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Sound Recorder using Android

Sound Recorder is one of the most essential highlights of any cell phone and it has been there since and before cell phones appeared. It is a significant basic utility that empowers users to record their voice or some other sound so far as that is concerned and the account gets put away locally and can be tuned in to whenever later on according to the necessity. In this article, we are going to explore how to implement Sound Recorder an android cell phone. I hope you’re eager to see and learn the process of making the app. So, without any further delay, how about we begin with it?

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Project description:

Let begin by downloading Android Development IDE i.e. Android Studio either Eclipse or any of your decision.

  1. Java- Java is the most common language that comes to our mind when we talk about the android app. In this Android project, we are going to use java as our programming language.
  2. XML- XML for designing the app.
  3. Homepage - This page will have i.e. the first one is a button for start and stop the recording and another to display the list of recording.
  4. Again, these modules depend upon the designer's need, so you can change the module as shown by your needs.

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Project Implementation:

  1. The initial step is to make another undertaking by any name then as the documents get stacked and as we know that Gradle is built, we’ll have activity_main.xml and and here we have MainActivity which will be recognized as the main recording screen.
  2. Next, we have to make the User Interface of our App. The User Interface will be exceptionally basic and simple to utilize. It'd be quite an essential application with only two activities. One would have the record button to start the recording and other vital buttons to stop and save the recording and the other activity would be where the user would be able to view all the previous recordings and listen to them.
  3. UI of MainActivity should resemble the depicted straightaway, MainActivity is the recording screen and in it, we have a chronometer to be utilized as a timer when the recording is on, we likewise have a look for bar, at that point we have the play, pause, record and stop buttons to manage the recording procedure.
  4. Next is to Setting up the recording process and then Configuring required authorizations in manifest and in runtime.
  5. Presently it's time for setting up (here setting means coding, declare, initialize) all methods, listeners, and buttons.
  6. The next step is to create a new activity by the name RecordingListActivity to remember that this activity is for displaying the recording. As we know that Gradle is built and the files get loaded, you’ll have the file named activity_recording_list.xml and
  7. Set UI, declared and initialized objects needed for the UI elements and we’d be using recyclerView in this project to display the list of recordings. So, import the recyclerView library.
  8. Now set up (here set up means coding, declare, initialize) up all methods, listeners, and buttons.
  9. After finishing the coding, run the app and watch the result.


-Programming language -Java, XML for designing the app

-Android Studio or Eclipse IDE


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Sound Recorder using Android
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