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Entertainment Web app - Front end Web Development project using react js

Front end development is the process of creating the front side of the web page or web application, the one the user sees when visiting the website. Mostly the front end of a web page is designed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Whatever the user sees in the browser is a mix of these programming languages. In this react project, we are going to develop an entertainment web app using react js. The objective of this project is to create an entertainment web application with an easy user interface and to ensure the site works correctly without any errors in different browsers, OS, devices, etc. 

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What is react js? 

React js is developed by Facebook which is a front end library and also one of the popular JavaScript libraries. This is because it has a strong foundation and it is backed up by a huge community constantly supporting it. It is used to create user interfaces for single-page applications. It is also used to create reusable UI components. React Js also helps developers to create web applications that can reload the page without changing the data. It can be also used with other javascript frameworks such as AngularJs. 

Advantages of using react Js for front end web development

  • React is easy to learn
  • Provides faster page loading speeds which in turn boosts the traffic and helps in Search Engine Optimization. 
  • Uses virtual DOM which helps in improving app performance
  • Can be easily integrated with client-side, server-side, and with other frameworks as well

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Entertainment Web app project implementation

Entertainment means it covers things like movies, videos, podcasts, music, etc. So we are going to create a web app that is focused on media. Netflix, SoundCloud, Audible, Spotify are some great examples of entertainment applications. You can refer to some social media applications like Facebook, Tiktok, and YouTube to get some inspiration for your project. 

We are going to create an Internet movie database (IMDB) application using technologies include:

  • React Js
  • Npm package
  • Firebase
  • Algolia

First, the home page is created that consists of a list of movies playing in theaters, upcoming movies, and the latest movies. When the user clicks on the image of a movie the page redirects to the movie page. The movie page contains the trailer, short storyline of the movie, cast, and the rating of the movie. 

Below are the four components used in this web development project:

App.js - It is the parent component and it also contains the function that handles API and calls it during the initial render. 

Movie.js - It executes each movie

Search.js - It contains the search button and function which handles the input element and changes the field. It also calls the search function based on the passed search function. 

Header.js - It is a simple component that executes the app header

Steps followed:

  • Create React app using create-react-app tool
  • Install react-bootstrap, redux, material-UI and rest other packages
  • Create the following containers movie-browser, movie-list, movie-card, movie-details, etc. 
  • Execute movie list component to display the list of movies
  • Create movie-search component

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Entertainment Web app - Front end Web Development project using react js
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