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Women Safety & Security System using android

Security for women has become a significant issue in today’s era, as the number of crimes over women and girls increased over a period of time. Women’s safety matters a great deal whether at home, outside the home or working spot. A large portion of the ladies of different ages, right up 'til today are being exposed to brutality, rape, etc.

To determine this issue, we know in this day and age, people using smartphones have expanded quickly and consequently, and hence, a smartphone can be used efficiently for personal security or different other assurance purposes. Here we present an easy to use application that can be accessed by anyone who has installed it in their smartphones. Our motive is to provide you with the quickest and most straightforward approach to contact your closest assistance.

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In this system user needs to feed three most trusted contact numbers, in case of emergency on moving the phone up and down thrice, the system sends alert SMS and alert calls on the numbers fed into the system with the location. The phone begins vibrating and an alarm begins ringing. And, a message alert is sent to the Register Contact list and a Voice Call to the Number enlisted first and give a message " PLEASE HELP ME".

This application distinguishes the area of spot through GPS and communicates something specific involving this area URL to the enrolled contacts and furthermore approaches the primary enlisted contact to help the one in hazardous circumstances. One novel element we can include this application is to send the message to the enlisted contacts constantly like clockwork until the "stop" button in the application is clicked.

Project Description

First thing you need to ensure you have Android environment in your PC, on the off chance that you don't have please download and on the off chance that you have one, at that point let begin -

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Homepage - This page will have three buttons i.e Guardian login and another one is for User Login and registration for both parties.

Some recommended modules for the app can be:

1. User: Via, this module user can make a user registration form. After registering the successful registration, the user can enter into the process. In order to register the user will need to enter some personal information like the required details by the name, age, secret password, address, etc. and the main information i.e three more trusted contact numbers with Person name and address.

2. Login credential: This module is used for User login using username and password.

3.Guardian: This will work on a trusted contact or guardian side, which is installed on the guardian mobile and initiated by giving their mobile number and also by enrolling in the application.

4. Server module: This module work on the server , i.e After installation of the guardian app and user/victim app two tables are created in the server model.

Two tables are created i.e the user table and guardian table. The user table has four columns UNAME, PHONE -NUMBER, LATITUDE, and LONGITUDE. Guardian table has four columns  GNAME, PHONE NUMBER, LATITUDE, LONGITUDE.

5Database: This module contains the whole data and information related to the application.

6. Admin Module: Essentially the admin has to Manage App and View location information. All the updates and expansion and getting out of information related to places and other information are reestablished by systems for this module.

Java- Right now, we will use Java as our programming language.

XML- XML for design/layout the app.

Database- for storage purposes and this app will use firebase storage.

Again these modules depend on the designer's needs, So you can include or erase the module in like manner.

Project Implementation:

  1. Now let's start with the initial step is to make another endeavour by any name then as the records get stacked and as we realize that Gradle is assembled, we'll have activity_main.xml and and here we have MainActivity which will be perceived as the fundamental landing page screen with two-buttons.
  2. In the next step, we need to make the User Interface of our App. The User Interface will be simple and easy to utilize.
  3. After UI is finished, push ahead toward the coding part.
  4. Now our App will require Google Maps API v2 to accomplish the route to the delivery person, incorporate markers to guide and access customers' degrees and longitudes. In order to utilize Google Maps organization, the application needs to enlist for a structure key on Web types of progress.
  5. Now make a java class according to your needs, and start coding.
  6. Next, it's time for the initialization of all methods, listeners, and buttons needed in all the pages.
  7. At long last, it's a perfect time to run the application and see the result.

Requirement -

-Programming language -Java, XML for designing the app

-Firebase database for storage

-Android Studio or Eclipse IDE or Notepad++

- A USB cable


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Women Safety & Security System using android
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