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Simple Pedometer Android application

In this Android project, we will perceive how to make a simple pedometer application that will count the steps when we walk or run and these days everybody is sharp and specific with regards to wellbeing and wellbeing is legitimately corresponding to your eating routine and exercise. So we present to you a framework that deals with your wellbeing by observing your activities step counter. A decent method to get familiar with another dialect i.e. kotlin and how to make a straightforward application in Kotlin on Android Studio.

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Project description:

Let begin by downloading Android Development IDE i.e. Android Studio either Eclipse or any of your decision.

  1. Kotlin- Kotlin is a widely used open-source, statically composed “pragmatic” programming language for the JVM and Android that consolidates object-oriented and practical programming highlights. It is centered around interoperability, lucidity, and tooling support. Variants of Kotlin for JavaScript version - ECMAScript 5.1 and local code (utilizing LLVM) are in progress.
  2. Homepage - This page will have two presentations region i.e. first one will show steps and another to show the number of steps of the user.
  3. These modules depend upon the designer's need, So you can change the module as shown by your needs.

Project Implementation:

Steps to achieve a simple pedometer app are:

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  1. The initial step is to make another Android Studio Project with Kotlin support empowered. We accept that you realize how to make this task. If you want to discover how to create this first Kotlin venture on Android Studio, you can allude to the web and learn.
  2. Next, we need to make the User Interface of our Pedometer App. The User Interface will be very simple with two TextView. One is to show the Steps and another to show the number of steps of the user.
  3. Now, it's time to write the code in Kotlin of the Main Activity. In order to measure the steps of the user, we will use the Step Counter sensor available on some Android devices and Clearly, our application will work just on gadgets having a Step Counter sensor.
  4. Presently we need to set all event listeners and other methods.
  5. To begin, we should get the SensorManager activity in the onCreate method for the MainActivity and set every single other method.
  6. Now our app is ready, the time has come to test our Application and you can add other features like calculating distance, calorie burn, etc. and code for them as

Requirement -

-Programming language - Kotlin

-Android Studio or Eclipse IDE


-A USB cable for connecting the phone to PC

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Simple Pedometer using Android
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