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How to learn Proteus? A Step-by-Step guide to design electronic circuits

Hey there! How are you guys doing? Hope everything is fine with you’ll! As you know already that COVID-19 has taken the jobs of many. But still, there is a hope that you can land in your dream job if you are equipped with the right skill. You can always use your free time for learning something good and trying out creative stuff.

And I bet that most of the people reading this article are an aspiring Engineer or electrical engineer in particular. And an engineer himself has an endless list of topics to explore, right from a basic working of a cycle to that of an automobile, right from a small tape recorder to a large speaker, from a mobile phone to TV everything in this world has engineering involved in it and almost every engineering field is connected to another in one way or the other, somehow. And so, having discussed that Proteus would surely be one such software that each and every engineer would like to try and learn as it would be crucial for us to design electrical circuits in several projects and real-life devices in order to have an idea of the working of the device. You can learn from various online tutorials available on the internet and given the current situation, that is the effective way through which learning can be done so!

So, without a delay, let’s get to know more about what exactly is Proteus, and later on discuss the steps involved in designing a circuit and finally, some online courses through which you can learn proteus and much more amazing stuff.

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1. PCB Manufacturing

Top Circuit design software for beginners

There are many popular PCB circuit design software like:

  • Eagle and KiCAD- Which comes under the free software category.
  • OrCAD, Altium Designer & Multisim- which are paid software and offer premium services like PCB and Circuit simulation Solutions.
  • But however, when it comes to beginners, software like Eagle is a good choice as it is free, easy to use interface, has a library of a large number of electrical and electronics components.
  • However, another software, which is coming into the picture off late which is equally good for beginners is the EASYEDA software, which is a web-based software, so the first and foremost point of occupying space is nullified here. Also, it has an easy to use interface and the biggest advantage of this software is that it consists of a massive amount of open source projects that you can refer to. So, I hope you guys have got your answers in terms of PCB software for beginners!

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How to Download and install Proteus?

Before going to this aspect, let us first discuss what exactly is Proteus!

So, in simple terms, Proteus is a Proprietary software tool which is primarily used for Electronic Design Automation. This software was developed by Labcenter Electronics Ltd in Yorkshire, England. It is available in 4 main languages namely English, French, Spanish and Chinese Languages.

The software is mainly used by Electronic circuit designers to design schematics and electronic prints for manufacturing PCB’s.

So, having known what the software is all about, let us know how to download and install the software:

  • Firstly, we need to keep in mind that Proteus is a paid software and if at all we are planning to purchase it, better purchase the latest version of the software. And that too from its official website, which is:
  • To start off with, you need to download the software from the official website, wherein you can select the version of the software you want to download.
  • Once you download the file, Then, you need to extract it and place it in the folder of your own choice.
  • Then, you will need to run the setup file available in the package which ends with “.exe” and allow the administrator to run the system and hence the installation starts taking place.
  • Also, make sure that you use the recommended settings which are again given in the Official website.
  • Then it asks us for an activation key, which is provided in the package, we just need to search for it and enter in the software.
  • Once that is done, you need to complete the setup and finally, you can get your hands on the software!
  • One last thing you need to do is install the software given in the next folder and give it the same path as that of your Proteus software.
  • Then finally hit “run” and “finish”. By doing so, you have successfully completed the installation of the software.

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Steps involved in circuit designing

So, given below are a few basic steps involved in order to design a circuit

  • First and the most basic step to be carried out in circuit designing is to decide the type of regulator and the input voltage to be used.
  • Next, you need to decide upon which type of transformer we need to use.
  • Then you need to decide the value of the filter capacitor to be used which is influenced by 4 factors, namely, amount of current drawn from the load, the quiescent current of the regulator, the period and the amount of allowable ripple in DC output.
  • Then you need to decide the type of diodes which are to be used and the corresponding Peak inverse Voltages.
  • Finally, we use our PCB design software to draw our circuit and run a simulation. 

How do I learn Proteus software?

So, finally, we come to the ultimate question, where can we learn about using this software! And the obvious choice is, of course, the internet, but which source to refer? Which one is reliable, informative and more productive?

Well, Skyfi Labs is one such source, which is the solution to all your problems and queries.

Let us take a look at some of the projects offered by them on the Proteus Software: 

1. PCB designing with Proteus: In this proteus online tutorial, as the name suggests, you will be learning the basic concepts of Op-Amps, Transistors, PMW, etc. and also build circuits based on them! Sounds cool right?! You will also learn additional concepts like Circuit designing and Simulations, duty cycle controller and a couple of other things apart from the Proteus software of course!

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2. PCB Design and Simulation with KiCAD: In this proteus online tutorial, you will learn and build various circuits based on the KiCAD software! You will start off by designing a basic level Simple motor driver circuit, and then an intermediate level circuit, such as a Clap Counter and finally with the knowledge and various other concepts you will gain, you will be able to build a mobile charger circuit! To know what all skills you gain through this course and the projects you take up, refer to the link below:

Explore more about this course

Finally, for more such amazing courses, refer to

How to learn Proteus? A Step-by-Step guide to design electronic circuits
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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