Good IEEE project topics based on Automation


We belong to generation Z- all the more dynamic and spontaneous, pumped up with bizarre yet amazing ideas and having everything under control. Generations X and Y were simple and minimalistic- they had to make sure every end meets and lived a pretty tough life, as they’d say. They weren’t well acquainted with the new advances and probably still aren’t. This huge ‘generation gap’ as we call it, is because of these new advances that have made one hell of an impact over our lifestyles, environment and even our thinking. If we were to dig deeper, we could eventually draw one strong conclusion by stating how technology has played the upper hand so far, and you can say that one of the technological innovations has been automation.

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In this article, we will discuss good IEEE based automation projects which will help you to gain knowledge as well as the procedure to develop those projects.

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Latest projects on Automation

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So, what is automation?

For the jargon of the common man, we can define automation as a technical approach to machinery to operate autonomously / automatically. Consider an air cooler for instance. Back in the day when they were first developed, one would have to manually adjust the temperature to keep the room in the desired temperature. But now, thanks to man’s marvellous thinking, we have air coolers available at the market that will automatically adjust the temperature as per your need with the help of remote control. To break this down for you even better, think about Alexa, Siri or Cortana. This is an ultimate example to prove automation’s wonderment. So vast is this field of automation one can expand this field with their very own ideas and implementations. And that is why this domain in technology is of utmost importance in every aspect of mankind’s requisite.

The approach to automation is the biggest deal to set the best futuristic paths of the market and industries. It is dwelling, developing, constantly changing and blooming. So for budding engineers or tech enthusiasts like you, starting off with mini projects based on automation seems like a pretty good thing. And to help you with that, we, at Skyfi Labs are more than happy to help you out with choosing the project of your intrigue. We have projects exclusively chosen from IEEE, that adds more weightage to your learning process. This article will help you dive into various ideas which you can implement for your automated technology project.

To get started, let us look into some of the projects we think you will like:

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1. Automated Street lighting


Earlier, it used to be a strenuous task to manually power street lights when the sun has dawned. Moreover, there would have also been tremendous wastage of electricity on leaving the street lights unattended during the day. Thanks to the wonderful concept of automation, street lights needn’t be catered manually now. With the help of LDR’s (Light Dependent Resistors) and Arduino architecture, which you will eventually learn to implement in this automation project, you will understand how sensors on street lights are used to detect light intensity in real time. The sensor, on detecting the intensity of sunlight, sends information to the microcontroller to modify operations. Data collected on the systems are later stored on the cloud which will be helpful for analysis in the future.

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2. Smart selfie based on computer vision


Computer vision deals with the high-level understanding capacity of computers into deciphering digital images or videos. Keeping that in mind, this automation project lets you deal with how the concept of computer vision is implemented to capture an image on your smartphone when you smile. You will learn to develop facial feature recognizing algorithms which will help you improve the efficiency of your project.

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3. Computer vision based mouse


This automation project implements the same concept as above, the only difference being its operation and the type of algorithm to be implemented. In this IEEE project, you will be developing object tracking algorithms so as to carry out all the functionalities and operations of a mouse. One of the main purposes of this concept is to carry out virtual inspections in manufacturing industries to minimize errors and defects.

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4. Surveillance Robot


In this IEEE project, you will learn how Raspberry Pi will be implemented as a microcontroller to transmit live footages via the internet. Once you are able to understand the basic working of a surveillance bot, it can be further implemented in major industries as a search and rescue bot, cleaning bot, detection systems, etc.

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5. Smart Building using Internet of Things (IoT)


Consider this concept as man’s best friend. On working on this automation project, you will learn and understand how this system acts as a reminder to someone who has just left the room without turning off the lights. Usually implemented in the office or a workspace, the system uses PIR sensors and based on the occupancy of people in a room, it powers the lighting in the room. This, in turn, helps save on a lot of power and avoids unnecessary wastage of electricity.

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6. Home automation system using IoT


Home automation is a luxurious concept to living the ‘smart life’ today. This concept makes use of Bluetooth modules and an Android application installed on your phone. With this combo, you can easily control your home appliances with just one touch. In addition to this concept, you will also be able to keep track of the daily usage of your appliances and the also analyze this data on a cloud platform, which stores all the information about your appliances.

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7. PCB Manufacturing


If you are a student from electronics or fascinated by how the circuitry of appliances is made, then this project might just be it. In this IEEE automation project, you will fabricate a Printed Circuit Board or a PCB for short and in the process, you will understand how circuit manufacturing is being made. Right from scratch, you will be able to make your own PCB prototype which will function as a clap detecting system to switch on or off your LED bulb. This project will certainly expand your knowledge about circuit manufacturing in industries since most of today’s appliances are solely based on PCB’s as a base.

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With so many projects to choose from, Skyfi Labs is always available to offer you more than you deserve. It is the interest and fascination which paves the way to more ideas to work on, and that, my friend, is what we need to illuminate our lives with.

Good IEEE project topics based on Automation
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-09

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Good IEEE project topics based on Automation

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