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Project Description

Digital slate is very easy to use. Just by scanning the app gets started. A normal laptop or the latest coming up of the netbooks could double up for the purpose. So along with their usual stuff, they would have been equipped with a basic application which provides the usual note-making facilities. As we use apps, there is no need to store paperwork. From the app, you can directly store any important notes in your gallery. Rather than using pages for notes, rough work, drawing we can use the app in which we can store the drawings. The modules of this project are drawing, recognizing and learning alphabets, numbers . from this app children can learn easily. It is somehow similar to the drawing application like paint, so you are familiar with that type of user interface. In this app using various colours, the width of line, straight line and dots increase the interest of the child in the drawing.

Software Requirement

  • App Inventor Tool for Android

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  1. It is necessary to install the app inventor initially. So first we will install the app inventor software which will work properly on a web browser.
  2. In this MIT app inventor, you can find Built-in Drawers. You can just drag them on the screen for their general behaviour on the app. Simply drag them to the app viewer.
  3. The next one is a component behaviour drawer. It is used to change the properties of a particular component.
  4. It’s just a drag and drop technique.
  5. Drag buttons for different platforms like learning, drawing, games and quit.
  6. In these main options, you can create sub-options like save, clear, back to the main menu etc.
  7. Along with this, you can draw lines, can save images, and can clear screens with some built-in properties.
  8. Use Touch Event Handlers, Button event handler, Canvas and buttons. 
  9. Use titles and attractive colours for playful use.
  10. After that, we have to test the android application. 
  11. To test the app we need to connect to the phone or run the emulator to see how it looks like. App inventor supplies an on-screen built-in emulator for the developers who do not have the android phone to test the application so we can check the app on the android phone by a USB-cable or a Wi-Fi.
  12. After successful testing, another step is to get the app on your phone.
  13. In order to install the app on the phone, we first need to download the apk (android application package) on a computer. Then either through Bluetooth or USB-cable, we will transfer this apk file on our android phone and we can install it on our phone.

Here are the basic implementation steps for the development of Digital slate application


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New digital slate app
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