reaching more people. SEO increases your website visibility by coming on top in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). In this web development project, we will discuss the requirements to make an SEO friendly website. 

To develop an SEO friendly website you need to think as a digital marketer and use technical SEO techniques while developing the website. Technical SEO improves your website code structure, content and helps search engines to crawl, interpret and index the website.

Content marketing is one of the SEO strategies used to improve the website traffic but technical SEO deals with the technical part and it involves more technical things to optimize the website infrastructure. Also, it is not a one time process as the search engine algorithm keeps updating, web developers should be aware and make the respective changes to maintain the search engine rankings. 

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Technical SEO practices:

Below are the key practices that you have to follow while developing your website to make it more SEO friendly. 

Site speed: Based on the research it is proven that bounce rate is more if a site fails to load within 2 seconds on desktop and 3 seconds on mobile. Thus you should be more concerned about the site loading speed. You can improve this by adding images with next-generation formats, removing unused javascript, increasing javascript execution time, etc. You can use page speed insights to check the speed of your webpage. 

Keyword research: You need to use the right keyword that your target audience is searching for. Even if you are making the site from scratch it is better to perform a keyword analysis to get more conversions. 

Information architecture: After performing the keyword research, you need to arrange the site content properly using HTML to make sure that the user spends more time on the site. Structured content helps search engines to easily identify what type of content is published and displays rich snippets (rich results) on SERPs.

URL structure: How humans don’t like complicated things, Search engines also avoid complicated URLs. Below are some effective tips for URL structure:

  • Use lowercase
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Use the keyword in the URL
  • Use “-” to separate the words
  • Avoid unnecessary words and characters

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Robots.txt: It is a file that tells search engines which pages of the site should be crawled and indexed. 

Breadcrumb menus: These are a set of links that are positioned on top of a page and help users to navigate through the website with ease. It also provides hints to the search engines about the structure of the site. 

HTTPS: HTTPS is one of the important factors in Google’s search engine ranking. Thus choosing HTTPS for your website is an easy way to boost your search engine ranking.

Sitemap: Having a sitemap for your website is a signal to search engines that pages included in your sitemap are of good quality. 

These are some SEO strategies that are considered while developing your website to get more traffic and increase the conversion rate. 

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SEO friendly website (web development project)
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