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Parallax website (web development project)


Parallax effect is imparted on a website to make it look more tempting and attractive. The parallax effect is the effect where the background picture moves with a different speed compared to the foreground picture. This relative speed creates a sense of depth in the picture. This helps in creating life-like pictures which are both attractive and tempting. 

Nowadays, there are millions of websites which the audience visits; you must create a unique web page to hold the users onto your webpage. This web development project can be implemented through different ways such as with pixels, with per cent, aspect ratio, etc. All these ways are used with the CSS in order to customize the webpage. With the help of HTML and CSS, you can add this effect onto your webpage.

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Project Implementation

  • Using a container element and adding a background image will be the first step of the project.
  • Then the background image is attached with a slower scrolling scale.
  • After that, the foreground image is fixed on a faster/normal scrolling scale.
  • At the end we will implement both the codes simultaneously, to get the parallax method. 

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We can implement this web development project with the help of different ways like:

1. With pixels

In this method, the code of CSS is used which is <style>. Then parallax code is used with the location of the image which fetches the image. After that, the background image is fixed with proper attributes such as background-attachment, position, repeat, and size. You can get the codes easily but you must learn about the basics of CSS and HTML.

2. With per cent

In the same method, there is also a way of resizing the image with a per cent ratio. First the image is fetched with the help of .parallax {background-image: URL (image.jpg) ;}. Then the size of the image is fixed with the help of height and width attribute.

3. With the help of Aspect ratio

The whole image can also be made more stylish with the help of attributes such as background colour, width, padding-top, position, left, right, bottom, etc. These attributes help in creating a well-designed picture which is both tempting and stylish. 

These methods are implemented with the help of programming languages such as HTML, CSS and javascript. These languages are very easy to learn and implement. The webpage which is well-customized has the ability to hold more customers rather than simple plain webpages. Parallax websites are more common now and you should learn it to implement it on your own website. 


In this web development project, you will learn about the basics and advanced topics of HTML, CSS, and javascript. These languages are well-designed to create web pages that are capable of doing many operations. You will learn the main topics in web development. We here at Skyfi Labs have well-trained mentors which teach the languages with the help of examples. Skyfi labs offer various courses that are taught with the help of assignments, projects. This way you can learn to build a parallax website. 

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Parallax website (web development project)
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