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Top Unity Online Tutorials to learn Game Development

Today, web development has taken the world by storm and has gained immense popularity and exposure. Lots of people are entering into this amazing field and trying their hands on creating different dynamic websites, games, responsive pages and whatnot. Web development has therefore branched into many other good streams as well, for example, game development which is indeed one of the most exciting careers today. In other words, game development has become the most preferred career for many enthusiastic coders, now. With a new idea each time, you can create a new game of your own and in no time become a great developer. All that you need is a compatible application, lots of coding practice and a unique feature that makes your game stand out. Do you need a brilliant mind as well? Not at all. Yes, you heard it right. With lots and lots of practice in coding, you are ready to explore the world of game development. 

Since the term “compatible application” has been used above, you should guess by now what this article focuses on? Definitely! This article aims at giving a brief overview of what Unity, an application for game development, is. By the end of this article, you should have gathered a little knowledge about Unity and also the list of some top online tutorials on Unity. So don’t worry if in case you are completely new to this term.

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What is Unity and is it good for beginners?

Have you heard of games like “Ori and the Blind Forest”, “Wasteland”, “Cities: Skylines”, “Monument Valley”? These are some of the most popular games built using Unity. If you have played any of these games, can you really imagine how such amazing games are built on Unity? You yourself can now realize the power of Unity. Let’s first learn about what Unity exactly is.

Unity is a huge real-time development platform that allows its users to build games of any category with much flexibility. You think of any type of game and you have the power and comfort of developing it by making use of the tools that Unity provides.

Unity was developed by Unity Technologies with the motive of providing ease of creating games to its users and it has successfully fulfilled its mission, without a doubt. If you know C or are well versed with Java, then Unity is definitely the best choice for you. Even if you are a complete beginner, you need not fret because Unity’s extensive features are a complete guide in themselves. From creating a simple 2D game to complex 3D, AR, VR based games, you can find a wide range of tools that you can use to build your game. Insertion of strong graphics and sound has led users to prefer this even more over any other platform such as Unreal. Thus, in a nutshell, Unity is the best platform for you to build any game that you can think of, right now.

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Advantages of using Unity

Let’s have a look at some mind-blowing benefits of using Unity that may tempt you furthermore to use it. 

  • One of the best tool to create 3D images.
  • Excellent for cross-platform development.
  • Games for Android, ios, Linux or any other Operating System can be built with much ease.
  • Unity has proved to be outstanding for creating Virtual images or scenes.
  • Makes use of languages like C, Java that is extremely easy to learn.
  • Unity is absolutely cost-efficient compared to other platforms.
  • Unity engine provides easy documented details for beginners.
  • Debugging and tweaking are made much easier with the introduction of Unity in the tech world.
  • The visuals can be very well put without sacrificing the image quality.

Isn’t it unbelievable how so many benefits come with a single platform? Well, these were just some of the advantages to give you an overview of what all benefits does Unity offer. 

Having now learnt a little about Unity and its advantages, let us look at some latest projects or online tutorials that you can be a part of immediately. The following section brings for you, the projects that you would definitely want to be a part of!

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Top Unity online tutorials to learn Game development

1. Game development using Augmented Reality: In this unity online tutorial, you will learn the basics of Augmented Reality (AR) by working with industry-wide used tools like Unity and Vuforia. Difference between AR, VR, MR and their applications, various different concepts of Game Development and AR to build your games will also be covered. As a part of this course, you will also learn some advanced concepts like Dynamic Mapping, Pose Estimation and creating Smart Terrain for your AR Game.

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2. Game Development with Unity: As a part of this unity online tutorial, you will learn about various game components, prefabs, materials, etc. Game development by building scenes and creating levels is also included. Not just this, but you will also learn how to add power-ups, level-ups, adding lives, etc. In this course, you will use C# scripting to write game development codes and use them to control your players, enemies, and various other sprites that will be present in your gaming universe.

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3. Python for Game Development: By enrolling into this game development course, you get to learn about how to build games using Python language. This course will take you from the basics of game programming for 2D Games to advanced level games. You will also develop games with animation, multiple lives, and levels and introduce more complexity for your game as a whole.

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Below you will find some game development projects that you can develop using Unity to gain more knowledge:

  • Create a Candy Catching Game
  • Create Infinite Scrolling Background
  • Build a 2D shooter game in an hour
  • Building your first android game
  • Create intelligent Enemies
  • Design and animate a game character
  • Create a 3D endless game
  • Integrate Video ads in games
  • Learning to import your first 3D model into Unity

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Top Unity Online Tutorials to learn Game Development
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