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List of latest Electronics Circuit mini projects for engineering students

Most of the technological advancements from small mobile phones, laptops to IoT devices and Self-driving cars are made possible because of the electronic circuits. 

Today, innovations in electronics involve both hardware and software, thus as an engineer, you should be well versed in concepts like electronic circuits, circuit diagram, PCB designing, etc and circuit design software like KiCAD, Proteus, Eagle PCB and so on. 

Developing mini projects or final year projects on electronic circuits will help you to understand the concepts practically and also help you in developing the practical skills required by the industries today. 

This article covers the latest electronics mini projects with circuit diagrams that you can learn and build from scratch. These electronics projects are applicable for students with a background in Electronics and Communication (EC), Electronics and Instrumentation (EI) and EEE(Electrical). Even beginners, DIY hobbyists and enthusiasts can also develop these electronics circuit projects as details like circuit diagram and components required are explained in detail in this article. 

Robotics, DTMF, solar energy, smart city, IoT, RFID, Arduino, GSM, GPS, electrical, electronics etc. are the different categories of projects included in this article. 

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1. PCB Manufacturing

How to create a circuit diagram for my electronics project?

Before building the hardware you need to plan and design the circuit required for your project. If you are a beginner you can take reference from the existing circuit from online resources. 

You can make use of software like Lucidchard, Smartdraw, etc. to design the required circuit diagram for your project. By doing this you can avoid confusion and save a lot of time. Below are steps you need to follow while designing your circuit:

Step 1: Understand the requirement of your project and set a goal to design your circuit 

Step 2: Draw the lines and connect the required components. If you are using an existing circuit rearrange the wiring diagram.

Step 3: Insert the required shapes and symbols based on the components used. It is better to design each piece of circuit separately.

Step 4: Join the individual circuit pieces together to form a single schematic diagram

Step 5: Before using your diagram, show it to someone and ask for suggestions. 

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List of latest electronics circuit mini projects for engineering students

Below is the list of interesting electronics circuit mini projects that can be developed on your own:

1. Automated railway crossing circuit

Many accidents are happening in railway crossings due to carelessness and human errors to avoid this problem. The automation system is implemented in the railway crossing gate. In this electronic circuit project, you will design a circuit and develop an automated railway crossing circuit using Arduino, IR sensors and servo motors. The system is programmed to detect the movement of vehicles and automatically opens and closes the gate. 

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2. Access control using RFID

By developing this electronics circuit project, you will understand the concept behind RFID technology. RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) works on radio frequency and it is used for identifying different objects. As part of this project, you will develop an access control system using RFID tags and Arduino. 

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3. Designing a Clap circuit using 16-pin CMOS

In this electronic circuit project, you will learn to design a PCB that will turn on LED when a sound is produced. You will make a PCB prototype using components like a copper clad board, Operational amplifier, microphone, potentiometer, resistors, etc. First, you will design the circuit using PCB design tools then it is implemented in real-time.

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4. Home Automation System using IoT

This home automation system connects the home appliances like light, fan, AC, etc. to the internet so that it can be operated remotely. In this electronic circuit project, you will design a home automation circuit by connecting the lights, TV, AC, Fan, etc. using the Arduino microcontroller board. The Arduino board is programmed in such a way that the home appliances can be controlled remotely over Bluetooth. 

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5. Smart energy meter using GSM

In this electronics circuit project, you will develop a circuit to monitor the power consumption and send a notification to the mobile with the help of the GSM module. This system is programmed to measure the electrical load and send the updates to the mobile using the Arduino microcontroller board. As part of this project, you will learn the concepts of circuit design and Arduino programming. 

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6. GPS and GSM based vehicle tracking system

Along with the increase in vehicle usage, the number of vehicle thefts is also increasing. This electronic circuit mini project provides the solution for vehicle theft by tracking the location of the vehicle and sends a notification when it crosses a certain radius. To develop this electronic mini project, you will use components like Arduino, GPS module, GSM, etc. 

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7. Mobile controlled robot

Robots are used to perform repetitive tasks and jobs that are difficult for humans. In this electronics circuit project, you will develop a robot that can be controlled using a mobile. You will use a DTMF module to develop this project. A mobile phone is connected to the robot using the DTMF module and the robot is controlled using another mobile via DTMF signals. 

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8. Automatic solar tracker

If you are interested to explore renewable energy systems then this project is the right choice for you. In this electronic circuit project, you will develop an automatic solar tracker that changes its orientation based on the sunlight intensity in order to generate more electricity. As part of this project, you will understand the working of solar energy systems, photoresistors, Arduino architecture and its programming. 

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9. Smart irrigation system

Water plays an important role in everyday life. This electronic circuit project focuses on saving water by turning ON/OFF the water pump automatically based on the soil moisture level. This electronic project helps farmers to save water by preventing overuse of water. You can also store the data in the cloud for analysis purposes. 

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10. Smart building using IoT

In this electronic circuit project, you will learn to develop a system that turns ON/OFF the lights in a room based on the occupants. You will use Arduino, PIR sensor, ESP8266, Relay module, etc. to develop this project. This project can be implemented in large buildings and offices to save electricity. This system can also be connected to the internet to analyse the consumption of electricity.

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You can also check out the following list for more electronics circuit projects:

  • Smart traffic control system
  • Obstacle detection robot
  • Motor speed control using PWM
  • Wireless mobile battery charger
  • Water level indicator
  • Rangefinder using 8051
  • LED matrix using Arduino
  • Heartbeat sensor
  • Line follower robot
  • Automatic washroom light switch
  • Automated street lighting system
  • Automation using PLC
  • Wireless AC power detector
  • Mini FM transmission system
  • Robotic arm
  • Fire fighting robot
  • Weather monitoring system
  • Surveillance camera
  • Surveillance robot
  • Anti sleep alarm
  • Wireless motor control system
  • Wireless bomb disposal robot
  • Theft detection system using Raspberry pi
  • Mosquito repellent circuit
  • 9 way clap switch circuit
  • Smart water monitoring system
  • Digital stopwatch
  • Police siren circuit using NE555 timer
  • Television remote control jammer
  • Stepper motor interfacing with 8051 microcontroller
  • FM radio circuit

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List of latest Electronics Circuit mini projects for engineering students
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