Best ROS Certification Courses Online

ROS aka Robotics Operating System enables roboticists to build robotics applications quickly as it has access to a large set of open-source software and tools. Getting certified on ROS will add more advantage to your resume and help you to secure a better career in robotics. This article suggests the best ROS certification courses that you can learn through online training and also points out the benefits of learning online.

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Best ROS Certification Courses Online

We at Skyfi Labs follow an innovative teaching methodology to provide a better learning experience for students. We use the Learn-Do-Review method where first you will learn all the basic theoretical concepts then develop a project using the learned concepts and finally, you will do an assignment to get an overview of what you learned. 

Also, we conduct classes in live online sessions where you will get the chance to learn directly from industry experts. Thus, you can solve all our doubts in real-time. You will be awarded a smart certificate that you can add to your profile and increase the chances of getting hired.

ROS for Engineers

If you are doing your engineering and want to develop a successful career in robotics then this course is the best one. This ROS online course is designed by considering engineering students in mind. 

With the advancement in technology the usage of robots is increasing day by day, thus developing your knowledge on robotics will help you to secure a better future. 

As part of this ROS online course, initially, you will learn the basics of robotics and automation by developing simple projects. You will also get hands-on experience with Gazebo by simulating various robots such as robotic arm, line following robot, obstacle avoiding robot, autonomous mobile controlled robot, autonomous drones, etc.

What you will learn?

  • Basics of Linux
  • How to configure ROS and Gazebo
  • How to develop a robot application from scratch with the help of state machines
  • How to develop a custom robot environment
  • How to use ROS communications to exchange information
  • Developing ROS packages, publishers, nodes and subscriber
  • How to write service and client node in python
  • How to map a robot environment

and many more…

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Latest projects on Robotics

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Benefits of Online education

In recent years, with the development of technologies like smartphones, laptops, and high-speed internet, online education has seen a huge increase. Also because of some drawbacks in traditional classroom education, most of the individuals started preferring online learning. Below are some of the benefits of learning online:

1. Flexible schedule and environment - By learning online, you have the authority to schedule the classes whenever you want. Also, you no need to travel to a school or a training center. 

2. Lower costs - Learning online will save you a lot of money. You will barely spend only for the tuition fee and book supplies. 

3. More choice of courses - The institution near your home or in the town may don’t provide the courses that you want to learn. With the help of online courses, you can choose a variety of courses. 

4. Access to expertise - Through online mode, you can even access the courses that are not available in your geographic area. 

5. Networking opportunities - With the help of online education, students will get a chance to form a network across the globe. This also opens up new opportunities.

Easy ROS projects for beginners

Building ROS projects helps you to get hands-on learning and gives you a deep understanding of the concepts and tools used in Robotics. Here is the list of ROS projects that you can develop as a beginner:

1. Path following robot using ROS

Path following robots is used in warehouses and industries to transport the equipment from one place to another without damaging the properties. In this ROS project, you will create an industry-like environment and perform the simulation with the help of Gazebo

2. Robotics Arm simulation using ROS

Robotic Arms play a major role in manufacturing industries to speed up the process. As part of this project, you will perform a simulation of the developed robotic arm in Gazebo by providing various commands. 

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3. Autonomous drone simulation in Gazebo

In this ROS project, you will create a quadcopter and simulate it on various scenarios this way you can safely test the developed software before deploying it in the real world. You will use Gazebo to create the environment and perform the simulation.

4. Line following robot

As part of this project, you will develop a line following robot using Arduino and IR sensors and control it with the help of ROS by connecting it to a laptop. By working on this project you will get a better understanding of wireless communication between robots.

You can also refer to the below list for more ROS projects:

  • Gesture controlled robot
  • Quadruped robot
  • SLAM robot using Raspberry pi
  • Autonomous mobile controlled robot
  • Simulation of the self-driving car using ROS
Best ROS Certification Courses Online
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