Skyfi Labs students Outshine others in Campus Recruitment

Recently, we conducted an analysis to measure the impact of our programs on employability of students. The objective of this analysis was to see how students trained by us fared in the challenging recruitment tests of employers. We found that the students trained by us exhibited an impressively better success rate than other students in their campus recruitment. We congratulate all the students for this achievement.

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For this analysis we chose a college in South India which conducted a campus recruitment drive for a major IT company during the third quarter of 2014. The company is one of the top recruiters in the Indian IT sector. The college is located in a tier-2 town in Andhra Pradesh. Out of the 404 students of this college who applied and participated in the recruitment process, 144 were trained by us in various programs during the first quarters of 2013 and 2014. The detailed analysis of their performance is below.

In the review, we analyzed performance of Skyfi Labs trained students in comparison with the performance of their peers of the same college. Here is an excerpt from the findings:

A total of 144 students trained by Skyfi Labs participated in the campus drive out of which 54 were recruited – which translates to a success rate of 37.5%. From the 260 other students, 75 were recruited – a success rate of 28.8% for the job.

Overall Analysis

We delved into the analysis further to see how students performed department-wise and CGPA-wise. Here is the snippet of the findings on how students from various departments performed:

Department Wise Analysis

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Skyfi Labs trained students showed a clear improvement compared to other students in almost all departments.

We also compared students across CGPA buckets to see how students with varying academic performance (grades) are impacted through Skyfi Labs programs. Here is the result of the analysis:

Grade Analysis

All 9 pointers were recruited irrespective of whether they participated in Skyfi Labs programs or not. Across all other CGPAs, Skyfi Labs students performed better.

All our training programs are hands-on and are designed to improve the practical and application skills of students pursuing engineering studies. While doing these hands-on courses, students work in teams and hence develop several other skills like team work, communication etc. Such hands-on projects also play an important role in enhacing the creativity and result-oriented thinking of the students. Confidence of students gets improved significantly when they see their projects succesfully functioning. This helps them in their interview performance as they approach the interview with a positive mindset. We have seen several cases where this confidence has driven them to take up several other innovative projects on their own. A combination of all of this is what makes these students undertaking Skyfi Labs training programs perform better in the interviews compared to their batchmates.

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While Skyfi Labs might not be the only factor contributing to their success, we are happy to be one of those factors having a positive impact in improving students' employability. This is the first batch of students that graduated from our training programs and this result gave a huge boost to our energy levels. We are now working with even more passion towards achieving our goal of making students more employable. We take continuous feedback from industry and academia using which we keep improving our courses. Through such improvement and training expertise gained over time, we are looking forward to creating a much bigger impact in the future years.

Skyfi Labs students Outshine others in Campus Recruitment
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-04-02

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