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Project Management with Primavera

Project management is a practice that involves knowledge of tools, processes, skills, techniques, and deliverables to project activities thus making sure a solid path to project success along with meeting goals and requirements. In this project management tutorial, we are going to discuss how to calculate the critical path for the project using primavera P6.

What is Primavera?

Primavera is one of the leading project portfolio management software for project-concentrated industries. It is widely used by industries such as engineering, construction, aerospace, utilities, defense, public sector, IT services, oil and gas, high tech, and manufacturing. Primavera helps organizations with its international project management standards by meeting deadlines and managing budgets thus moving the organization towards its performance and success. 

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Advantages of Primavera Project Management

Primavera provides a chance for organizations to learn from the project’s mistakes and successes thus help organizations identify and minimize the risks. This will be helpful for the project managers to predict based on cost forecasting, analysis, and previous experiences. 

With Primavera, you can perform project management regardless of the project’s complexity, coordination between contractors, beneficiaries, and designers. Primavera comes with a user-friendly interface which makes the planning and controlling solutions easy for even complex projects. Primavera consists of Gantt charts, cost histograms, PERT network charts, resources, and predefined refinery. 

Primavera’s project management consists of:

  • Report wizard
  • Issue management
  • Centralized resource management
  • Threshold management
  • Tracking feature 
  • Integrated risk management
  • Enterprise structure

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What is the critical path method?

CPM is a project modeling technique that is used by the project managers to deliver the project on time and identify the important deadlines. Basically, in a project, the critical path includes all the tasks and duration also it is the longest distance between the start and the finish. Thus when the critical path is determined you will get a clear picture of the project’s schedule. 

How to calculate the project critical path?

The critical path identifies the least amount of time required to complete a task. Also, Critical analysis helps you to make a better schedule as it maps out the important task that must be done for a successful project. Below are the steps involved in calculating the critical path in your project:

Breakdown the project - List out all the tasks required to complete the project. For this, you can utilize work breakdown structure which is a hierarchical disintegration of the project including all deliverables.

Estimate task duration - Now you need to identify the time required for each task to get complete. You can take help from the experts to get the right duration of each task.

Determine task dependencies - Task dependency is one where the other task cannot start without completing the previous one. Identifying task dependencies is one of the key elements of good task management.

Add milestones - Having milestones will help the project to stay on track thus it ensures that your project is meeting the baseline schedule. 

Finding the critical path by hand takes time and it must be done throughout the entire project that is the reason why software is used to streamline the project. Our Project management with Primavera helps you to master the critical path method using Primavera.

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Project Management with Primavera
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