Latest Projects Based on Cnn

The following projects are based on cnn. This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using cnn.

1. Image classifier for identifying cat vs dogs using CNN and python

Image classifier for identifying cat vs dogs using CNN and python

We will make our very own Image Classifier which can recognize whether a given pic is a cat or dog or something different relying on your sustained info. To accomplish our objective, we will utilize one among the acclaimed AI calculations out there that are utilized for Image Classification, for instance, Convolutional Neural Network (or CNN). 

2. Driver Drowsiness detection using Python

Driver Drowsiness detection using Python

This is a python project which will enable us to detect the drowsiness of the driver while he/she is driving a vehicle. The driver expressions are detected and then the dataset is compared to give the desired output on a particular scale. There are a lot of drivers and they all feel lazy or sleepy some times which could lead to fatal accidents. To reduce these accidents, a system should be developed which can identify the expressions of the driver and then alert the person in advance. This could save a lot of lives. This project will be helpful in that case.

3. Plant disease detection using image processing (MATLAB)

Plant disease detection using image processing (MATLAB)

Nowadays plants are suffering many diseases due to widespread use of pesticides and sprays but identifying rotten areas of plants in the early stage can save plants. Examination of plants disease literally means examining various observable pattern on plants. Manually detecting disease in plants can be a tiresome process, hence image processing can do wonders in this context. Plant disease can be seen in different parts like in stem, root, shoot and even in fruit. Detection of plant disease by the automatic way not only reduces time but also it is able to save the plant from the disease in the beginning stage itself. We use different image processing techniques to predict the problem in plants.

4. Traffic recognition using python

Traffic recognition using python

Firstly, let me tell you a bit about the Traffic sign Recognition system. It is the procedure of naturally perceiving traffic signs along the street, including speed limit signs, caution signs, blend signs, and so forth. Being able to automatically recognize traffic signs empowers us to construct “smarter cars”. Traffic signs are a vital piece of our street and road infrastructure. They give basic data/info, at times convincing suggestions, for street clients, which expects them to change their driving conduct to ensure they stick to whatever street guideline at present authorized. Without such valuable signs, we would in all likelihood be confronted with more mishaps, as drivers would not be given basic input on how quickly they could securely go, or educated about street works, sharp turn, or school intersections ahead. Millions of people die on roads each year and this number would be a lot higher without our street signs. Normally, autonomous vehicles must also abide by road legislation and in this way perceive and comprehend traffic signs. And a project like this system can be pretty useful for the driver and to avoid any kind of mishappening and can have a safe and healthy drive. Generally, vision strategies were utilized to identify and order traffic signs. And I think we need this kind of implementation in this modern age.

5. Image Caption Generator

Image Caption Generator

Overview of the project

We can easily identify any image immediately after seeing it, but it is hard for the computer to do the same. Nowadays, deep learning has unveiled such difficulties and has facilitated us to build an application which can identify any image. The caption of the image is based on the huge database which will be fed to the system. This machine learning project of image caption generator is implemented with the help of python language. This project will also need the techniques of convolution neural network and recurrent neural network.

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6. Gender and Age Detection using Python

Gender and Age Detection using Python

This subject sounds intriguing and basic however at a similar point, it is a somewhat tricky project. with the appearance of AI, visual comprehension has gotten progressively important to the PC vision society. Age and Gender orientation orders have been around for a long while now and ceaseless endeavours have been made to improve its outcomes. Furthermore, this has been going on since the rise of social stages, which is very good for developing and growing. This article will show how will you make Gender and age detection using python.

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Want to develop practical skills on latest technologies? Checkout our latest projects and start learning for free

Latest Projects based on cnn
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