Major projects on robotics for engineering students

Introduction to Robotics

Robotics is machine research and the study of robots that is a combination of Science and Engineering branch. It is an interdisciplinary branch. These Technological advancements are utilized to create machines that can fill in for people and replicate human activities.

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Such techniques are used to build computers that can replace humans and mimic human actions. Robots can be used in many circumstances and for many applications, but currently, more are used in dangerous conditions like in explosives detection and manufacturing processes. They can also function in several other areas where humans cannot engage their activities in some conditions, places, and situations. You will get some major robotics project ideas from this article which will be helpful for engineering students.

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Major projects on robotics for engineering students

  1. Animatronic Hand robotic project
  2. Surveillance Robot
  3. Robotic Arm
  4. Biped Walking Robot
  5. Sensor Guided Robotics
  6. Hexapod robotic project
  7. Swarm Robotics
  8. Mobile Robotics
  9. Sixth Sense Robot
  10. Gesture-Based Robotics
  11. Voice Controlled Robot
  12. WiFi Controlled Robot
  13. Gesture Controlled Robot
  14. Edge Detection Robot
  15. Maze Solver Robot
  16. Bluetooth Robotics
  17. Raspberry Pi Robot
  18. Fire Fighting Robot
  19. Mobile Controlled Robot
  20. Line Follower Robot
  21. Fire Fighting Robot
  22. Automation using PLC
  23. Robotic Solar Lawn Mower with Theft Detection
  24. Android Controlled Robotic Arm
  25. RF Based Night Vision Spy Robot Using PIC
  26. Wildlife Observation Robot Using RF
  27. Agricultural Robot Project 

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Robots applications

1. Collaborative robots: The collaborative robots are designed to work together with other robots on large assembly lines. This form of interactive program is used for hand instruction or direct teaching.

2. Machine Tending: Pouring of molten metal, moving metal tags, and loading and unloading of CNC machines is best done by a robot because they are risky. The robots maintain time consistency with lesser downtime and also with high efficiency.

3. Robotic Welding: Robot welding is the use of mechanized programmable devices. Robot arc welding has begun to grow exponentially and currently, it accounts for about 20 per cent of industrial robot applications. Robotic welding provides numerous advantages for businesses of all sizes that have better productivity and welding quality with less labour and material costs with improved efficiency.

4. Robotic Painting: The process of painting has to be very precise over a large area of colour. The robots are skilful in precision and can complete the work in a lesser amount of time. Since decades, Industrial paint robots have been used in automotive paint applications.

5. Robotic Assembly: In many car plants, robots build smaller parts such as pumps and motors at high speeds. The robot assembly line will dramatically increase output pace and accuracy. Assembly robots have improved manufacturing capabilities in the developing environment which also saves employees from tiring and boring assembly line employment. 

6. Autonomous Mobile Robots: Autonomous Mobile Robots are the Complete independent robot and do not dependent on controllers, but rather they take decisions on their own and perform tasks, such as material transportation in unspecified areas. These help the large manufacturing units that lack labour-power and replace them with the power of robots that are predesigned to do some specific tasks.

7. Outer Space systems: The NASA Mars rovers are the best-known robots used for external space applications. For outer space exploration, robot systems play a very important role.

8. Military applications: Unmanned aircraft such as the Predator drone is the perfect example that is capable of photographing observation and even of accurately launching rockets without a pilot at ground targets. The robot systems are also used in several other gadgets in the military.

9. Health service Medical Robots: The numerous uses of medical robotics today include remote care robots, disinfecting robots to reduce the number of diseases acquired in hospitals, blood-building robots which can be more precise and effective, and robotic exoskeletons to assist external support.

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Scope of the Robotics

The future of IT automation will be the Robotic process automation (RPA). Robotics specialization is a popular choice for students going to study abroad. In this field, a robotics engineer can use his expertise in a variety of areas such as modern warfare, medicine, nanotechnology, and space exploration. In robotics, computer engineers can examine hardware design and the control part requires the key elements of Electrical Engineering. This trains students in artificial intelligence, computer-assisted production, integrated computer manufacturing, robotic motion planning, digital electronics, computational geometry, and micro processing. One of the opportunities in the world of artificial intelligence is the creative degree of judgments and job consequences. Robotic process control is combined with other devices in any of the automation platforms and it works perfectly.

By 2024, the Robotics process automation demand is projected to reach about USD 8.75 billion. It is anticipated that Robotic process automation technologies can challenge the stagnant business process structure and improve the global subcontracting industry which is lower than the cost of full-time workers. RPA technology is not very costly or complicated and is expected to increase dramatically and in the coming years, there will be huge career advancement.

1. Efficiency: The robots are extremely powerful and fast that they can operate anytime and every time without taking a break with consistency.

2. Less cost: The robots help to lower the cost of the product and other company expenses.

3. Accuracy: Companies can be able to overcome human error by using and replacing humans with robots in several areas. Robots will do it without making mistakes in the same manner and much better than human beings.

4. Better enforcement evaluation and control: The robotics delivers comprehensive audit reports through advanced analytics with detailed business review and enhanced enforcement.

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Major projects on robotics for engineering students
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