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Robotics is all around us, in many forms and ways, occupying different jobs and sections in today’s industrial world. While the concept of robotics has been around for quite some time now, it is recently that companies and industries have started incorporating elements of robotics into their production techniques. The field serves as the intersection of engineering and technology and works towards producing machines, known as robots, to replicate human actions and performance. WALL-E, R2-D2 and several such screen robots have made them popular with teenagers and youngsters in general. However, gone are the days, robots were just a figment of our imagination. They have made their way across from sci-fi films and books into our day-to-day lives, thanks to technology. Hence, as engineers, we need to understand and appreciate robotics for all it has done. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about robotics online course to teach yourself robotics.

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Scope for Robotics

With the progression of technology, the scope for robotics has increased substantially. While more than 90% of all automation robots were used in the automotive sector in 2005, the story is very different right now. The robots have become a lot more complex and hence find much more wide-spread use within the industry now. This evolved and much more inclusive definition of robotics has led to the use of robots in several fields of development, production, and manufacturing. We now have robots in healthcare and even on the Moon! Therefore, it is safe to say that this is one evolving and expanding field that students need to focus on to improve their employment opportunities. If you're curious to learn more about robotics, career options, future of robotics and more, check out this blog post Robotics for beginners . In this post, they explain everything you need to know about robotics.

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What is robotics technology?

Robotics brings components together from mechanical, electronic and computer engineering to help with the design, manufacture, working, and maintenance of robots, for a variety of purposes such as control, feedback, and data processing. Hence, it is a group of technologies that are tasked with replicating human actions, and therefore, improves efficiency. While robots can take a plethora of forms, many of them are made to look like humans for ease of adoption into service industries. They are also put to use in high-risk situations wherein a normal human’s life may be subjected to extreme risk and endangerment. Several robots now replicate walking, talking and so perform many functions such as walking, lifting, jumping and even running.

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The most important use of robots is in the field of manufacturing and production, as they are integral parts of the automation industry. Most of the largest companies in the world rely on robots to have an efficient and effective assembly line. These assembly robots help with mundane and repetitive tasks such as welding, milling, lifting, shifting and even cutting.

Other applications of robots include surveillance and recon uses for the military, military robots capable of identifying and exterminating targets, industrial robots which help oversee production units and robots in healthcare.

Several factories around the world, such as the Texas IBM keyboard factory, are fully automated and now run completely via robotics. Furthermore, robots are also finding large-scale applications in the field of construction. The use of robots in agriculture has also risen considerably, and many are used for functions such as herding and branding. Kitchen automation, sport robots and clean up robots are other applications of robotics in our day-to-day lives.

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Can I learn robotics online?

Robotics is a hobby that helps you build a future career, and the best thing about it is that you can learn it on your own! The best way to teach yourself robotics is to get your hands dirty and build actual robots yourself. This will require basic knowledge in the fields of computer science, coding, and basic mechanics. Here are a few tips on how to get started and teach yourself robotics.

  • Practice coding on your own if you don’t have any prior experience. Pick up multiple languages such as C++, Python, and Java to better your chances and build your computer aptitude.
  • Improve your linear algebra and strengthen your overall mathematical skills.
  • Always remember to build a strong base in physics as it is fundamental for robotics.
  • Keep yourself updated and informed about changes in the computer science field and make sure your knowledge stays relevant.
  • Join various communities online to share resources and ask questions regarding your robots.
  • Get a kit and start exploring the field of robotics on your own. Build your own bot and then go the extra mile by adapting and evolving it for various different uses.
  • Move to more complex bots once you are confident of your skills. Along the way, brush up on your coding and pick up new languages.
  • Take online robotics courses to strengthen your skills and pick up more advanced techniques.
  • Join a robotics club and share your knowledge with others.
  • Enter robotics competitions as this provides you with a great platform to evaluate yourself and pick up new skills.
  • Ask LOTS of questions because this will teach you more things than any website or book.

What are the types of robotics?

Robots come in all types of sizes and shapes and are used for different purposes. Here’s a look at the major types of robots and their uses.

Pre-Programmed Robots

These are the simplest types of robots and are used in basic environments to carry out mundane and repetitive tasks that do not require a lot of skill or self-awareness.

The best example of such a robot would be the one used in automotive assembly lines. Most of these robots perform only one function, such as welding or turning.

Humanoid Robots

These are more advanced robots that imitate or replicate human actions and performance. They require more complicated coding and programming as they are expected to perform multiple operations such as running, walking, talking and jumping. Some of these robots even resemble humans in their general appearance, and they are mainly used in service industries, such as to work as a maid or to run a business.

Autonomous Robots

These are the most advanced forms of robots and are designed so that they can function as independent workstations. These require extremely complex programming as they are sentient and self-aware robots capable of making their own decisions.

Best robotics online course for beginners

As we have already mentioned, robotics is an interesting field of technology that students can teach themselves. One of the best ways to do so is to indulge in experimentation by making their own robots. With these robotics online courses, beginners get an opportunity to see for themselves how these robots work and what goes into making them. Let’s take a look at some of the projects under this course:

1. Animatronic hand: Use this robotics online course to design, manufacture and operate a fully-functional animatronics hand capable of lifting and moving things. Flex sensors and motion sensors are used in conjunction to allow you to control this robot using just your hand gestures.

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2. Surveillance robot: In this robotics online course, students will get the chance to build a surveillance bot that can be used to keep an eye on your house or office when you aren’t around. By making use of Raspberry Pi technology, this robot will allow you to access and view live footage of your premises so that you can be at ease regarding the security of your living areas.

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3. Robotic Arm: Through this robotics online course, you get the opportunity to build a fully-functional robotic arm with 3 degrees of freedom. This arm may be used to do a lot of different functions such as picking, turning, sorting and even placing objects and this project will help students understand just how important robots are in the field of automation and manufacturing.

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4. Biped Robot: This robotics online course introduces students to a humanoid robot capable of mimicking human motion. This bot will use sensors to collect data regarding the environment in which it must function. It then processes that data and gathers information from it, which it then uses to guide the bot and move it accordingly

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5. Sensor guided robot: In this robotics online course, you will learn how important sensors are in the field of robotics by building three similar yet different robots. The first few steps will help you build a simple line follower robot using a vision and IR sensor. Then, move ahead to build both obstacle follower and avoider robots which are capable of using the data received to gauge their path and navigate themselves.

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You can also have a look over the other robotics online course also:

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These are some of the best robotics online course for beginners. If you have any suggestions or queries kindly let us know in the comments section. If you are curious about robotics & want explore more about this field, checkout this article Robotics for beginners

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Best robotics online course for beginners
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