Upcoming Technology Workshops in Krishnankoil

A number of Technology workshops happen in Krishnankoil. You can find and enroll in them below.

Now you can do workshops and build projects from your home in Krishnankoil!

  • The kit needed will be shipped to your home
  • You will get access to online course modules using which you can learn and build Technology projects right from your home/ school/ college in Krishnankoil
  • Build projects at your own convenience - time and place
  • You can do a free demo right now before you enroll!

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Engineering impacts our every day lives. So, practical and coding skills are very important to have for an aspiring Software Engineer. Prior project experience helps you become productive and proactive!

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About Krishnankoil

Krishnankoil is a small village located in Virudhunagar District, in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It is located near the town of Srivilliputhur and the NH208 and is an educational hub of the West Virudhunagar district. Know More..