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Mobile Quiz using Android

This is a very simple, attention-grabbing and fun application to use. It tends to be utilized to create questions and generate choices to be answered. This app can be used for academics as well as for fun purposes. Android is an operating system developed by Google. Android is one of the best working framework created by Google. It is utilized in a few contraptions like cell phones, tablets, and even on TV. Android is an open-source to designers who have an enthusiasm for creating versatile applications. It additionally gives a versatile structure that enables the engineer to create applications in a less difficult manner. Android is open-source with the goal that engineers think that its simple to create and extend new highlights. 

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Project Description

Let’s get started by downloading Android Development IDE i.e. Android Studio, Eclipse or any of your choice. There are a few important modules used:

  1. Homepage - This page will have two option i.e for admin login and user login.
  2. Admin module- This module is only accessible to admin who can add or delete the question and answer according to the user’s need.
  3. User module - In this module, we can have options like start quiz, set the difficulty levels, and so forth.
  4. Score Board module - This module will display the score.

These modules rely upon the developer's need, So you can modify the module as indicated by your needs.

Project Implementation-

In this article, we were going to partition the mobile quiz into two parts i.e first one is how to create a project in an android studio and the second part is layout design and coding part description.

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Create a project:

  1. Open Android Studio and go to File->New->New Project. In the New Project window, enter the Application Name as MobileQuiz and company domain as and Click on Next.
  2. In the following stage, you will be approached to choose the focused on the gadget, on which your application will be supported, choose Phone and Tablet for this application. What's more, in the dropdown menu, select the android form and snap on the Next catch.
  3. Presently it's an ideal opportunity to add the primary Activity to our application. Select the Empty Activity from the accessible alternatives to tap on the Next catch.
  4. Enter the activity name to be MobileActivity, and the android studio will naturally fill the layout file name and click on Finish to create the project.
  5. When Android Studio wrapped up your task, you will see another undertaking added to one side venture device window, the activity_mobile.xml record will be open and in the Preview apparatus window, you will see the see for your application.

Layout and coding

  1. An Activity comprises of a RelativeLayout holding a TextView with some content. For your App, setup the screen accordingly, like add button, change text view, and so forth this designing totally depends on you.
  2. Our layout is completely set, it's time to define actions for buttons.
  3. To create a simple quiz, create a new java file namely Question and then create strings bd variable according to your need and initialize them.
  4. The next step is to set listeners, this will help to listen to the click events on this event.
  5. After completion of coding, then Simply connect your Android Smartphone to your Computer, Android Studio will automatically detect it and click on the Run button.


-Programming language - Java

-Android Studio or Eclipse IDE


-A USB cable for connecting the phone to PC

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Mobile Quiz using Android
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