Top 15 Python Based Robotics Projects (Videos Included)


Have you ever done the path follower project in your engineering course wherein the robot follows the path you prepared? Surely, that might have given you a glimpse of robotics and coding, right? Today, robotics has been a result of advancements in technology and definitely the one to look into the future! It not only deals with design, working and applications of robots but also integrates concepts like computer vision and python coding which are also considered to be the result of technology as well. As a result, there are many people who show a lot of interest in robotics and aspects like coding right from the school level itself! This article deals with people who are especially interested in the above aspects.

As we know that the applications of robotics are endless and its uses are multidisciplinary in nature, it is not that easy to learn robotics as well, as it is not included in the engineering courses as a specific topic. So, it is all up to our learning and our interest in things which ultimately defines our knowledge on such aspects. Therefore, without any further delay, let us know about what exactly is robotics and the coding languages used for it, and some really good quality projects which can help us a long way to get a better grip on this particular field of robotics!

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What is robotics?

Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and science that includes all engineering fields like mechanical, electrical, IT and CSE. It deals with design, construction, operation and use of robots for our daily life problem-solving applications.

Although, many people might have this question, what is the scope of robotics in the future?

In not much time, robots would definitely substitute the present work of humans and machines. This is one of the hottest and trending topics among the present generation which amazes us. Robotics has already taken over duties of some of the most dangerous and mundane jobs from humans which now paves the way to greater productivity and less operational costs for industries. The good news is that the demand for engineers who have robotic skills is increasing among the top industries and sooner rather than later, all the industries would very soon be adapting robots in their operations. Hence, robots are definitely the ones to look forward in the future.

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Now since we got to know about the scope of robotics in the future, the next big question is, what are the ingredients used in order to create a very good robot?

Coding/programming(python) is one such important tool used in robotics, because, robots process sensor data, perform cognition and plan actions using computer programs that are executed on a processor. Computer programs are essentially a set of instructions that operate on an input to produce an output. So, ultimately, based on the programs we write, the robot acts and performs a set of function, that is why it is one of the most important skills required in robotics.

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What are the suitable programming languages for robotics?

Well, there many programming languages used for robotics like C, C++, JAVA, FORTRAN, PYTHON etc. while C and C++ are the most commonly used programming languages and Java is used for high-level programming, and Arduino programming is a must for robotics, in order to work smart, one can start off by learning python.

Python is a very popular language to use due to the following reasons:

  • Due to its learning ease and support availability
  • Due to its productivity and speed
  • User-friendly data structures
  • Popular use in machine learning
  • Presence of third-party modules
  • Extensive support libraries
  • Open source and community development of other software like ROS (robot operating systems)

Another important thing about python is that it is used with raspberry pi, which is more like a collection of mini-computers used for bringing in a glimpse of computing for people of all ages and helping them learning programming languages like python and scratch. It is used to control a robot, which is why it is highly relevant using python with raspberry pi in robotics.

What is the difference between raspberry pi and Arduino?

So, in order for us to start off learning robotics, it is important for us to differentiate between 2 very basic things which are, Arduino and raspberry pi. An Arduino is a microcontroller, which is more like a simple computer which runs and loops a single program that we have written in a PC. It is well suited to low-level robot control and has features like Analogue-to-digital conversion for connecting analogue sensors. Whereas, Raspberry Pi on the hand is just like a normal PC which is more versatile in terms of functions performed in comparison to Arduino but lacks features like analogue to digital conversions.

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List of Python based robotics Projects

So, once we are done with knowing about robotics and its scope in future and the recommended programming language we need to use, what else are we waiting for? Well, go get some projects online and start developing your knowledge by integrating your theoretical skills with practice!

Skyfi Labs is one such good website which can give you robotic projects based on your interest and skill, given below are few of the robotic projects it offers:

1. Remote controlled Cam-Bot: In this robotics python project, you will have to prepare a robot which can be controlled by you and can capture live pictures and videos of whatever it can see! Sounds amazing right? You will be learning about a robot’s locomotion, Working of DC motors, Raspberry Pi and Python in this course!


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2. Wi-Fi controlled Robot: Yes, you heard it right, in this robotics project, you will be preparing a robot which can be controlled with the help of a laptop and which uses raspberry pi as its operating brain! So, here you will be learning a lot more about the raspberry pi and a Robot’s locomotion.


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3. Image-controlled Robot: In this project, you will be preparing a robot which can be controlled using image processing algorithms, that means you will have to integrate computer vision, Arduino programming and Raspberry pi in this project, all together! What else can be a better project than this one!


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4. Artificial intelligence chatbot

5. Virtual Raspberry pi robot

6. Smartphone controlled robot using python

7. Colour detecting robot

8. Gesture controlled robot

9. Fire fighting robot using Arduino

10. Land survey robot using python

11. Obstacle avoiding robot

12. Line following robot

13. Window washing robot

14. Autonomous flying robot

15. Product delivery robot

For all the above projects you will be given a certificate, experts guidance and a kit as well which contains things like an Arduino, raspberry pi and many more, all included under one package! Isn’t it cool? So, choose wisely!

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Top 15 Python Based Robotics Projects (Videos Included)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-18

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