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NGO Activity portal project

This product entitled "NGO Activity portal" is helpful for any non-government organization to build up its social administrations in a viable way. So they can improve society with no destitution and lack of education. The module is utilized to show the nongovernment organization data like their name, place, history of the NGO, when they set up their organization, president of the organization, VP, number of individuals from the NGO, and so forth. Past work module is utilized to show the NGO's leaving administration for society. On-going Programs are told about the at present running programs of this organization. It bolsters different programs like Violating child labor’s framework, Anti-dowry framework, self-help Groups, Rescue of helpless peoples, Rescue people from different events like flood, Tsunami, and so forth. It tells their organization administrations in a precise manner. It likewise gives school materials to handicapped students once in months. It's a valuable plan for students to empower their investigations. Criticism is utilized to hear clients’ thoughts. With the goal that it can improve its usefulness in an exact and simplest manner. 

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All the Nongovernmental activities subtleties like past work and going work is kept by the organization.

It's likewise hard to track down the activities 

It requires some investment to plan different occasions inside a brief timeframe. 


This framework is being made utilizing PHP and My SQL. Since PHP is our Front-End it looks more look and feels for the web application is Effective and Security. This look and feel of it is more clients well disposed and simple to work on. We can make dynamic and Interactive client applications utilizing PHP. 

Sets aside less effort to do the work. 

Speed and exactness is increased

Completely robotized. 

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Programming requirements:

Working System: Windows 7 expert 

Front end: PHP 

Server: Wamp Server 

Back End: MySQL 


  • Validation
  • Past work 
  • On-Going Programs 
  • Photograph exhibition 
  • Students Welfare 

Module Description:
Validation Module 

This module contains all the data about the validated Administrator. 

Past work 

In this module, Administrator Adds the previous work Information utilizing this module. It's simple to coordinate Administrator validation into your web application. Data is put away in your database. 

Progressing Program

This page is dealt with by the chairman. The overseer has a full option to get to the whole project. In this module, the administrator includes the progressing program data. This detail additionally incorporates the status subtleties for complete or not. The subtleties are put away in a database. It can see by Admin for reference.

Photograph Gallery 

This page is taken care of by the manager. In this module, the administrator includes the photograph exhibition of program data. This data incorporated the subtleties of the Program id, Program Name, Date, Photo. The subtleties are put away in a database. It can see by User for reference.

Student Welfare

This page is taken care of by the manager. In this Student Welfare module, the administrator includes the welfare data. The subtleties are put away in a database. It can see by User for reference. 

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NGO Activity portal project
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