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PG Finder App using android

Millions of students and employees migrate to another city for studies or for work purposes, with the help of this application they can easily find perfect PG according to their needs and accommodation. This android project will provide PG’s information/data with respect to the area, offices, facilities, maps, budget, transportation office, food, and wellbeing measures. Because of an absence of data like cost, accurate area, safety efforts, an audit of PG and dealer tantrum, the user can’t locate their preferred best PG. Also regularly the user/customer may be misguided regarding the PG information. This application will allow users to easily access relevant & useful information and make important decisions with respect to PG's selection. Users can have a look at different aspects of PG's selection of the information provided like the exact location on the map, food, budget, transportation facility, and even security measures and can select their preferred best PG with ease and comfort.

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Project Description

In this project, we will build an application to find the perfect PG for user First thing you have to guarantee you have Android condition in your PC, in the event that you don't have please download and on the off chance that you have one, at that point let begin -

Local Services Finder App making -

1. Homepage: This page will have two buttons i.e Public/User Registration and another for PG Owner Registration.

2, Some recommended modules for the app can be:

i) Admin Module: This module contains all the information about the authenticated user and PG owner too. The admin manages all information and has access rights to add, delete, edit and view the data related to PG, User, etc.

ii) Register module: The Users, as well as PG Owners, need to register by providing the id proof, education, working, PG location, contact number, and other important information and also obtain a username and password, for future login.

iii)User registration: On successful registration, the user can obtain the details of PG located in a particular area or location place. A user can select the appropriate PG depending upon their need like security, price, and other recommendations.

iv)PG Owner module: On successful registration, the PG Owner has to submit the details of PG for the verification process. The PG Owner can provide information regarding location through Google map, cost, PG’s description, facilities, security details, food facilities, room and PG image on the application. The PG Owner can likewise refresh the status of the PG like whether it is filled or accessible.

v)Verification module for both user and PG owner: The PG OWNER needs to experience the verification process and submit the Documents related process. After the registration procedure is done they will get username and password to PG owner, for future login. And likely users also have to submit some documents/information required for verification.

vii) Schedule visit module- The module will be used to schedule a visit for the user to check the PG and room.

vi)Database module: This module contains the entire information of the app.

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3. Java- Java as our programming language.

4. XML- XML for design/layout the app.

5. Database- for storage purposes.

Modules totally depend on the developer’s requirement, So you can include or change the module likewise.

Project Implementation:

  1. The initial step is to start the task by any name then we'll have activity_main.xml and and here we have MainActivity which will be seen as the major landing page screen with two-buttons or it can more according to need.
  2. Also, Make the User Interface of our App.
  3. After finishing UI, move toward the coding part.
  4. Presently our App will require Google Maps API v2. In request to use Google Maps association, the application needs to enroll for a structure key on Web sorts of progress.
  5. Next, make the java class as indicated by your requirements, and begin coding.
  6. At long last, we can run the application and see the result 

Requirement -

-Programming language -Java, XML for designing the app

- Database

-Operating System - any Operating system per of your choice.

-Android Studio or Eclipse IDE or Notepad++

- A USB cable


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PG Finder App using android
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