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Project Management with MS Project

The aim of project management is to produce the end product that promotes some change for the profit of the organization that induced the project. Project management is the process of planning, controlling of various activities, and initiation to deliver the final product. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to create a project plan in ms project, which is one of the best project management tools widely used by the project managers.

What is Microsoft Project?

MS Project is a project management software developed by Microsoft that is designed to assist project managers in assigning resources to tasks, developing a schedule, managing the budget, tracking progress, and analyzing workloads. 

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Advantages of MS Project

Here are some of the advantages of using MS project:

  1. Task Drivers - With the help of task drivers you can control cumbersome tasks in a project. 
  1. Multiple Level undo - With this feature, you can easily redo or undo such as changing durations, relocating resources, and alternating dependencies. 
  1. Portfolio management - By using MS project organizations can better evaluate project proposals in a systematic way. Thus it enables the organizations to evaluate the project ideas from various areas of the organization.
  1. Resource management - For organizations, resource management is one of the important tasks that it has to do consistently. With the help of Microsoft project, teams can easily predict bottlenecks early, forecast resource needs, ensure timely delivery, and manage resource utilization. 
  1. Project management - MS project comes with built-in templates based on the industry standards so that it makes sure that users are starting on the right path. 

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Let’s start with the tutorial. It is always suggested to specify either a finish date or a start date even if you know the deadline for the project. It helps MS project to calculate the other tasks. 

Launch MS Project

Create Blank Project - After launching you will be able to list of options. Choose “Blank project”. Set the project’s start date and end date

To set the start date click project information which is under “project tab”. A dialog box will appear to type the required date or you can choose the date from the calendar itself and click ok.

Now set up the calendar. You will be able to see three types of calendars:

  • 24 Hour
  • Night shift
  • Standard

Choose “Standard” as your calendar option and click OK

Now add exceptions to the calendar. Exemptions are used to change the calendar for a non-standard workday. 

Set up the resource calendar. Similar to the standard base calendar, you can change the working and nonworking time for each resource. You can modify the resource calendar to include training time, vacation time, and flex-time.

Change the working time for each resource - Goto change working time under the Project tab. In the dialog box select the resource for whom you want to change the work schedule. 

Create Non-working days - Click on the change working time option which opens the change working time dialog box and selects the resource for whom you want to change the work schedule. 

In this tutorial, we have discussed the basic procedure to create a plan in the MS Project. To learn more about MS project check our online course on Project management with MS project.

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Project Management with MS Project
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