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Robotics is an up and coming field which has huge scope. It is a novel and exciting option for engineering students. As a result, several colleges have introduced a department dedicated to this field.

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This article captures the importance of picking the right senior design projects on robotics. It lists some of the criteria which can make the decision of picking a project easier. Mentioned here are also some of the most popular robotics projects which can help students learn and grow.

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What Are Senior Design Robotics Projects?

Senior design robotics projects include advanced programmes for students of engineering technology. They allow students to use the principles of robotics in real-world to solve major problems. Senior design projects are usually aimed at solving client-specific issues. These issues span over various fields of engineering as well as non-engineering subjects. Students are required to brainstorm, design and propose solutions to problems.

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How Do I Choose a Senior Project?

Ultimately, the project you pick will be determined by the skills that you possess. However, there are some factors that can help you make a choice. They are listed below.

  • You can start off by establishing which topics interest you. It would be easier and more interesting for you to work on the project if you’re passionate about the subject.
  • One of the foremost things to consider is the cost of the project. Your project must fit your budget and should not become a financial burden.
  • You must also figure out the amount of time you need to allocate to the project. And thereby pick a project that does not interfere with your other commitments.
  • Finally, the project you pick must challenge you and help you grow. So, you should try and pick a project from which you can learn.

It would also be wise to choose a subject that you plan to pursue further. You can even use your research and knowledge from the senior design robotics projects to build your future career.

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Senior Design Projects on Robotics

The following are some of the most popular senior design projects in the field of robotics:

1. Animatronic Hand: This senior design robotics project will allow you to build an animatronic hand which can be controlled with the help of hand movements. The idea is to replicate the movements of the human body using flex sensors.


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2. Surveillance Robot: Your aim in this senior design project would be to construct a robot that would collect video surveillance from a remote location. The live footage would be transferred to your screen via the internet.


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3. Biped Walking Robot: In order to imitate human behaviour robots collect data, process it and then carry out their movements. You will learn how a robot does all this and build one robot which can perform certain basic movements similar to human beings.


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4. Sensor Guided Robotics: As part of this programme, you will build robots that can follow a line by avoiding or following obstacles or light. While building this project you will learn about working of IR sensors, DC motors and Arduino board.


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5. Swarm Robotics: Based on master-slave communication, this senior design project will enable you to construct a master robot that can carry out autonomous functions and also dictate the actions of the slave robot. Both robots would be autonomous and the slave robot would act upon signals received from the master.


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6. Mobile Robotics: Using Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF), you can develop a mobile-controlled robot. The cell phone keys will control the movement of the robot.

This robot can be accessed from any part of the world.


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7. Voice Controlled Robot: As the name suggests, in this senior design project you will build a robot that has the ability to recognize speech. The robot will receive the voice commands via Bluetooth and actuate accordingly.


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8. Maze Solver Robot: This advanced robotics project will allow you to come up with a robot that can solve a maze on its own. The robot will move around in the maze using infra-red optical sensors. In this senior design project, you will learn to draft a special algorithm that will allow the robot to independently figure out its way.


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9. Automatic Human Following Trolley: This robot will make use of Raspberry Pi and a camera to follow a human around. You will basically be building a robot that will follow you everywhere.

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10. Sixth Sense Robot: This senior design robotics project will allow you to build a robot that moves around using image processing algorithms. The robot will be programmed to work with the help of coloured object recognition.


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Also, check out this link for more senior design projects.

You can also opt for an overall robotics briefing course. This course would allow you to learn all the necessary skills for building a career in robotics. It includes three different levels of difficulty: basic, medium and advanced. By enrolling in this course, you will learn how to build all the above-mentioned robots and more.

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The development of these robots will help human beings in a number of ways. Remote control, surveillance and motion sensor are just some of the benefits. And robotics projects are believed to be the future of technological development. These robots are bound to make human lives easier and tasks less time-consuming. Thus, senior design robotics projects will prove to be helpful for you as well as humankind in the long run.

Senior design projects on robotics
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-17

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