Top ROS Online Courses for Beginners

If you are reading this post, it is possible that you are planning to learn ROS by signing up for an online course. This article suggests the best ROS online courses for beginners that follow a practical learning approach and helps you to learn how to program a real-world robotic system with ROS

ROS helps engineers build robots quickly using a large set of tools and open-source software. Since it is supported by a huge community and inputs are given by the members around the world, over the course of time, ROS has become an essential tool among robot enthusiasts. 

Even big firms like Boeing and Airbus use ROS for several of their applications. Many advanced robot capabilities for perception, manipulation, and navigation have been developed with the help of ROS.

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Best way to learn ROS

With the availability of a variety of online resources, It will be quite confusing for beginners to find the best way to learn. Below are some suggestions to learn ROS:

1. Learn through ROS official tutorials

If you are a self-learner and want to learn by yourself you can make use of the official ROS tutorial that includes the installation guide, documentations of ROS, and various courses and events. Apart from all these things ROS is completely free, you just have to follow the ROS tutorials provided on the website. 

2. ROS Video Tutorials

Videos will always provide a better learning experience but the drawback is anyone can make a video and publish it online this reduces the quality of the content. You can start learning ROS by subscribing to some YouTube channels.

3. ROS offline classes

If you are a classroom learner you can join in any of the nearby training centers and start learning. Offline classes give you a deep learning experience compared to any other method of learning. 

4. ROS Books

This is the best choice for self-learners. You can just buy a ROS book and start learning. But learning through a book requires good self-discipline as there is no one to teach or guide you. Below are some recommendations:

  • ROS Robotics projects
  • Programming Robotics with ROS
  • Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming
  • Learning Robotics using Python
  • Springer Book on Robotics Operating System

5. ROS online courses

Online courses are one of the best ways to learn from anywhere, you can learn any technology just with an internet connection. Also, online courses provide the flexibility that you can learn in your own phase. 

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Latest projects on Robotics

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Top ROS Online Courses for Beginners

With the innovations happening in industries day by day, It is clear that everyone is moving with the goal of increasing efficiency with the help of automation and ROS is going to play a major role in it. Developing hands-on experience with ROS will make you future-ready.

But If you are a student who hates the theoretical way of learning and wants to learn through a practical approach, Skyfi Labs offers project-based online courses for engineering students where you will learn by building projects. 

In this ROS online course, you will learn the industrial automation procedures practically with the help of ROS. You will also learn to design and simulate robots with ROS and Gazebo. 

Gazebo is a robot simulation software that helps roboticists simulate robots in complex outdoor and indoor environments. You learn to create various environments in the gazebo and perform the simulation. 

In this ROS tutorial, you will learn everything from basics such as installing ROS and setting it up with Gazebo, how to build ROS packages, publishers, nodes, and subscribers. You will also build applications and control motions such as moving objects, pick and place.

We at Skyfi Labs teach ROS for engineers in live online classes where you can schedule the classes based on your requirement. Our expert will come online and explain all the concepts in detail. You can also join along with your friends to reduce the total cost of the course.

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Best ROS Projects for beginners

Building projects helps you to learn more about a particular technology. Below are some best ROS projects that you can develop to get hands-on experience with ROS.

1. Line following robot

In this ROS project, you will develop a line following robot and simulate it in an industrial environment. As part of this project, you will learn about various tools used in creating the environment and how to actuate robots. 

2. Hexapod Robot

Hexapod or six-legged robot has the capability to travel in rugged terrain. In this ROS project, you will build a hexapod using Arduino and servo motors then you will control the robot by integrating it with ROS. 

3. Simulate a Drone using ROS

Drones are getting advanced day by day with the help of ROS you can perform advanced drone missions safely without making any damages to the environment. 

Check out the below list for more ROS projects:

  • Robotic Arm simulation
  • Obstacle avoidance robot
  • SLAM robot using raspberry pi
  • Development of the self-driving car
  • Quadruped robot
  • Autonomous mobile controlled robot
  • Gesture controlled robot

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Top ROS Online Courses for Beginners
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Top ROS Online Courses for Beginners
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