Free MATLAB final year project ideas

MATLAB abbreviates to MATrix LABoratory which is a high-performance language used by scientists and engineers worldwide to design and analyse the products and systems.

MATLAB is widely used in image processing, signal processing, control engineering, academic, research and industrial enterprises. Developing a final year project using MATLAB during your academics makes you a perfect fit for today’s job market.

This article covers topics like the importance of final year project, MATLAB applications and a list of MATLAB projects that can be built to develop a strong foundation on MATLAB.

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What is a final year project and why it is important?

If you are reading this article then you are already working on a final year project, As the name suggests you have to do this project in the final year of college to earn the college degree. Following are some of the benefits of doing a good final year project:

  • Final year projects that are industrial oriented and research-based gives you a huge advantage during your placements. Always the industry professionals search for an employee with a nice project background.
  • To get admission for higher studies in the United States, United kingdom, IIT, or Australia requires a technically strong project.

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What is MATLAB?

MATLAB is a fourth-generation programming language which can interface with other programming languages like C++, FORTRAN, C, JAVA, etc. It provides a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment to create models, implement algorithms, plotting of data and functions, etc. MATLAB creates an easy-to-use platform where solutions are represented in mathematical characters by integrating computation, programming and visualization.

Following are the main parts of the MATLAB system:

MATLAB working environment - It provides you with the necessary tools for developing, debugging, managing and profiling M-files, MATLAB’s applications. Also, It allows you to manage the variables in your workspace and importing and exporting data.

MATLAB Language - A high-level array language with functions, input/output, control flow statements, data structures, and object-oriented programming features that allow you to quickly create small dirty programs as well as complex and complete large application programs.

Handle Graphics - is a MATLAB graphic system contains high-level commands for 2D and 3D data visualization, animation, image processing and graphic presentation. It also uses low-level commands to build complete GUI on MATLAB applications and allows you to customize the graphics appearance.

MATLAB API -  is a library makes you write Fortran and C programs to interact with MATLAB. Using this you can read and write MAT-files.

MATLAB mathematical function library - is a collection of computational algorithms contains functions from sine, cosine, sum and complex arithmetic to more complex functions like Bessel functions, matrix eigenvalues, matrix inverse and Fourier transforms.

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MATLAB uses:

  • Scientific and engineering graphics
  • Application development with GUI building
  • Data analysis, visualization and visualization
  • Algorithm development
  • Math and Computation
  • Prototyping, Modelling and simulation

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Free MATLAB final year project ideas

Below is the list of final year project ideas for engineering students which includes projects on image processing using MATLAB, Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB, MATLAB projects for ECE, etc. All the necessary details to build the project are mentioned below which is collected from various sources to help the engineering students.

1. Image processing using MATLAB: Image processing is the process of extraction of data from an image by performing some image enhancing operations with the help of algorithms. From facebook’s auto tag to vehicle number plate detection utilises image processing technology. In this final year project, you will use MATLAB tools to develop an image processing system that can detect a vehicle’s number plate.

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2. Simscape electrical using MATLAB: Simscape is a tool in MATLAB through which you can perform system-level testing and electrical device simulations. By working on this final year project you will be able to create Buck-Boost converter, Clock set-dominant SRLatch, etc. You will also learn concepts like PWM circuits, flip flows and how to work with Simscape electrical toolbox.

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3. Gesture recognition and face recognition using MATLAB: In this MATLAB project, you will work with image processing toolbox to develop a smart selfie program which will take a selfie when you smile, you will develop various algorithms based on gesture recognition and face recognition to make this system work properly.

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4. Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB: Digital signal processing is used in almost all the communication devices to process the signal. Developing a final year project on Digital signal processing will give a nice weightage for ECE students in the resume. In this MATLAB project, you will work on filter analysis, smoothing of a signal and waveform generation techniques.

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5. Hybrid vehicle design using MATLAB: Hybrid vehicles are the future of transportation, it helps to reduce fuel consumption and pollution at the same time. This kind of futuristic final year project will make your resume more unique from others. In this MATLAB project, you will develop a model-based car with all the major components like engine, brake, transmission, etc. and at the end perform a test on MATLAB based on the pre-recorded data. As part of this project, you will work with MATLAB functions like Simscape, Simulink and M-script to develop models.

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6. System dynamics using MATLAB: This is an interdisciplinary final year project which combines fields like mechanical, automobile and electronics together. In this MATLAB project, you will perform dynamic simulation of vehicle suspension, hydraulic system and control a robotic arm.

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7. Transmission model using MATLAB: In this MATLAB final year project, you will create mathematical models of IC engine transmission system and helicopter transmission system with the help of MATLAB functions like M-script, Simulink and Simscape. As an outcome of this project, you will learn about the dynamics of transmission and their behaviour in the real-world.

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8. Simulation of emission-related faults on a diesel engine: Nowadays laws are more concerned with the emission standards of an engine. So the engine manufacturers utilize different strategies to develop better engines. In this project, you will use MATLAB/Simulink to simulate an engine and analyse the emissions as per the standards.

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9. Digital Extraction of Brain tumour from MRI using MATLAB: In this Matlab project, you will use image processing algorithms to detect the brain tumour with the help of MRI images of the brain. Using image processing techniques in the medical field will help in earlier detection of diseases which will save a lot of lives.

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10. Matlab simulation on Hydro energy system: By working on this Matlab project you will learn about working of hydroelectric systems and perform a simulation of the hydroelectric model using MATLAB/Simulink to predict the energy generation at various flow configurations.

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Check out the following list for more Matlab final year projects:

Let us know your thoughts and also suggest some MATLAB projects in the comments section.

Free MATLAB final year project ideas
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Free MATLAB final year project ideas

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