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Payment Checkout Page Design with HTML and CSS

To build a website you need to start right from building the homepage, the login/register page, the contact us page, the about us page, etc. And, if we are talking about an e-commerce website then there is much more to it such as products page, cart page, orders page, payment/checkout page, etc. Every building is built by blocks similarly every website is built carefully by taking care of web pages and made especially for the website. Web development is as easy as anything only if done with full determination and creativity.

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If you are looking forward to manually building an e-commerce website then you should go through this article to learn about how to build the payment checkout card/page. The checkout page will have a checkout box with a product section on one half and the payment section on the other. So, let us get started.

Knowledge required: Basic concepts of HTML and CSS.

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Tools required: A text editor or an IDE.

  1. Create a new folder for your project and create new files in the HTML and CSS extension. Link your CSS file in your HTML code.
  2. Open the HTML file and give a title to the card ‘Payment Checkout’. 
  3. Create a new div in your HTML code and name the class as wrapper. Make another div into this and name the class as a checkout wrapper. In this div make two more div for product information and checkout form.
  4. Make sure that when you style the page in CSS, you choose a great contrasting background image and then keep the checkout box blank. Later, you will add an image of the product chosen to buy.
  5. Now your payment checkout card will have a section for your product. This section will display the product image, product price, and product specifications. To make this section first add the image of the product. 
  6. Next, add another div in your HTML code and name the class as content. Here, you can give a heading to the product which is being purchased. Also, in this section add the pricing and specifications of the product. So, after adding image, pricing and specifications your product section will be completely built.
  7. Now in the checkout box, you will make a payment section. This payment section will have input fields that will take in user’s data to pay for the product.
  8. Add one more div for the payment section. Add a div for details. Make an input field where you will take the user’s card number. Add the text ‘Enter card number’. Add more such input fields like cardholder’s name, expiry date, and CVV.
  9. In your payment section make a button ‘pay’ which when clicked, will redirect the user to the payment page.
  10. Open your CSS file and style everything that you added in HTML. Properly style and edit the product section as well as the payment section. Align both the sections in a box in such a way that both are divided equally into halves.

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Payment checkout page design using HTML and CSS
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