IC engine fuel injector CAD modelling and fabrication

A fuel injector is a device which gives feed for the combustion chamber for the continuously timed combustion. The fuel injector also helps to get the atomization of fuel for the proper combustion, now atomization is nothing but breaking down the liquid state of fuel to very small droplets which helps to get the proper and optimized combustion. Timing of fuel injector is also an important parameter which helps the ic engine to time the process properly hence the RPM at which engine will be running is very high hence the timing of fuel spray inside the chamber is very crucial which again will be in microseconds. Hence the fuel injector should be enough accurate and controllable to work syncing with the other running parts of the engine.

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Fabrication of a fuel injector will be helping to understand how the process of atomization of fuel is happening inside the injector which led us to think and come up with a new and optimized design of fuel injector.

Project Description:

In this project, you will be understanding the working principle of an IC engine fuel injector and building a simple model of that in the CAD software with detail design and dimensions. Later the 3D model will be fabricated in actual scale size with use of the plastic polymer components. Fuel using for the fabricated model will be water which acts and behaves physically near to petrol at normal room temperature.

The project is helpful to visualize the injection process of a fuel injector also helps to understand the fuel atomization performance with the particular design of the fuel injector. Fuel injector is acting like a pump which takes the fluid on one end and increase the pressure of the fluid so that the kinetic energy increases and in simple words it pushes the fluid to flow from the small holes shaped spray heads which forms a jet of fluid with high velocity and small droplets in physical state. The increasing pressure work is done by the spring compression mechanism in which a head compress the fluid and increase the pressure in one way of movement where the other way the spring force will help the head to move back to its original position like a Piston cylinder mechanism

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Project Implementation:

Before starting the 3D modeling of a fuel injector we have to fix the parameter of the injector such as size, weight etc. that will help while designing the model in CAD software also will decide the shape and size of our final fabricated model.

We have to build a CAD model of a spring sliding mechanism like a piston cylinder mechanism which compress the fluid in one way movement and on restoring movement it allows the fluid to come inside the cylinder. As shown in the above pic.

Any CAD software will be able to make a cad model of the injector with the mechanism explained above.Once CAD modelling part done next step is to fabricate the model using simple components such as a plastic tube, spring, sliding head of same diameter of the plastic pipe, spray head, water supply system.

With a normal arrangement and installation of the following components we can simulate the fuel injection process and visualize the process.

Project Requirement:

  1. Plastic tube.
  2. Spring
  3. Sliding head
  4. Supply system
  5. Solid work(CAD modeling)

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IC engine fuel injector CAD modelling and fabrication
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-19

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