5 Cool DIY ROS Robotics Projects

Are you looking for cool ROS Robotics projects to develop hands-on experience? Then you are at the right place this article on ROS provides some of the Cool DIY ROS projects that you can learn and build as a beginner. 

So, let’s start with some basics.

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What is ROS?

ROS which is the acronym for Robot Operating System provides services for computer clusters such as hardware abstraction and message passing between processors. It is an open-source and meta-operating system. The languages used in ROS are C++ and Python. 

Before getting into how ROS works and what its importance is, one first needs to understand the basic terms written above.

Computer clusters:

Computer clusters are a set of connected computers (also known as nodes) that work together as a single large unit to act as one powerful computer. These are used by businesses. Even if one node fails to perform, the other nodes provide uninterrupted services. Computer clusters assign the same task to each node.

Hardware abstraction:

Hardware abstraction gives programs access to the hardware systems even if a developer does not have much knowledge about the hardware components beforehand. A programmer can write device-independent (on multiple devices regardless of the local hardware on which software is used) applications.


The word open in open-source simply means that the owner who holds the copyright gives permission to users to study, change and sell the software to anyone.

Meta- operating system

The meta-operating system helps the nodes to exchange messages to communicate. It is not exactly an operating system but it needs the assistance of the OS to function smoothly. This is the reason why it has the word ‘meta’ in it.

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How does it work?

  • The ROS system has five components which are nodes, publishers, subscribers, topics and a ROS master.
  • The ROS master helps in ensuring the functions of publishers and subscribers inside the system.
  • The nodes allow communication with the other nodes.
  • Publishers are responsible for transmitting the message by the topics and nodes.
  • Subscribers are responsible for receiving the message by topics and nodes.
  • Topics are known to be the information that is passed between publishers and subscribers by the nodes.

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ROS robotics projects can be built by learning the principles and basic concepts about ROS. Check out this link to learn more about ROS.

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How can I learn ROS?

To learn about the concepts of the Robot Operating System, one must know Linux, which is responsible for the creation and compilation of ROS programs. Learning the basics of Linux would be enough. Then, you need to learn to create programs in c++ and python. A beginner should start by learning python and c++. It is said that c++ programming is used in the robotics industry nowadays.

There are some books which could help one understand a lot about ROS. One of such books is called ‘A Systematic Approach to Learning Robot Programming with ROS.’ This book is divided into six sections. It includes ROS foundations, ROS tools, perceptual processing, and much more important and necessary to help one gain knowledge about ROS. 

ROS projects for beginners would help students to incorporate the basics of robotics and learn them in a more fun way than learning theoretically. 

5 Cool DIY ROS Robotics Projects


RAZBOT is a robot that uses a series of small single-board computers called raspberry pi and Robot Operating System. The users can use the camera and view with the help of a web browser. A raspberry pi camera gives high definition videos. It uses motors that have four gears by their side to steer the robot.

2. Micro Robots for Education

The small robots are built here that set standards for experiments for students to learn something. It would be affordable as students do not have to worry about the high costs. Most importantly, it will give students the opportunity to develop applications. This set of robots is managed by a system based on raspberry pi. This would handle locating robots and communication with the internet.

3. Face Detection 

The ROS enables building a face detection tracker which has the ability to track the face using components such as a webcam, Dynamixel servos and a mounted camera to support the server. It tracks the face in the horizontal axis. First, the tracker has to detect the face by finding a centroid. Then, it has to send the commands to a servo to track the centroid values.

4. 3D printer

By building a 3D printer, one would become familiar with every little detail about printers and the required for it. One has to be confirmed that they have all the necessary things required such as a soldering wire, connecting bolts and electrical wiring. It would be really necessary to follow the steps without rushing.

5. Autonomous mobile robot

ROS helps in building a mobile robot autonomous. ROS collects the information from the surroundings and it transmits that data to the controller. The controller is attached to the laser radar. The laser radars can measure range and velocity.

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With the help of different books and building simple ROS based projects, one would gain a lot of expertise in the field.

5 Cool DIY ROS Robotics Projects
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-05

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