Final Year Robotics Project Ideas for Engineering Students

“Robots are beginning to cross that line from absolutely primitive motion to motion that resembles animal or human behaviour”

That is the pace in which the robotics industries are advancing. From small-scale industrial robots to the advanced robots that are being used for space walks, every industry is starting to adapt robots on to their operations to ease the process and to avoid any manual error.

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You should use your engineering projects as an excellent platform to learn and understand new technologies and their implementation. Robotics is one such innovative field which is constantly evolving and developing projects on this technology will have a better scope of learning and will help you to get your basics right, assist you in cracking core interviews and also increase your chances of getting admission in top universities for Masters. Some of the technologies in robotics engineering which you can choose and do projects are:

Embedded System Based:

Embedded systems is a field where software meets hardware. The importance of embedded systems is constantly increasing as we put miniature computers into all sorts of systems (Signboards, Authentication systems, Pacemaker, Wearables), whereas robotics is also no exception in this. This technology is used to make the robots brain which send out signals and information to the robot and control its action in the process.

Only when you understand this technology from core, you will be able to develop robots that do a specific set of actions. Without this core, you cannot develop any innovative robots. So building robotics projects with this technology will help you to understand it from basics. Some of the robotics projects that you can develop using this technology are:

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Arduino Based:

Arduino is an open source platform which is available for everyone to use and develop various projects. Robotics projects are one of the important applications of this platform, through which we can integrate various sensors and control lots of actions by programming them effectively. Arduino projects can be a stand-alone project or they can communicate with the software running on a computer.

Since this is an open source lots of industries use this particular technology to build robotics projects. So building projects using this technology will make you aware of this technology and make you familiar with this platform. Some of the robotics projects that you can develop using this technology are:

Drone Based:

In the recent times, we have been hearing about how Amazon, Google and other top companies are planning to implement drones for their operations. All these drones are autonomous in nature and they are pre-programmed to do some certain functions. These autonomous drones are like the aerial robots that face a scenario and interpret it for results or carry out a specific task.

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In the near future, all the operation related tasks would be carried out by such drones and developing knowledge on this technology by building projects on them will definitely help you to understand the concepts and develop an exciting career in them. Some of the robotics projects that you can do in this technology are:

  • Flightduino 101
  • Autonomous Image processing Drone Project
  • Delivery Robotic Drone Project
  • UAV Drone Project
  • Autnomous Quad for Surveillence

AI Based:

Artificial Intelligence is arguably the most exciting in the field of robotics technology and it is constantly evolving to a stage which no one can predict. We have seen about the usage of robots in the industrial automation and assemble line process, but these robots functions in the physical world by doing some certain actions. Whereas the AI robots operate in the computer simulated world and its applications are endless.

Developing some basic AI robotics projects will help you to understand the basic concepts of this technology and help you to make yourself familiar with this upcoming technology. Some of the robotics projects that you can develop using this technology are:

  • Blue Brain Robotics Project
  • NuPIC Projects
  • SYSTRAN Robotics Project
  • Automatic Smart Parking System using IoT
  • IoT based Robotics Project

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Final Year Robotics Project Ideas for Engineering Students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-14

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