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10 Reasons Why Project Management is Important

Whether at home or in a business place, projects are everywhere needed. Projects come in different forms but they all have something in common. At office when preparing a report or a presentation to deliver to the client is a project, on other hand, figuring out how you have to plan about your holiday homework, about a vacation out of the station, or even preparing a dish can also be considered as a project. Can you list down some things common to both of them? If you were able to list at least three things down then you are already halfway there in understanding what project management is. Having relevant skills to be able to manage a project successfully is a must regardless of your work of place. These skills give us a sense of hard work and instil a factor of responsibility in us. Any project whether inside or outside requires the same dedication to delivering the right output and hence it becomes necessary that such projects around us are handled well.

This article aims at describing what project management is, its importance in our lives and the necessary skills one must possess in order to prove a successful project manager.

Let us get into a little depth and understand this concept.

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1. Project Management with Primavera

What is Project Management?

To everyone, the project means different. For instance, for an employee, a project may mean presenting a report, for a wedding planner, a project would be organising good weddings, for a photographer, a project may mean taking stunning shots at an event, for a businessman it may mean cracking a tough deal and so on. It all depends on the profession you are in. 

Let us first take into account any project as an example. Suppose you are a wedding planner and you are given the responsibility of organising lavish arrangements for your client. Obviously, you will require a team of people who can help you out with different tasks. Every person or a group of person is allotted a unique task to perform which they specialise in. So briefly speaking, teamwork is the foremost skill required in managing any project. Similarly, there are other skills required to ensure that smooth functioning of everything – be it light, decorations, catering is done. Besides skills, you need some good tools and handsome advanced payment.

In simple words, Project management is this practice of combining skills, tools, knowledge and other techniques to project tasks to make sure that the goals are met successfully. 

Without knowing the relevant skills needed for managing projects well, working on a project may definitely not result in the desired output. Thus, apart from having a solid idea, having skills to deliver the idea becomes super important. 

Having known about project management, let us now focus on some skills that you should master at in order to become a successful project manager.

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Essential Skills required for Project Management

Following are the skills that show sign of a good project manager. Have a look:

  • You must possess Leadership qualities.
  • Should have excellent communication skills.
  • You cannot do without having negotiation skills.
  • Budget management or cost control has a major role to play.
  • Scheduling or time management – one of the core skills of project management.
  • You should be able to take risks.
  • Contract management.
  • Maintain good quality throughout.
  • Innovative thinking and critical application of ideas.
  • Task management- another skill that measures your abilities.
  • Having regular meetings leaves a good impression.
  • A little but good sense of humour adds to the remaining void.
  • Dedication and smartness.
  • Smart work rather than hard work.

While some of the above skills help you in leaving a very good impression on your client, others help you out in saving your time, effectively.

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Why project management is important?

This is a question which has surely popped up into your mind. Why do we really feel the need of having project management? Can its presence make a remarkable difference? To answer this question, let us learn some of the amazing qualities that project management can bring in us. 

Project management first and foremost teaches the art of organising your resources in a much better way. It develops discipline in us and we learn how to use our resources much more effectively but at an optimal price at the same time. A business whether big or small always aims at making profits which can be achieved by cutting out budget smartly yet delivering the right output which comes from project management. Project management involves the co-operation of many and it is the combined effort of everyone that makes a project successful, thus developing a sense of teamwork and collective working in us. Having delivered a good project also brings happiness. Project management is essentially all about team growth and development. Having your time managed is a key part of it. One who really understands the qualities needed, he/she is bound to make a great name in the market. The more efficient your managing project capabilities are, the more your work grows and gains popularity. 

Hence, project management is very crucial. Thus learning the required project management skills will help you to become a successful project manager. Below are the best project management online courses that will help you to gain project management skills. 

The above-mentioned courses help you to learn the industry-grade project management tools - MS Project, Primavera. These project management tools are widely used in fields like IT, Construction and manufacturing.

10 Reasons Why Project Management is Important
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