Prof. Roland Siegwart of ETH Zurich Visits Skyfi Labs

We were pleased to have Prof. Roland Siegwart visiting our office this week. Prof. Roland Siegwart, the Vice President of Research at ETH Zurich - prestigious engineering university at Switzerland, saw the demo of a few models students develop in Skyfi Labs training programs. He also had an informal discussion over lunch with our management discussing general education related issues in India and comparing them to those in Switzerland.

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Image of Prof. Rolan Siegwart

Prof. Roland Siegwart is acclaimed worldwide for his work in robotics and autonomous systems. He has been a Professor at ETH Zurich since 1996, is a board member of the European Network of Robotics (EURON), and is currently a distinguished lecturer of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. Recently he has been appointed as Member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences. Prof. Roland Siegwart’s research interests are in the design and control of systems operating in complex and highly dynamical environments. His major goal is to find new ways to deal with uncertainties and enable the design of highly interactive and adaptive systems. Prominent application examples are personal and service robots, planetary exploration robots, autonomous micro-aircrafts and driver assistant systems.

About Prof. Roland Siegwart's Visit

During his visit to Skyfi Labs, Prof. Roland Siegwart expressed that people taking up engineering in Switzerland is a challenge itself. So, he wanted to know how we were driving engineering skill development in India. After understanding what we do, he was curious about how we designed projects as per student needs. He was impressed by the way we devised our courses, and how we manage to provide an economical training service to students. He showed a special interest in our UAV projects - Quadrotor, RC Aircraft. Our Engineering team explained the technologies used in our UAVs, highlighting the team's dedication to develop such projects. Speaking from his experience in robotics, Prof. Roland provided some valuable insights about the swarm intelligent and gesture controlled robots developed by our Engineers.

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Talk on Project Based Learning

Image of Students with their RC Aircraft Model

Prof. Roland Siegwart, devoted to Research & Development, learned how our R&D teams come up with new project ideas for our training programs. He then showed us the project work done in ETH Zurich and told us how the university is focusing on project-based courses. The university’s alumni consists of 21 Nobel laureates including the great Albert Einstein. Prof. Roland Siegwart has been closely associated with the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Zurich, producing some amazing work over the years in robotics and intelligent systems. You can see all works from the lab at

After his visit to Skyfi Labs, Prof. Roland Siegwart went to IISc to give a talk about robots that roll, run, swim or fly!

Wishing him the best for more such future endeavors - the Skyfi Labs team.

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Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-04-02

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