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20 Best Project Management Tools

Hey there everybody, hope all of you're doing good! So, today I am going to discuss a very interesting topic through this article. So, for all of you who have made a way through the net to read this article, consider yourself lucky! 

In general, there are thousands of activities going around us in our day to day lives. And many people might not have observed, but for each activity to take place, there are a lot of processes involved behind it, like a lot of planning, a lot of management work, a lot of “background work” which is often ignored or goes unnoticed by many of us. Such Background work is called Project Management or simply Management in general terms! Be it a milk-boy delivering milk every day or a monthly once delivery done by an amazon delivery man, there are hundreds of things they need to take care of before the product comes to our homes with ease! And this cannot just be done with man-power, because these processes involve extensive surveying, Planning, task scheduling, calculations and communication with many people and hence, here is where technology pokes its nose into others business yet again, just like every other situation! 

There are several tools which help us in managing the steps involved in our project and those tools are called project management tools! Mostly these tools are in the form of software and require skill in using them. So, this article deals with project management. We start off by understanding what project management is about and then know the skills required in order to be able to manage projects and the tools/software with which you can do it. In the end, we will also have a look at some of the best project management tools and advantages of using them.

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What is Project Management?

In simple terms, Project management is a practice of leading a team and managing it in order to achieve goals and meet the end target with precision. This practice mainly focuses on achieving the goals by dealing with the given constraints such as deadlines to submit the job, etc. These days, with the advancement in technology, there are enough project management tools that help us to stay on top in each and every project. 

But as we know that no one is perfect, you may always find a lot of problems in projects, in spite of having good software. It is because not everybody has that skill to manage projects, you will need certain skills in order to manage projects and one such example of a person who can manage things related to production in an industry is called an industrial engineer. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the skills required in order to successfully manage your project!

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Skills required for Project Management

Given below are some of the skills required in order to become a good project manager:

  1. Leadership: This is something which is expected from a project manager. You need to set an example for others by leading from the front and hence be a very influential and good leader.
  2. Negotiation: You are expected to have this knack of negotiating with others in order to benefit your project in the maximum possible way. In fact, you will be considered as an asset if at all you can successfully resolve conflicts and bring a win-win scenario to both the parties.
  3. Cost control: After all, the more economical the project is, the more the profit is gained.
  4. Scheduling: Without a doubt, this is one of the core skills to be required as a project manager, and talking about this, let me say that, many people are just not up to the mark in this field.
  5. Critical thinking
  6. Contract management: Project management involves managing suppliers as well, which is again very important.
  7. Communication: As discussed before, without communication, none of the above things is possible! It is one of the most powerful tools required.
  8. Software: The ability to use project management software is another core skill required as a project manager!

Some of the other qualities include, task management, quality management, Coaching, Punctuality and finally, most importantly, be good to your workers and colleagues and always keep smiling and spread positivity!

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What are some of the best Project Management tools?

Well, you will need something in order to integrate your skills and those are nothing but, project management tools! These tools, which are basically software, have the capacity to help plan, organize and manage resource tools and develop resource estimates.

So, let us take a look at some of the best project management tools:

  1. Trello: This project management tool is useful for those project managers who are not familiar with Gnatt charts, which is considered as a project management vocabulary. That is when this software comes into play and makes things easier.
  2. Todoist: This Application ensures that you can communicate with various people regarding your project, you can see all the possible scopes of outcomes regarding your project, you can schedule tasks in your projects and ensure that it is completed in time. The biggest advantage is that it is cloud-based, due to which it can easily be available in any device through all platforms. Also, it is easy to use. 
  3. Casual: This is a visual online project management tool which turns your projects into easy-to-navigate workflows. It is more useful for people who are beginners in project management and also for those who possess good visual thinking skills.

Some other very good project management tools are:

  • Asana- for general use
  • Basecamp- for general use
  • Proofhub- for all sorts of purposes
  • Nifty- Stocks
  • Zoho Projects- for all sorts of purposes
  • Jira- Agile
  • Podio- for all sorts of purposes
  • Wrike- Enterprise
  • for general use
  • Workfront- for general use
  • Notion- for general use
  • Teamwork projects
  • LiquidPlanner- Agile
  • Click Up- Agile
  • TeamGantt- Agile
  • Backlog- General use
  • Plutio- Agile
  • Celoxis - General use
  • Project Enterprise
  • Huddle – for general use
  • Podio- for general use
  • Microsoft Project-Enterprise
  • CA Clarity- For enterprise

And many more!

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Advantages of using Project management tools

So, finally, we come to a conclusion as to why it is recommended to use Project management tools. What are its advantages? So, here we are!

  • Better collaboration
  • Improved Scheduling 
  • Effective assignment of task
  • Improved efficiency in output
  • Easier access and sharing of files through cloud-based software.
  •  Effective risk Management 
  • Effective cost management

And many more! 

So, now guys, I hope you understand why the usage of such Project management tools is necessary.

Refer to this link to gain more knowledge about the usage of such project management tools!

20 Best Project Management Tools
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-05

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