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Summer Training Program 2015

With the summer comes the ideal time for engineering students looking for opportunities to go for training programs and gain maximum experience. Summer training programs provide hands-on learning experience in engineering projects. This helps in interpreting Engineering, a profession where creativity and skills matter the most.

Based on aptitude levels and specialization fields, engineering students can avail Summer Training Programs. These training programs allow students to accumulate latest skills while having a lot of fun. The programs are designed to let the students clear their confusion on engineering concepts and find new innovative ideas.

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The Summer Training Program 2015 includes a new course in Sphere Drone (also called as Ball Drone). The Sphere drone is an engineering marvel on its own, having invincible capabilities as a unmanned aerial vehicle. Learning how to engineer a sphere drone in the summer training program should be a big tick for aeromodelling lovers. Here's a short video of the Sphere Drone in action:

Summer Training Program also includes industry certification by Altair Engineering for the Computational Fluid Dynamics (abbreviated as CFD) Course. Altair also provides a 1 year license for its CFD software allowing students to expand their project experiences. The CFD course is also a part of the AerotriX Altair CFD Challenge, a training and competition series organized by AerotriX. Two winners from the competition will get an exclusive opportunity to intern at Altair Engineering, a company now at the peak of CFD technology.

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This time around, the Summer Training Programs are happening across 8 cities in India and offer 10 number of basic courses to choose from. These programs have classes for 6 hours a day. In the 6 hours, students will be guided to work on several technologies involving hardware and software based on the basic projects they chose to do. Students can then utilize this knowledge and tools (both hardware and software) and make use of the remaining time to explore on their own. Sufficient guidance will be given to them during this time to help them in all stages.

We also have an open book exam (an exam where students can refer to books/ notes) to measure the amount of learning students undergo during this period. The exams are created to measure the practical/ application skills of the students and not their memory. So students need not have the pressure of mugging up text books like they normally do in their courses. The purpose of exam is not to judge the students but to give them an opportunity to measure how much progress they have made during the program. It also helps the students to quantify the learning and mention their scores in their resumes to support their achievement instead of just mentioning that they participated in a training program.

At the end of the program students would be getting certificates. Merit certificates would also be given to recognize the students who show good amount of innovation during the internship.

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The following are the options available for students to choose from:

Students can participate in the programs at the following places:

Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Visakhapatnam

For any questions about this, students can contact us at 1800-200-3855 (Toll Free) or write to us at any of the following email ids:,,,, depending on the program you are interested in.

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